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Conquering By Hatred

"Conquering By Hatred" (2005 Demo)

1. Black Side
2. Holocaust Redemption
3. Conquering By Hatred

1. Black Side

The chaos acts in silence
Waiting for despair and larger disgrace
The winds blows slowly
And him brings peste and plague
Bodies burning on flames that are extinguish
While souls burning on eternal flames
The holy and damned fire that is enlarge
With the existing the evil insane

Without pity the victims are punish
There is not what to do, all are enemies
The demons dance the pain screams
The demons sing chaotic symphony
A black circus, now itís can see
The malignant forces spread the blasphemy

Itís invoked the supreme spirit
For demons ecstasy
Of the ground the land goes up and darken every sky
The rocks are destroying as well bodies in the black side

Cry, cry, there is how to hear
Cry, cry, there is how to hear the bastard souls cry
And chaos that before acted in silence
Now if manifested of more terrible
And sarcastic form...

2. Holocaust Redemption

Rejected by stupid beliefs
Soul penetrated by thorns
Judgment will be through the purification
Lord's church is aflame

Offerings of hellís Lord
To the bastards all vengeance and hatred
In chaos reign I reborn
Through the infinite search for power

Pact with superior spirits begins
Aberration triumph destroys the weak
Enslaving souls against Jesus Christ
And obsolete philosophy of his gang

The altar is being ready
Lasts rites for the holy herd
His sons bleeding and sick
The sinner invokes his power

Itís arriving hour to holocaust
The pain flows in each piece
Screams are just begin
Of a future that is are traced

Demonís storm in the darkness
Blaspheming against the deception kingdom

In the deepest force my shape renews
Spiling the unholy blood, I reign

Holocaust redemption
Holocaust redemption
Holocaust redemption

Leaves Jesus bleed and die

3. Conquering By Hatred

Under the comand of tyrant empire
I summon everybody share their bodies
And blood for supreme evil
Entering the circle of fire and in triangle of blood
Your body is taken by chaos

In period of inquisition dominated
Worship in name of bastard christ
Sacrificies, offerings
Behind the darkness gates and sinister inferno
Theyíre exposed their souls to ritual

Conquering by hatred, summoned by satan
Return to kill, my enemies

In exterminon fields, wars is your death
Powerful war gods, spread their legacy of hate
The aversion of cross, extreme symbols
The power is congregate and worship eternaly


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