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In Search of Sanity

"In Search of Sanity" (1989)

1. Asylum
2. In Search of Sanity
3. Shellshock
4. Lightning War
5. Let There Be Rock
6. Blood Upon the Ice
7. Welcome to Dying
8. Power Play

1. Asylum

2. In Search of Sanity

2. In Search Of Sanity
Trapped by this madness
In search of something lost to me
Life has no meaning
In a place that has no heart to bleed
Through walls of glass i stare
With a silence written in my eyes
No love or laughter
Stranger is the passion of the wise
Stand up and fight
Won't someone listen to me now
Stand up and fight
There's is only one me in my mind
I can't find a way out
No one sees what i see
This maze is a white line
In search of
In search of sanity
In search of sanity
Lies taint the mirror
No image of the truth to see
Time lost forever
To the wastelands of insanity
Deep Down inside i pray
For the peace and freedom of my past
Is there no way out
Hope light and reason fading fast
These watching voices
Gaze through this dark and empty shell
Sweet taste of freedom
Lies far inside the wishing well
The slope gets steeper now
On the winding road to set me free
Inside this sorrow
I seek a dream that just can't be

3. Shellshock

3. Shellshock
Are these the eyes of a madman
That see a crumbling sky
Reaching out for the answer
Please tell me why
In a state of reclusion
In a shellshocked mind
Gazing into the darkness
That i can't find
Stay calm - there's panic all around
Listen to the silence it's so loud
Raise hell - Who says that i'm insane
Follow let the blindman lead the way
Madness i'm your slave
Shellshock Shellshock Shellshock
Draining the life from me
Shellshock Shellshock
My ears they bleed
Shellshock Shellshock Shellshock
Twisting my every dream
Shellshock Shellshock
Oh insanity was born in me
In the chill of a nightmare
Awake in screaming pain
Bowing down to emotion
Every nerve in flame
Am i blind to the reason
Can i really see
Along the path of confusion
It's hard to me
Watching time for the timeless
Within a conscious dream
A fading scene of violence
What can this mean
Through a faith in illusion
Redeem a jaded past
The clawing hands of the clockface
They turn so fast

4. Lightning War

4.Lightning War
Striking of speed on the wings of revenge
Creating all madness at will
Deceiving dictation pretenders beware
Unleasing the blitzkreig to kill
Burning desire with blood as fuel
Dying you feed the machine
Rising from blindness the lights scan the sky
Defying the darkness i see
Raise the flag of shame
Coward is your name
I have your life held in my hand
Feel the power rise
Lightning cracks the sky
Cut loose the fury take command
Die Die Die
By our Blitzkreig
Die Die Die
It's a lightning war
Die Die Die
By our Blitzkreig
Die Die Die
Riding the past as we march on through time
Inflicting destrution and pain
Deposing destraying exception are none
Send bleeding the weak and insane
Leading them on through the oceans of light
Black is the hatred we found
Awaiting the sign for the hammer to fall
Sent crushing by power and sound
Tighten the grip on the never say die
Precision the way to succeed
Ascending Defending in action again
Emotions is what we perceive
Show no remorse in a crushing defeat
Sweet is a vengeful attack
Life is for living right down to the last
The glory immortal in black

5. Let There Be Rock

5.Let There Be Rock
In the beginning
Back in nineteen fifty-five
Man didn't know about a rock 'n' roll show
And all that jive
The white man had the smoltz
The black man had the blues
No one knew what they was gonna do
But Tchaikovsky had the news
He said -

'Let there be light', and there was light
'Let there be sound', and there was sound
'Let there be drums', and there was drums
'Let there be guitar', and there was guitar
'Let there be rock'

And it came to pass
That rock 'n' roll was born
All across the land every rockin' band
Was blowing up a storm
The guitarman got famous
The businessman got rich
And in every bar there was a super star
With a seven year itch
There were fifteen million fingers
Learning how to play
And you could hear the fingers picking
And this is what they had to say

'Let there be light'
'Let there be rock'

One night in a club called `The Shaking Hand'
There was a ninety-two decibel rocking band
The music was good and the music was loud
And the singer turned and he said to the crowd -

'Let there be rock'

6. Blood Upon the Ice

6. Blood Upon The Ice
Ancient cities lost in time
Nations of the grave
Banished to a crypt of freezing pain
Children of the seven seas
Beneath the heavens roam
Searching for a place to call a home
I wake up dying
Trapped in this hell
In search of finding
In death we are alone
Does the madman plead insane
Is there death that gives no pain
Blind aggression bring you fame
I just need a chance
To win
or lose
We play this dying game
To stand
And fight
And breakout from these chains
To maim
And kill
I drain you free of life
I live
You die
There's blood upon the ice
Distant echoes haunt the brain
The watching waiting men
Laughing for this torture never ends
Captive of the empty dreams
Screaming at the sky
Falling froze am i about to die
Death cloud - mask the sky
No way was i born to die
Mad, sad - am i insane
I won't submit to fame
Deaf blind - in search of light
C'mon we're gonna fight
Laugh, cry - the killing's done
It's time for blood to run
Frozen life to blind to see
A Kaleidoscope of time
Awakened by the anger in my mind
Welcome to this dying world
Where sleeping cities lie
The endless lights that fade and pass
me by

7. Welcome to Dying

7. Welcome To Dying
As time slips by i awaken from my sleep
Too blind to see that tomorrow's just a dream
I fear no pain as i reach t'ward the sky
Immortal words was i really born to die
My destiny - please release me from
this hell
I'm locked inside cannot break the
broken spell
Welcome to Dying
Welcome to Dying
Now say your last goodbyes
The darkness dies but the dawn it brings no light
In life or death our existance is a fight
In sight of end let me die leave me in peace
A slave to life break the chains and set me free
Death - is spreading like disease
Life - i cannot see
Fate - a shadow blackening my soul
Life - holds nothing for me now
Death - so let it be
Fate - is something far beyond control
Welcome to Dying
Welcome to Dying
Now say your last goodbyes
Before my eyes flashing memories of the past
I lie in wait could these thougths now be my last
Time fade away have i wasted all these years
As air grows cold for the end is drawing near

8. Power Play

8. Power Play
Death is the way
A passion to die
I see a world gone insane obsessed by a
fashion to try
Look to the rhyme
The words never change
Forever in line in search of a new game to play
Follow on
Along the line
Your fate is what you will find
You bear the scars of devilry
Don't play with fire
Injecting madness in your mind
The flame burns higher
Draw first blood
Life is hello goodbye
Feel the powerplay
Feel the powerplay
Burning inside
Immune to the pain
Caught in a jigsaw of less the glamour
fading to shame
Lost in a void
Lost far beyond time
I see in your eyes a madness that's lead
you blind
Tell me why
The bell of warning rings
If you give me some time
I will prove to you it's lunacy
Runing from life
A slow suicide
You hear a voice from the grave a thorn on
deep in your side
Leading you down
A spiral to hell
In need of a friend a mistress that served you
so well


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