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Walking as a Shadow

"Walking as a Shadow" (2004 Demo)

1. Forest Of My Kingdom
2. Walking As A Shadow
3. Hymn To Lucifer
4. Morbid Dreams
5. Curse Of The Witch
6. ...As I Laugh...
7. Thunderstorm
8. Forever

1. Forest Of My Kingdom

Dripping water from the skies
that rain that dominates winter
the cold that raises the endless times
freezing blows of evil, signs!

As the mortal disappear
the forests grow pure
mysterious as the night
silent and filled with secrets...

Am I to be their spirit?
Am I to be their wolves?
The cruel beasts that
Guard their unholy caves!

As the footsteps vanish
my soul will begin to fly
my feelings are becoming raw
as my domain will everlast!

2. Walking As A Shadow

The moon has risen...
The enchant of the night...
The dreadness of my spirit
Had seen its pale light!

Driven to the forest
Awaiting to hear a whisper of might
A silence in fear... The silence means fear!
Bethrothed to cruelty, the coldness, the night
The inhuman laughter, mocking the light!
Raising my arms, proudly
I entered a world of no return
Receiving the nightseed, embraced with violence...

Walking as a shadow, below the sorrow path of moonlight...
Drawn by a war call, to strife, with hate, by night!

3. Hymn To Lucifer

Through the vast skies echoe the sounds of victory
Covered in blackness, the pure element of evil...

The sword of Lucifer raised up high to the moon
The fierce of a black dawn
The eldest strife is drawn so near!

All hail Lucifer
The prince of darkness and fear!

From within the earth
The dark, hating, angel has risen
At last the apocalypse
The fear of those unforgiven...

Burning the heavens
In the name of the throne of evil
As demons in laughter
Rejoycing with this cruel cleansing!

Taste your own blood
The cast of a demon
Fear not the end...
You are bound to suffer eternally!
Crave for the night
Wandering in a thousand years...
The moon has returned
As the mighty Lucifer wished!

4. Morbid Dreams

Morbid dreams
Drawings of mystic nights
Creating powerful realms
Where I am king
Flying with my wings
Above the burning fields
Enlighten by the flames and the moon!

Flying towards the sky
Embraced by the clouds
Seduced by the anger of the winds
I taste the victory of all times!

Thrown the stone
The weapon of a star
Deadly and cold
Will smash your weakest heart!

An angel brought to insanity
into the darkest pits of the world!

I fly towards the sky!
I taste the victory by my own hands!
I fly towards the sky!
I take your hand and you will die!
I burn the earth!
I bake the crops with flames!
I will find a way to become
The ultimate king!

5. Curse Of The Witch

Scent the curse upon your heart
Free the anger laid inside!
Watch the burning of the winds
With her flaming eyes!

Your are cursed for eternity
No longer the witch is dead
Observe her mighty powers
As you fall in pain to the end!

In crimson bloody skies
Await your painfull death
The witch has burnt your eyes
So you shall soon be dead!

Your are cursed for eternity
No longer the witch is dead
Observe her mighty powers
As you fall in pain to the end!

6. ...As I Laugh...

For the grand fall am I awaiting
Between tears and mortal wars
When the bloodred tide no more arises
With the moon, my soul will gather!

When darkness first made me gaze at the skies
I began to see the unknown stars
Which nocturnal remained
Everly in my bewitching eyes!

In pain
I am cursed to see the light denial
As a mark for my hatred
For having lost the truth of sword and magic!

I am mine now
In drifting thoughs of destruction and revenge
But sometimes in dreams not lost
For the pleasure of one last laugh!

I will kill you with my rotten heart
While the moon still sparks...

7. Thunderstorm

An enormous cloud approaches
Covering all of the sky
Rising with a violent storm
Thundering and lightning in strife...

Behold the coming of your death
Among your fellow men...
Breath for one last time
Wihle I laugh, endlessly!

The cloud is approaching
Every soul is to be shed
The fire that rises, set by the skies!
The ashes that consume you
You are falling apart
and only I will prevail!

8. Forever

The scent of darkness present
The bewitching light of the moon engraves me...

The cries of the dead grow strong within me
The tyrant!

My heard has died long ago...

I will face the coldness of the earth
In secrecy, unlighten...

I will wonder through the depths of the earth
In vengeance...

In the mist my soul will rule!


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