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Open Your Eyes

"Open Your Eyes" (2004)

1. Open Your Eyes
2. Fuckingham Palace
3. The Damage Stays
4. Ignorance
5. Your Nightmare - My Lust
6. The Village of the Lost Souls
7. Torn Up And Melted
8. You Don't Understand
9. Escape From Reality

1. Open Your Eyes

Keep every body scared to make them consume
Make your monkeys orphan to make them love you.
Give your children drugs to get some hugs
Buy a big TV to escape from reality.

ďMisterĒ is your pre-name
weíre pissed off of your game,
Youíve been playing with us
Since you were born,
You used us to full fill your master plan,
Destroy the world
Dig for gold.
Youíre addicted to so many things
If you want to be free,
Kill your parents that is all
They want to see.

Now the time has come,
To take off your crown.

Refrain: Ö

Open Your eyes!!!!!!
Open your fuckiní eyes!!!!!

2. Fuckingham Palace

A million soldiers, the power of one state
A million people dying every day!

I cannot watch how it all breakes down
How can you watch how it all breakes down?!

A countryís whole brigade to protect one man
If heís so good why do you have to protect him then?!

I cannot watch how you all breake down
How can you watch how we all breake down?!

Refrain: They fight for blood and oil
All you do is to ignore them 2x

A wise man once had said:
ĄI have a dream, that every man is equalď

Itís a pitty that no one followed his call
God damn you all!



3. The Damage Stays

I will never forget what you did to me.
Wounds may close but I know that the damage always stays.
I know I could tell you in so many damn ways
But I have chosen this one because it is the best.

Refrain: 2x
I put a spell on you
I follow you to the end times
I hate you however weíre one.
You canít escape my cruel hate
This spell will follow you everywhere.

When Iím done with you, you will know what real pain does mean.
Seeing you on your knees will be pleasure to me,
When I once started torturing you,
I will never stop again.
You can scream and try to run,
But youíll surely go through hell!


4. Ignorance

Born in a perfect world, see nothing bad
Hear nothing sad, evreyone takes care of me

Everything is fine, tragedy is too far for me to see
A blurry wall I hide behind

Gone to school had found no friends
Never had left anyone a chance

Killed my family spit on the church
Found no answers that I searched for

Refrain: In what world are we living in?
There is nothing left what once had been

In what world are we living in?
There is nothing left but pure sin

Never found a job
My brain slowly rots
Just get some drugs and alcohol
Gone from this world as an asshole



5. Your Nightmare - My Lust

I saw that girl
Down the street.
I picked her up
She was sweet.

I took her home
We were all alone.
I took that knife
Than took her life.

Her guts were hard to swallow
But when I shit her out,
I could still see peaces of her in it.
I really didnít want to hurt her
But her screams make me loose control.

Bridge: Now Iíve got to think about her all the time,
(Damn) I hope this was my last crime.

Hello, my name is your worst nightmare you gonna die,
So Iím gonna prepare.
Hello, my name is your worst nightmare,
Iím gonna prepare to bring you to despair.

Bridge: Iím straight behind you
Donít turn your back!
Soon youíll fell a smashing pain in your neck!

Victim: Looking out the window
I see dead people walking,
My bodily functions are annulled.
With every step I fall deeper and deeper
Am I dead?

Lord: Son youíre free


Run, run, but Iím gonna find you
Run, run, thereís no place to hide;
Run, run, try to run away now,
Do all this but you will always be mine.

6. The Village of the Lost Souls

There is a place where nothing can grow
Where all the people getting deeper into a sad life

Itís all around grey but you must stay
In this place of death

Refrain: So come to the village of the lost souls
You belong to the village of the lost souls 2x

So come to the village of the lost souls 2x

Darkness is in you
You know itís true

There is something you have lost
Almost nothing it has cost

Youíre empty never ever friendly
Your heart is so dark


Your life is gone
There is nothing you could have done

Whoís the next one?
Whoís time is gone?

Come burry your life
Or it hurts just like a lie


7. Torn Up And Melted

Letís see how you taste
Iíll begin with your face
It wonít be hard and it will taste good.
Hurry up you canít run as fast as my gun,
Why donít you help me?
In twos it will be more fun.

It comes to the same thing
Preparing for you the ending,
Itís near, I can smell your fear,
But itís too late Armageddonís here!

Bridge: Soon youíll all be torn up and melted

Refrain: WATCH OUT! Before Iíll get you
WATCH OUT! Or I Kill you
WATCH OUT! Iím so near
WATCH OUT! You burst with fear

Nowhere itís safe
Be careful how you behave,
Better pay attention
Or youíll find your self in the grave (Goodbye)

You canít stop the evil
(thatís) coming towards you,
My hate will never, never let you go.
Youíve taken your last breath
Leaving this world
Introducing yourself with death.


I want to see your blood running down my hands,
So come on Ė and danceÖ
I canít await your death,
Each bone Iíll break.

Refrain 2x:

8. You Don't Understand

Donít feel right, wonít feel good
All that is I have not understood.
You worked so hard for your god
You wonít get there because heavens gates are closed.

You donít understand!
You donít understand!
You donít understand!
You donít understand!

He betrays but you obey
His words are wrong
(just) passed from tongue to tongue.
You play his rules
You are a fool,
He betrays but you obey!


Can you see the lights in my eyes?
No, I know because there is none.
Can you see the stars in the sky?
No! Because youíre dead!

Here is my god, he has not forgotten, that you are there
Because Hell is every fucking where!

9. Escape From Reality


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