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Draco Sit Mihi Dux

"Draco Sit Mihi Dux" (2003)

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
6. VI

1. I

A morose fount of human Death lies before me,
at the end of this thornclad road
My wounds are deep, my cries are harsh
Was it Hell that I witnessed, has my time come?
Or may I stay to witness the Devil's hand?
A morose fount of human Death lies before me
A creature of all my woes and awes, an entrance for me to pass
Time to die, it has been far too long
Sternly bound I depart from this foul and morbid life as it has given me nothing
What important am I?
Evil is in the deed of every man
Everything pure may go lose as the ways of evil are opening wider and ever darker,
a shadow cast of the Devil
Everywhere, and all around I see what you don't see;
I see the vastness of the accuser.

2. II

All this, made by man, exists for one simple reason;
Further harmony amongst humans, happiness, materialistic utopia
Only a few work a counter way,
To conquer, disharmonize and torture this world!
Our days are few, they must be used
Divine reasons show me our path
The pernicious light which has blessed me with its utter damnation,
Is the holy fundaments on which our guideline rests
Secrets reveal in Satan's code, so clear yet mysterious
We enter a phase of completeness in direction as His angles take definite position
Firmly rooted in the arcane foundation of pure malignancy,
they reach through this world and beyond
We remain through the self defeating consequence of incompleteness (life)
Driven by demonical worship
Throughout this world and beyond, I am obsessed by murderous hatred

And errands are yet to come
Trapped in evil ecstasy we are forever cursed
A devilish fertilisation nightly executed
It has infected our flesh to bring earth His presence

Follow the light pernicious
Enter the path of murder
Illusions must die since they are mortal
Stare behind the light of Jahve
Honour the end of your natural mind
Your own will must be left behind.

3. III

Axioms denied. A blessed offering,
the gift complete is your life (A gift ever increasing)
Immense enemy divine, the Evil One, ever beseeched
Demoniac hysteria; the insights and curses of being possessed by The Devil
I have received the darkest of visions.
Votary of a legion as vast as the sacrifice of its legionaries
The doctrine of lifelessness is above me, a paragon of complete perdition
We must all die, for we are but flesh of the creation
Lose your life to gain unity: to enter The Devil
Truthfully; an entering, and yet exit of divinity
Cursed by the one God, locked in lightfled obedience
Mors Christi. A hunger inhuman.
The Ancient Dragon has always been present in false Christ
Complete perversion of the soul shall be our guide at the murder of joy!

4. IV

The emotions I have with me as I run through this observing night are none
The light of life is not with me, far beyond it am I. I don't know where I am!
Deranged is my spirit, inhuman
Flesh of demons, horrible craft of Thee, Lucifer, rape my innocence
Strengthen the chains that bind me, the bind us beyond the grave
All ways are dimmed! No I won't die, but death is always with me
Limbs, limbs from Hell are upon me
I watch man's spirit, it falls so deep, my eyes are dry, and struck, moonlit
Father fiend, Satan. Satan, your angels remove times unasketic, my memories
Trapped in trance, starvation, an eerie dance
Opening gates for pandemia!
The loss of all...

5. V

King of awful majesty
Present in rape and fever
Oh, prince of lies and misguidance
Perverter of pious purity
True inversion of Holy divinity
Fortify the unholy pride of men
The Devil's path lies wide, leading from all around
He will be glorified, yet unspoken
I can see Him as clear as day, but you see Him in words
Present in each crime, each manslaughter
Through ages and ages, Death was our lord!
Each battle, each tyranny, mere reflections of Him
At the breath of The Devil, light flee
We walk our narrow way as millions die!
Aefas! It has come for us to witness;
Human history brought to an end.

6. VI

I know something very old is present tonight
A moment out of this world, filled with something very ill
I smell death in this ugly place, far from the light of Christ,
which has impaled my eyes for thirteen years
An abomination of Satan's summoned by sickness in these ghastly hours
At this gebite I am sworn to die
I will die to enter
My human shapes would be dead
If not... deeds were undone
And I am indeed blessed by damnation
I do not wish to life, but devotion stops me
My sacrifice continues
I am tired and I hate this place
But my beseeched lord: The greater is thy finger
I know the meaning with life is Death.


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