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Old Maid

"Old Maid" (2006 EP)

1. The Odyssey (Part 1)
2. The Odyssey (Part 2)
3. Striding Above
4. Dispelling Superstition
5. Desert´s Maze
6. Compelling Evidence
7. The Search For Wisdom

1. The Odyssey (Part 1)

He sailed through storms and misty waters
To an island of poisonous lotus-fruits
Then the god of sea sent him to a
Man-eating giant beast with one eye

After blinding the beast he set sail
For the land of Aeolia
King Aeolus gave him a satchel containing
The winds of the world...

2. The Odyssey (Part 2)

The winds of the world were released in the night
Released by a fool, to the sea-god's delight
His ship was battered and washed up on the shore
Weary and hungered they looked for food on the moor

His men were greeted by a witch and her beasts
She turned them into swines (They cried!) and then they all ceased
One of his men escaped and told him of the crew's fate
So he went to search for them, hoping he wasn't too late

Hermes intercepted him and gave him a stick
The stick protected him from the witch's magic
He forced her to transform the swines back to men
And she guided him to Hades and back again


He resisted their song, where none before had ever lived
Using their calls as a bait, they sent men swimming to their death
Poseidon observed, deciding to send the Greek to the
Fatal whirlpool, Charybdis and Scylla, the six-headed beast

Steering his ship away from lethal waves towards the
Cliffs which contained the cave from which Scylla descended
Losing the battle he had to think swiftly, so
He remembered the words from Hades; confronting
His ghastly enemy and defeating it with ease

They drifted for days, searching for land
They found a great island with glorious meadows
It belonged to the god of the sun
They were forbidden from eating the cattle
So Odysseus decided to fish

Eurylochus and the ship's crew just could not wait for the fish
They roasted a bull and sacrificed one for the gods
When he returned with the fish and saw what his men had done
In despair he prayed to his goddess for wisdom

Poseidon witnessed this and shrieked with delight
Pallas Athene went to aid Odysseus' plight
She appeared before him. And told him to flee
Alas, his men would die. And that he would see

The crew began to row immediately
But their fate was now approaching imminently
The gods began to punish the crew for eating the meat
So Scylla and Charybdis prepared for their treat

They begged for their lives as they were devoured
They fought their demise; they gasped and they cowered

Odysseus survived, washed up by the sea
He grabbed for a branch and hung from a tree
He waited for hours for the whirlpool to calm
Then he let go and found his old mast

Washing up on the shore of Goddess Calypso
Where he was imprisoned for ten years

His wife prayed for the return of her husband as he
Also cried to return to his homeland, so she
Asked Zeus if he could release the heroic warrior
So the goddess reluctantly bid him farewell forever

Poseidon struck him down, but Wisdom prevailed
She made him look old to deceive Ithaca
He revealed himself to his son and his wife set a task for the suitors
They could not string his old bow, so he strung it and told them to go

The suitors had thought he was dead
They decided they wanted his head
They attacked him and his son, who then fought back harder and won
His foes were all finally gone
With his son Telemachus, he'd won
He could finally embrace his wife and his legend lives on with his life

3. Striding Above

Feeling nauseous; burning. Dreaming for us; yearning.

Flickering colourful flames
Illuminate passionate times
Enchanted mystical lust
Quickening passion will breed
Aware I was sowing my seed
From the same lungs we breathe

Universe, come with us.
Cover us from the dust.

*And we spoke in smoke until midnight
And we'd sing and drink
Til the rays of the morning light* are too bright

Screaming, howling, (drowning)
Throats will choke on our cardiac blood
Screeching, frowning, (growling)
Thoughts were soaked in a dipso brain flood

Night falls - Prepare (for the)
Twilight frozen in chronology
Fight calls - They stare (hither)
People see us and they flee

[repeat **]

+High above the rainclouds
Fly above the thunder
Sight above beyond our
Skies; more than a hundred+

#Our karma-less goal!

Clouds part to await for our summoning
Through skies with no fear of plummeting
The moon reminds us (and none will find us)
Of when our true essence combined

Suns start with the date of our beckoning
Blue lights on horizons of painkilling
Inside our life source (remains the right course)
Of existence beyond funeral pyres

Our hearts turn fate into unreality
Bruised and wise from the memories of depravity
We share the soulís heart (and rings of life start)
And our past is thrown into the fire#

[repeat **]

[repeat ++]

[repeat ##]

4. Dispelling Superstition

Conspiracies and theories
They promulgate to death
Always form a series
Of concepts so far-fetched

But the answer is more humble
There are no aliens
The theory takes a tumble
Because they're all simians

What are the chances of an alien like that?
Their anatomy suggest they're humanoid, minus fat
On other planets the atmosphere would kill
The time it would take to get here
Is something they could never fulfil

It would take eternity
Travelling this distance
Across the universe
And even the fraternity
Of beings wouldn't see us
They'd die before getting close

Even if longevity
Is much higher for them
They don't have a cure for death
The journey would take centuries
To their death they'd be condemned

This is all because they came back here before their birth
They are just humans from our future on this earth
They have evolved beyond; we evolved from early man
They are part of an elite a struggling future clan

Can't you see what you're buying into? It's marketed as truth
They call it "The Alien!", so you will buy their magazine
Time travel theory is likely, as opposed to "aliens"
Their world in the future is so much more feasible

*Like Brave New World, infected clones.
The sense unfolds, compare their bones with homo sapiens;
We're so alike. There's no "alien"; you know it's right

Time travel is more feasible than humanoid galaxian voyagers
Think about blackholes and wormholes
We're going to be time-dimension warriors

Their heads are substantial because they've evolved
(Perhaps these thoughts have already been thought)
They use the other 80% of our brain
They've learned new ways of overcoming stress and pain

People want to believe that we're "not alone"
But surely the idea of time-travel clones
Is just as enthralling as life elsewhere
One day they'll discover them and then they'll care*

Because of their large brains they communicate
Without using their mouths; they are telepathic
And no need to defecate because they take pills which
Satisfy all their needs without the waste products we have

UFOs: they disappear
Because they're shifting dimensions for a moment
To avoid changing their future world

Their eyes glazed over because the atmosphere's too gaseous
This is why their nostrils are so small; to guard their lungs
Their skin discoloured because they lack oxygen and bloodflow
And their circulation is restricted by pollution

[repeat **]

The reason they come back in time
Is because they're running out
Of things they use too much
Like raw materials, air
And organ donors, no doubt
They're running out of luck

Perhaps they have no record
Or history of our race
Was it destroyed by fire?
And they almost got wiped out
By pollution or plagues

Abductions of modern humans rarely occur
Because they don't like to interfere with their past
It could have a devastating effect on their lives
If they tamper too much with us, their civilisation won't last

5. Desert´s Maze

Watch the sun rise as the moon dies
The heat starts to rise and they can't look at the sky

The sky still belongs to the blue moon as the
Clouds hide the sun's morning rays
Darkness surrounds the stars shining
Above forests in dark desert haze

Sounds of reptilian noises
Resonate across the sand plains
A tree needs to feed its seeds so it
Awaits for the cool monsoon rains

In the days, desertís maze
Would be confusing all who tried
To conquer its dusty dunes
Thereís no way to convey
This desolate land
There's no shade from the rays
As the sunlight comes falling down
So that nature may live again
Led astray by their prey
These predators never learn

Watch the sun rise as the moon dies
The heat starts to rise... can't look at the sky

The sun steals the pale moon's horizon as the
Clouds give way to the sun's power
Traces of darkness remaining are
Consumed by the strength of the hour

Travelling pilgrims are misled by
Mirages as they dehydrate
Marvelling still at the wonders
Surrounding all they can see on the plains

[repeat chorus]

Constant glare from the sun
Awaits for the calling
Of brooding storms
Now the heat is faltering

Booming thunder cracks
The downpour cascades in
||Time with the flowing grains

[solos: Bentley]

[repeat chorus]

Moisture formed by the rain
Evaporates before
Inspiring views of sunset skies
Prepare for night once again

Darkness slowly drains the light
As silhouettes of nocturnal
||Species can be seen, prepared

Scavengers gnaw at carcasses
For future archeologists
To examine the skeletal structure and
Make assumptions based on this

The moon defeats the bright sun again
The desert temperature drops
||And stars illuminate what once belonged to the sun

6. Compelling Evidence

[intro lead: Bentley]

An entourage of officers, forensic scientists
And Detective Green
Scoured the place for clues and weapons he may have used
But none were at the scene

The victim had been running, the suspect used his cunning
Pretending to follow behind
He ran behind the house, as quiet as a mouse
Intercepting her, she screamed

Forensics and officers unanimously agreed
This crime was organised
It involved hired professionals
But something doesn't seem right to Green so he then
Investigates to disprove their whole theory

Why should he believe what he's been told?
Meanwhile the murderer roams free
Examining the victim, it now dawns on him
The killing was personal, he could see

[lead: Bentley]

The victim perished through asphyxiation
Not a gun as thought previously
The bullets to the neck, concealed the strangulation
But she was shot post-humously

The detective called a meeting, as debates had started heating
The family wanted answers now
He gave a speech (to the disdain of the culprit)
'Bout the murder by explaining how

[lead: Bentley]

Delivering compelling evidence
Which suggests they worked alone
Unassisted by assassins
Disgusting images of the incident
Flashed through their minds
Even though they'd not witnessed it

Complications within the enquiry
Prevent the culprit being found
Allegations of corruption linger
Meanwhile the fugitive runs away

[solos: Bentley]

[He] suddenly realised the real culprit was actually in their midst
But evaded them all along

Establishing a motive was quite arduous
Because her alibi seemed so transparent
Eliminating suspects was successful
It seemed she wanted revenge and greed

How could she believe she'd seem entirely blameless?
Perhaps he read her subtle body language
Now the family vowed never to have an old maid again
And the detective closed his case again

7. The Search For Wisdom


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