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Dawn Of The Proto-Man

"Dawn Of The Proto-Man" (2003)

1. Ogre
2. Colossus
3. 78
4. The Jaded Beast
5. Skeletonized
6. Suicide Ride
7. Black Death

1. Ogre

He was the last of neanderthals
He made his home in mountain halls
Hunger forced him to descend
To the lands of newer men

Kill the cattle of the lord
Knights pursue with pike and sword
Hunted beast-man on the moor
Runs 'till he can run no more
Thrice as strong as the strongest man
Enraged he turns to make his stand

Shredded flesh and shattered bones
Soldiers dead he stands alone
A cry of victory fills the night
"I am Ogre and I will fight!"

2. Colossus

A great colossus
From outer space
Journeyed through eons
To save our race
But when he landed
Instead of thanks
Greeted by warplanes
Soldiers and tanks

See him now crushing them down
With his heel shaking the ground
Wrathful roar terrible sound
Super-steel can't shoot him down

A super power
Can't understand
Twenty divisions
Killed every man
Thought nukes might stop him
So we attacked
Just made him angry
Can't take them back

I gave the order
Command control
He found my bunker
How could he know
Clawing through concrete
Smashing through steel
To grind my body
Beneath his heel

3. 78

When I was fifteen
I found a friend
We'd play for hours and hours
Turned up on ten
The walls would shake
The neighbors scream
They were just rowdy fans
In my rockin' dream

Up in my bedroom
Up on the walls
Posters of rock gods
Ace, Gene and Paul
Pose in the mirror
A power chord
Metal militia
My six string sword

I know I'll never get out of this bar
I know I'll always drive a funky car
But I don't need to be no superstar
'Cause I still get to wail on my guitar

So now I'm older
I work each day
But when I'm done with work
I get to play
I'm not a rockstar
Don't want to be
I got my guitar
That's all I need

4. The Jaded Beast

What if.....
You were a Roman soldier
From the year 441
Sent to guard the eastern border
From the onslaught of the Hun
The armies of the great Attila
Roll o'er your forces like a wave
They burn your house they kill your folk they rape your wife
And you become a slave

And the hordes that ride out of the East
Will they never leave the West in peace

What if.....
You were a Polish peasant
Living in 1241
Unaware of the danger present
That you'd be dead by setting sun
You hear a shout the clash of clanking armor
Coming from the forest to the east
You drop your plow and run to warn your family
But Tartar horsemen cut you down 'fore you can speak

And the hordes that ride out of the East
Will they never leave the West in peace

Wave on wave
Of Oriental ruin
Pounding 'cross the plains from east to west
Led by Khan or Turkish sultan
Armies on an European quest
And now we see a giant dragon
The West has woken from its sleep
It was chained down
It was tormented
But soon the Wall will not contain the Jaded Beast

And the hordes that ride out of the East
Will they never leave the West in peace

5. Skeletonized

My girl was a beauty
She took my breath away
She walked into the woods one autumn day
But cold rain overcame her
Far far from her home
She lay in the leaves to ease her weary bones

When you die
Worms and flies

Deep within the forest
Subject to decay
She grew a bit more gruesome every day
Beasts did feast upon her
Drawn by fragrant flesh
I found her today
She took away my breath

When you die
Worms and flies

The worms crawled in
The worms crawled out
Maggots writhed within her mouth
Beetles borrowed through her brain
Rodents gnawed upon her frame
A toothy grin
A vacant eye
I can't forget although I try
Her naked bones beneath the sky
That's the fate that awaits us when we die

6. Suicide Ride

It was the summer of 1945
Hardly a man is still alive
He flew a fighter since the fighting had begun
Flew for the Empire of the Sun

Bombs away and ammo spent
His plane's a weapon heaven sent
He takes a bead upon a battleship
10,000 feet he floors the stick

Samurai in the sky
See him dive from on high
On a suicide ride

Faster and faster towards the sea
He's got a date with destiny
The ship's machine guns rake his plane
Screaming Zero starts to flame

His Fighter's shaking breaking apart
A bullet rips right through his heart
But still he holds on his aim is true
Kamikaze coming straight at you

Explosive impact resounding roar
The ship sinks to the ocean floor
Were you a hero or crazy man
Kamikaze can we understand?

7. Black Death

Medieval maiden
Mirror of steel
Who is the fairest
Beauty unreal
Marked out for death now
She does not know
Hundreds of thousands
Will be laid low

It's the Black Death
Less than half left
You will be next
So take your last breath

Pestilence prowling
Across the land
Knight priest or peasant
Equally damned
Bodies are rotting
Before they are dead
Beautiful lady
Feverish head

Creeping and crawling the people are falling
Like wheat that is beat down by hail
Pathogen spreading the devil is meeting out death
In a world gone to hell

Running sores open
On limbs fair and white
Bubonic tumors
A hideous sight
Pitiful lady
Falls to the floor
Rats lice and history
She is no more


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