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Like Gods

"Like Gods" (2001)

1. Silence
2. My Darkest Desires
3. Another's Life
4. Temple Of My Demon
5. Immortal
6. At The Brink Of Horizon
7. Like Gods
8. A New Land
9. End Of Time

1. Silence

The Dark and the Unseen
A New Dimension of existence
Waiting for me to hold my soul

The coldness hear my cries
My cries without a word
The darkside in my Heart
Let the Blood stand still

Like a Hammer on the wall
Like a dark cloud in the dust

A voice of uncreation
Blackened my mind
Like a subconscious deathwish
The voices in my head
Soft voices like a total recall of Life

When I see my letters on the stone
The sand beneath the grave
An Earthquake in my soul
The beast wants to be out

When I see my letters on the stone
The Sand beneath the grave
Time will never hurt my soul
But Darkness is my only Friend

My end near as my visions come true this night,
Alone here I am waiting to die…

Now here I stand to complete my Fate
The time has come to finish my pains

See the Blood on my hands

The iron will have it's fate
To fulfil his command
To fulfil his end
To Fall and Fade away

Now silence

2. My Darkest Desires

Old desires burning in my heart
I was overtaken by my past
Crossing my way again and again

Show me your beautiful smile and feel my near
Follow my path from ecstasy into infinity

Taking her flesh and her mind
Making the prophecies come true
And to change into another's life

Lust waiting to fill every cell of my flesh
And life for my darkest desires

3. Another's Life

My Body lying on the Ground
The Earth is cold
Free my Soul and help me to escape
Give me another's Life
Just for a second
As long as a century
Your Price is my Soul
I will obey to change my Fate
My Lord I wait

The new is the contest
I'm waiting for
A Change that won't be given
To everyone
A possibility to find my heal
Please let me die
And come back
To follow your dark Kingdom
My Lord, I'm here
To welcome you

Come and clime down the stairs of Shadows
The Cold Earth, The Grey Trees
And the dark sun are waiting for you
No Escape, No way back
Chosen a path through life and death

Give me another's Life!

4. Temple Of My Demon

Streams of anguish floating my veins
Forcing the curse to fulfil night by night.
I close my eyes and let the unknown carry my will
Deep into the mountain spirit.
Alone I cry when a voice whispers my name
Out of an atmosphere of desperation.
The moonlight illuminates my face full of blood
When my my hands subbcumb by the might of my demon bright.

Now the time has come to merge into my black goddess
My dark Beauty , Emperor of my Philos
And Aim of my existence
Entering the temple of my demon bright
Strengthening my evil convictions
Like a flame in the morbidity of my heart
To reign in unimaginable sins

I open the portal of my temple escorted
By the unrestfull desires of my flesh
Shadows surrounding me when I conquer
the land of my enemies with blood stained hands
Like a drop of time falling in a ocean of eternity
A Light will arise blinding my eyes
To bring deliverance to me
Until death will close my eyes full of bitterness' tears

5. Immortal

I'm standing at the summit of the highlands
Waiting for a dying sun
My subconscious' Blade dividing the nothingness
Letting out the flood to bring remembrance
Disguised in dreadful Shadows the dragon will flee
into the haze of the dawn

The old guardian is awake now out of the ages passing past
The flat sea in my heart, gloom and forgotten strength
Gone time will veil my rosen desires to take me away
I let my mind go to provoke my abysmal yearn.

6. At The Brink Of Horizon

Silence when dark red glow at the brink of horizon
floating my face
No release will end my pain that corones me
in cave of sadness

Darkness deep into my soul will whisper my name
into the sweetness of a dream
Hear my call - I summon my fate

Daemons holding my fate in their hands
When I walk the fine line of an emotionless stream
through the night far away

Then I fall
down in essence

Just a cry is heart, Suspended of the emptiness of my curse
Impenetrable clouds covering my way
to the queen of endless frost

When the light is gone the immovable sun collapses
And corroded I die at the brink of horizon
Fulfilled of doom clarity

7. Like Gods

Life is just an Illusion, that ends
When candle's light goes out.

Blood is like a face in the mirror,
that disintegrates into infinity.

When I'm near death's hands,
he'll bring aim in my sad existence.

I feel the adrenaline like a rebellion
Into the last chapter I enter, o'Lord!
Be a slave of my illusions
When the trip into a groundless fire starts.

Take out the cold blade
Of an forgotten decade
that brings back my old strength
and guides me into the night

When I feel the beauty of the snow-covered wasteland,
a feeling of freedom arises - growing in my emotionless heart

emptiness will be filled with noise
the sound of a neverending war
when a legion of mercylessness will resurrect

my dark queen, princess of the land of shadows
come to me, melt will me and fulfil the prophecy
to become gods

8. A New Land

When my rotten corps has melt with earth
letting me take part in an infinity ocean of grains of sand.

A steam of energy like an exploding sun
takes me on its wings
to be like a wind of frost.

The universe, listening to my desires,
brings me into the eye of the storm
where I'll face my darkest enemy.

My passion will send me on voyage to a new land
where I'm buried in the darkness of creation.

When the sun is going down,
the night will stare in to my crystal eyes of eternal flames,
dancing in the dusk of a lonely melody.
Because I'm the immortal sinful trinity of destiny...


9. End Of Time


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