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Summoned by Night

"Summoned by Night" (2003 Demo)

1. Silver Sea (Intro)
2. Poems Hidden On Black Walls
3. Invitation to Chaotic Revelation
4. Upon the Broken Wing
5. Dilemma

1. Silver Sea (Intro)

2. Poems Hidden On Black Walls

On squalid and stony walls
When the mind to the thinking bows
Sexton of the stygian shrine
Is falling into the same mistake
One guardian is lost, one man understood
Still dust on the crown like legend
How many times the question passed?
No matter first nor last
Escape from earth to dungeon space
Two eyes suffocated by pointing words
Let the existence of the devil sleep
To see and feel what should have been given
If the serpent wasn't hungry
And she is ready to hold his sin
Farewell to the philosopher
In a century of damned tales
Age redolent of scorn with touchable things
Scavenged only by the abnormal force
Of the no choice
Still the sexton envenomed with fear in a funeral
Full of lights and fervent happiness of ignorance
With every tongue's speech revival reach

3. Invitation to Chaotic Revelation

A hand behind a curtain
Empty theatre strange and new
Where the candles were chosen
To light the sullen view
White rose in the garden of death
Sleeping from her date of birth
But when the rain was falling down
Her time had come to take off the crown
Different shapes of the universe
On one nail of the prayer
Master, follower, slave?
Different choices in one grave
Your book of knowledge is empty
Shiny drops of tears on these white pages
How beautiful was the myth of heart
Apophenia formed another living lie
But the mournings cannot hear
Debilitating the unsightly pyramids of horror and fear
And when the mutilted tongue creates new letters
We will fight for writting the brave words and believing them
When the hand can rise and hold we will fight to be inside
But a mirage was the idea of sin cause we were born so blind
Born killed hope of salvation
But the logic still the same I don't intend to dream again
Kiss the whore to feed the role then regret to purify your soul
We don't even know what the role is
But when the curtains are pulled down I took off the mask
But still I hear the claps of another existing hand
For I have spent all my of life to know but failed

4. Upon the Broken Wing

The chains embraced the cold blade
On a saddle far from this fake world
Never seen in the light as a gloomy cloud
Decorated with hidden gray birds of hatred
Through the eyes of time we traveled high
To the endless shadow to the mourning cry
The stars seem like touching the lake
But sink underwater and start to fade
Crystals with splendid flare warm eclipse
Eradicate the odious edge of my dim fate
The astral call was the missing link to unite my soul
The drop of pure rain was falling down to end it all
Upon the broken wing the recall of dead wind

5. Dilemma


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