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The North Brigade

"The North Brigade" (1999)

1. Beseech The Fire
2. Bridge of Bifrost
3. Elder Gods of the North
4. Speech of Odin
5. At The Well of Wisdom
6. Intro
7. War Eternal
8. Northern Throne
9. Makters Språk

1. Beseech The Fire

Beseech the Fire

Dominions of war
Dominions of hate
Rage is fury and
The art is pain!
Destruction of
A human race.
My dominions,
My spirits kingdom,
Destruction of the weak,
Send them down to the
Roots of Yggdrasil.
Rise spirits rise!
Judge the feeble,
Uphold the strong.
Dominions of war
Dominions of hate
War is the gate
To fury and rage.
Witness the beauty
Of violence and might,
When the sword bites
The flesh beseech the
Fire eternal chaos upon
This world.

2. Bridge of Bifrost

Bridge of Bifrost

Thor! Open the sky from
Which you came and sent
Down the blasting fire.
May it strike upon the feeble
Man and burn away the race
Of Christ. Thor!
Odin! Come, ride upon the
Earth, inflict this world
With destruction. Hail the
Mighty king of the north!
Battle roars behind the hills,
The mighty glorious war!
The strength of the north
Unleashed in never-
Ending war! Never-ending
War! Never-ending war!
May it strike upon the feeble
Man and burn away the race
Of Christ, Thor! Winter snow
So cold
Reaching out for me,
I walk the bridge of bifrost.
Battle roars the last I
Was to hear, I hail the
Glorious war!

3. Elder Gods of the North

Elder Gods of the North

Elder gods of the north!
Elder gods of the north
Come forth from the highest
Mountain from the deepest
Ground from the burning
Fire, from the mighty oceans
Thee awakening of the
Mighty stone gods, the
Rulers of the north.
Odin! Behold the rage of the
War god Thor, the goat lord
And master of the winds, of
Thunder and rain, bless me
Oh you! With hate
We will crush the feeble
Cathedrals. War gods,
Lead us all the way to
The end, lead us, crush
The holy men! Take us up to
Valhalla once again to
Your mighty dominions.

4. Speech of Odin

Speech of Odhinn

I know I hung on that
Windswept tree, swung
There for nine long nights,
Wounded by my own blade,
Bloodied for Odhinn,
Myself and offering to
Myself, bound to the tree,
That no man knows wither
The roots of it run,
None gave me bread, none
Game me drink, down to
The deepest depths I peered
Until I spied the runes with
A roaring cry I seized them
Up, then dizzy and fainting I
Fell. Well, being I won
And wisdom too I grew and
Took joy in my growth, from
A word to a word, I was
Led to a word, from a
Deed to another deed.

5. At The Well of Wisdom

At the Well of Wisdom

As thee I walked the mountain
Side to the landscapes of north
Spirits domains watchers of the
Secrets of a now forgotten
Time, when the north men were
The emperors, when they
Swung their swords with
Pride, fearless, mighty and the
Magic on their side. As thee I
Walked the forest at the path,
They walked far, so far ago
As I walk this forest so dense
And listen to the speech of
Birds, their hymns so mighty
Get stronger in the wind,
Birds! They are my map to the
Ancient wisdom, at the well of
Wisdom well of Mimer! His
Head speaks without a body,
His words to no use without
A sacrifice, like the god of war
I sacrificed my eye.
At the well of wisdom, drink
The water, hear his words,
Mighty words from universe
Come forth you! Magic spirits
Of the north.

6. Intro

7. War Eternal

War Eternal

I am the warfare blasting in
From blazing horizons.
I am hatred and aggression.
Plague bearer destroyer of
The world. I am the cruelty,
I am the law that chaos
Doth evoke bearer of the
Black standard of war when
My tool of destruction
Return. Fire!
When my flames lick the
Earth 10,000 years of
Victory. I am the world
Shatterer, I dance in the
Ashes of my enemies.
The Nordic art of war I
Use death to my enemies
War eternal.

8. Northern Throne

Northern Throne

Oh! Cold mighty north has
Brought me strength.
I am the eternal one son
Of the northern spirits the
Dark side of light.
I am the fiery heat of now
A dead sun. I will
Forever shine bright in my
Northern throne! Odin, Thor,
I am blessed in the sign of
Thee hammer. Odin, Thor,
From you! My power is
Eternal. From the stones
To the roaring sea my power
Is taken and my wisdom
From pain. To suffer is to
Aaaaa! My northern throne!

9. Makters Språk

Makters Språk

Ur min mun hör maktens språk
Galdrar, starka jag sjunger lågt!
Nynnar ord som natten sänt.
Vänd hit vind, styr hit en storm!
Sänd mig blixten, molnens orm,
Åskans ande, var min vän. Skänk
Mig skydd av stål och salt, böj en
Blixt kring bröstet mitt, gjut av
Järn min viljas kraft, en rustning
Ge av ljungeld smidd. Stjälp mig I
En bäck av bly, smält mig ned och
Stöp mig ny, led mig in mot livets
Mitt. Byt min blick mot syn så
Stark som tränger ned I tingens
Djup, kläd min kropparbark,
När stigen går vid nattens stup,
Dränk mig I en flod av död,
Skänk sen liv, mig åter föd, knyt
Upp alltets gåte knut.

Kom alla krafter från väst
Och norr, från öst och syd, vilda
Sejddjur, visa er nu!


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