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"Demo 2004" (2004 Demo)

1. When evil reigns supreme
2. The arrival of the unholy lord
3. Death's cold embrace

1. When evil reigns supreme

All behold the sight in the sky
See the firmament strike lightning and roar
Heavens open and bright light shines upon
The mortal beings on this land

All behold the firmament
An angel is falling from the stars
It lights up the horizon with its shine
All man gaze in awe

The angel cries out as it falls
A voice louder than thunder
Sounds so horrid men turned pale
A stream of red follows its trail
It falls into the forest
And the forest withers lifeless
Wings cut and broken and bleeding
Wounded angel cries amongst the human
And it will rule this world
With its reign of terror and torture
Sickness and death came down
As our angel fell from grace

Ave Rex virtus
Successor instat, pellimur;
satelles, i, ferrum rape,
perfunde cunas sanguine!
Salvete Domine gloriae

2. The arrival of the unholy lord

The covenant chanting the unholy spell as the high-priest unveils the blade
Sinister voices carried by the wind the summoning proceeds ahead
Black-cloaked drugged and entranced woman comes to the high-priest
And she lies willingly on the altar revealing her naked body pregnant
The unholy court rises and the priest recites a spell
The dagger touches the belly and penetrates it slowly
Blood on the altar and the woman sighs
As the mound is now cut open the priest puts his hands inside
And pulls out the squealing infant creation

“Benedicta diaboli eius et immaculate conception
Benedeictus sanguis eius pretiosissimus
Benedictus Sathanas in daemonis suis”

The cord is cut and the child placed on a smaller altar
The court now praises the new king as the mother dies in pain
The covenant will now serve as a family for this ungodly creation
The king of this world to be, the antichrist

3. Death's cold embrace

I feel this cold approaching me, consuming me
I feel a darkness come over me, devour me
I feel an emptiness filling me, drowning me
I feel oblivion calling me, so silently

The cold consumes me
The darkness devours me
The emptiness drowns me
The oblivion calling me


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