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Obsidian Aspect

"Obsidian Aspect" (2006)

1. Bloodlust
2. Plague of Man
3. Acupunctured
4. Decaying Life
5. The Perfect Murder
6. Bone Spirit
7. Citadel
8. Demantoid
9. The Revenge of Brown Benjamin
10. Bury the Living

1. Bloodlust

I feel the urge to kill, to kill the urge
Raise the dead, destroy all life
Decapitate christian scum, to win the war.
Bury them all!
Slaughter, massacre, decapitate, sever,
Reincarnate, obliterate, you feel the must, bloodlust!
Hatred rises from my soul, I feel the need to make them bleed.
Haunting victims, hear their cries
Pund their flesh, till they die!
Slaughter, massacre, decapitate, sever,
Reincarnate, obliterate, I feel the must, bloodlust
Alive and well, escaped from hell
No-one can stop me, or my killing
The need to kill, the need to crush
I feel the need to spill blood.

2. Plague of Man

Plague of man, killing our land.
Like a virus, we're out of control.
Over-populate reap all resource, bone dry
Killing off species, as we like
(Taking all, without consequence)
Man made disease, chemical scars, medical cures too far gone
All is lost!
Create bigger weapons, create bigger guns
Create bigger nukes and blow us fuckers up!

3. Acupunctured

Needles penetrating flesh.
Blood leaks from perforated skin.
Spinal insertion, human pin cushion.
Big needle down your pee hole.
Multiple needles embedded inside your cranial cavity
Piercing your frontal lobe. Homicidal acupuncturist
Tied down to the chair, assorted needles are on display
Frantically trying to escape. Terror screams coming from your fucked up face.
Agony, intensifying pain. Needles embedded within your brain.
Nerves responding to pin-prick attack
Spastically thrashing from the punctures in your back
Fleeting facial spasms disclose me to your displeasure
Neurons reacting, sanity cracking, muscles invaded

4. Decaying Life

Reborn, I live again
Slaughtered, I came to an end. Shotgun took off my head
Battle, a fight with the dead. What has become of me
I've only one instinct and that is to feed.
The living dead, patrolling our lands, eating our friends
Flesh, rotting away. Bones, begin to decay. Searching, for peoples brains.
Life, decaying away. What's wrong with you?
Your eyes are bleeding, there's nothing you see
Your thirst for flesh, is making you mad, because you're undead.
Memories, form of another life. Aimlessly wandering into the darkened night.
Body is scarred, bleeding bruised and grazed
Now it os over, with a shotgun blast to my face.

5. The Perfect Murder

You see your reflection, in my obsidian eyes.
As I carve you up and tear out your insides
You can feel the blade and it's as cold as ice.
And I shatter your skull as if it were glass
You stare down the barrel of my gun. Then I give it a pump and we begin the fun.
I squeeze the trigger and blow your head from your body.
It makes a fucking mess, but I don't think I'll worry, I'm going to shoot you now.
Slaughter you anyway I can. I'll shoot you over and over and stab you again and again.
I'm going to chop your body into little pieces.
For you there is no future, this is the perfect murder.
Your hands are tied behind your back.
The noose is placed right around your neck.
Your feet slowly lift from the ground.
You kick and squirm, but not for very long.
Thou art slain. Now you're dead.
Freed from life. My wrath has just begun.
I remove your blindfold and you look over the edge.
You try to run but you can't feel your legs.
I grab you by the neck and throw you off the cliff.
As you tumble down I wonder how long you'll live.
You hurl your mace, with anger towards me.
A swing from my sword deflects it into a tree.
Unleashing fury, I pass my sword through your neck.
You fall to the ground and lay next to your head.

6. Bone Spirit

Their skin removed from flesh, flesh torn from the bone.
We're punished for their crimes against the human race.
Once thought the bones lay still.
In solitude and death.
The battle wasteland, ruins, is where they were condemned.
Their lost souls now awoken, the bones have come to life.
Finding weapons and seeking, all those wronged them.
Slaughtering everyone, that comes within their path.
Slowly becoming stronger, with every life they take.
A rising force of unstoppable evil.
A bloody trail of flesh and skin.
Extreme pain that's forever Bone Spirit.
Tens of thousands lay dead, the victims of the bones.
The evil reign of terror, now controls the world.
Humanity enslaved, bred for sacrifice.
The evil lords will feed on, the remains of mankind.

7. Citadel

In the mist, the Citadel rises.
Surrounded by towering architecture.
Created by good, to imprison the evil that dwells in the night.
Escapees to the catacombs below
Remain in solitude and darkness.
Where they came from, these creatures they thrive.
Their only fear is light.
Insane rituals, spiritual bleeding, hacked to pieces.
The end is coming. Creatures of the night, malice rising.
Darkness overwhelming, the light will fade.
Insane rituals, spiritual bleeding.
Hacked to pieces, the Citadel will rise.

8. Demantoid

Primitive! Religion is fucked. Innocent people dying.
Why doesn't god save them? There is no god, you're all fucked up!
There is no God! Amen to no-one. Go to hell!
It doesn't exist, you'll rot in your grave.
No-one will save you, there is no light.
Maggots will crawl inside you. Day and night.
There is no god. Amen to no-one. Praise what lord?
You dumb fucking fucks! Amen to my shotgun.
As I blow you fucks up. Die!
Why do you believe such bullshit?
Open your eyes to some reality. Insecure lives.
Need something to guide you.
Give you strength, control your mind. Until you die.
Holy bullshit. There is no god!

9. The Revenge of Brown Benjamin

I turn you inside out.
Starting at your feet, finishing at your head.
You will scream as I tear muscle from the bones in your legs.
My claw hammer pierces your guts.
Then I rip it up along with your ribcage.
Lacerated skin, peels off as one.
Taking tendons and cartilage along.
Feel your loins disappear up your arse,
Then fall out of your stomach when I tear it in half.
I split your liver, with your tibia.
Shit leaks out of your guts, you half dead fuck.
Heart functions cease, no systolic or diastolic.
Lungs deflate when your throat is exposed.
Blood and pus pool is your empty torso.
Your brain will now die, because I will smash it with my dick.

10. Bury the Living

One dark night, I went out to kill.
Waiting for my victims to pass.
Lurking in the shadows I'd hide.
With my knife and the element of surprise,
Run from my killing.
I bury the living. Bury you alive. Leave you to die.
Chasing you down I pull out my knife,
holding it over an inch from your eye.
You twist and squirm and fight for your life.
As I jam the knife right into your spine.
Paralyzed from the neck down.
I throw you into a hold in the ground.
You're still alive as I cover your grave.
There you will stay as you start to decay.
Here... Awaken.
Spirits... Beyond death.
Life taken... and cast out into oblivion.


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