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"Promo '03" (2003 Demo)

1. One Summer Only
2. Love Chasing Demons

1. One Summer Only

She came with her eyes full of light
she melt my dark heart in one night
I felt summer on her shining skin
for a while I forgot my own sins

She gave me whole life in one day
with only words she said
c'mon live today

I knew her one summer only
and now I'm feeling so lonely
I miss her now she`s gone from me, baby far away
I believe she's in the angels arms
This autumn took her even It's so nice
I wonder when the sun will rise, again

Like a rain that fades the sun she disappeared from me
I know she's gone now forever but
she will take deepest part of my dreams
at the spring night when the leaves begin to turn green
I wish she would come with the sun and bring life back on me

Now summer's gone and so as she
with a tears I remember when she shined
she said come with me

2. Love Chasing Demons

So again you've started to regret, squirming with a sweat in your bed
and uninvited hell will take the place in your head
You thought its beaten but again
you'll light up the flames and lay
your hands on the cross
and see your world is lost
You get cold and cruel
it's reflecting back to you
Your eyes are no more blue
there's nothing you can do

Hide yourself away - in your own name
Runaway - she can't feel the pain
Hide your self away - in your loved ones name
When she's alone you can't ruin everything
and man, inside you still breath
Love can be bloody thing, it can kill everything
cant push it away, only push it in flames

Try to shed the evil out of your veins
but you know you'll loose it again
and now you can hear it clear
It's roarin' you know it's here
It's ripping your heart, it's stronger than love
Ripping apart, and push the pieces so far

You let the demons out
they come when you shout
You are carrying too much hate
it's feeding them so it's too late


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