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Shedded Blood

"Shedded Blood" (2007)

1. Forthcoming Pain
2. Revenge For Shedded Blood
3. Wrath
4. The Savior
5. First Step
6. Embracing The Death
7. Without Humans
8. Obscure (Bonus Track)

1. Forthcoming Pain

The sounds of the battle were spreading, the noises of the swords and shields were starting to increase in these desolate lands which no wind blew. These were the noises of the pain forthcoming...

A wicked army appeared over the hills with the dark clouds. they started to attack not long after. The houses were destroyed, the people were killed. The joy of destroying brought more of the strikes. Each move of their horses were the screams of damnation...

They had no pity for the ones who were weak and begged for mercy. The screams; covering the forest, the blood; becoming the earth and the swords and flesh; gathering as one...

They returned back to the hills when the suffering and the blood they spread had satisfied them. Death of the innocent people were what they gained. Death; all humans’ destiny...

And after the screams turned into cries and whines, the ones who were left behind alive started to swear for revenge.

2. Revenge For Shedded Blood

They should have avenged for the shedded blood. They gathered the dead bodies of their friends. The bodies and faces which were cheerful and happy once were now burning in flames. They were mourning...

They had sweared not to fight again but the gates of death were opened, the gates of violence and terror...

Vengeance filled the souls of the ones who sweared to live peaceful and calm. Their sorrow were getting stronger. Their need of avenge ...

As the days passed by ...

3. Wrath

The time has come now...
The time for revenge, the time for the wrath
They set off and searched for the ones who had brought them death
Their sorrow was so great that they searched straightaway.
They had to make them suffer,taste them the pain before they kill
The wrath...

At last they found the ones.
To destroy and kill...
Even though they knew that themselves were to loose.
Only the evil could win,Only the strong.
Though they knew,They were to die...
They wanted to die pacified,they wanted to die honored.

4. The Savior

He lived for only one thing;
To pacify the others,
For he knew death was the tranquility
He was living to give the peace to them.

He called himself the savior
But the others called him the slayer.
He was taking their lives
What really meant to exist though?
What would bring to live in this painful world?

He knew that there wasn't much to live for
That all about "the creation" was nonsense
And knew, the only meaningful thing was death during their lives
In this world full of wretchedness, abjectness
Where loneliness extinguished
Where the people decayed with suffering.
Yes he was the savior
Although the others weren't aware
Although they didn't know
He was a savior

5. First Step

Slay them,leave no one behind!
Put our sing on their dead bodies
Wash your hands with their blood.
Feel no remorse and leave no one alive!
Cut them into pieces,then burn them in our eternal fire
Crush them!

They dont know what they are against
Death will be their liberation,
And the pain will be their part
They cant escape from our wrath

After you have done what you have to
There must be only corpses and ashes remain,
An endless sea of blood!
Just show them our strength
Just burn them with our eternal fire

Swords and shields must rule
And we must reing!

Let the carnage begins!let the blood flow!

6. Embracing The Death

Death will be what we breathe, we will witness the terror.
We will hide our fear with making others suffer.
The massive sanctuary will be built;
As the humans and their gods will be burried,
With every step we take.

The sun will never rise again,
The wounds will not heal,
The blood will be spilled more
As the screams get stronger.
The swords sated wtih the blood...
In these lands pain will never end.

Blood had covered the goodness
Now the hopes were to die;
Rather than existing
In these pain covered lands

The spilling blood will never cease,
The screams will never end.
We will abate our rage wtih the death
After every life that is taken
The emotions will blacken

Our souls embrace the death now
Over the corpses as we pass silently by...

7. Without Humans

All in my life, i have traveled and now got tired, i have come to an end.
All i saw was a world better without humans...
The only piteous, miserable race amongst a million species.
The developed minds which also drag them backward.
selfish better without humans...

Death, one of the things they deserve...
Although they know; they will get it one day
They need for killing each other.
In fact they ruin themselves.
This is probably the only thing that doesn't change for centuries.

I had enough with seeing the same things.
If they will be continuing to live, i won't any longer.
At least not in the same world.

8. Obscure (Bonus Track)

We're dying in this world within this abyssal darkness;
World inside the continual obscurity; we inside the world both we're getting older,both we're dying...

We're killing the world, time is killing us.
The end of everything is known from its beginning...

Love and hatred, joy and grief.
Simple feelings which fade by time...

All will wither by time,time will die too when we die
only a deep darkness will remain
We're coming to an end in this deep darkness
The darkness; inside us, we; inside the darkness


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