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"Demo" (2006 Demo)

1. Immram
2. Of Wood and Blood

1. Immram

Upon the waves, the ancient's graves, thru tempest, thirst and plague
Beneath the sky of the maters eye, so grey, we sail for Eire

Blind, embarking in purple twilight, westward through the night
A shore to be reached, a battle beseached inside

In darkness the fearful sat beside themselves without a pride
a greater power guided, challenged, guarded the thresholds of thier minds

Lost are we who bask in comfort away from pain and strife
To reconnect, electrified by tales told in the pale moonlight

And then an island came in sight, a weary crews heart filled with light
until a scent of death blew east
bones strewn the shore for a raven's feast.

Our ship was thrown into the rocks, impaling three on boney docks
perhaps our fate was to be late
a grave at sea, merciful would be

FIRE ~ reigning from the sky
WATER ~ endless brime
AIR ~ parching, hot and dry
for EARTH we search and pray to find

Scorn ~ hungry and bleeding and left for dead
Hopeless ~ could we trust our mind?
Desperation ~ forced to feed upon the dead
Surely Hell is On This Earth!!

Wandering without direction betwixt insanity and a drowned hope for life
My boney hands, they held my face
A truth to us came at night.

Staggering we reached the western shore
Dying we faced our every fear
Regret then was meaningless
Salvation! A three skinned boat appeared!

Now we flee the west, having passed our test
the horrors beconed, 'join us' forever would we rest.

But nay, to our land we shall return to pass the stories on,
for all to fear, but forever learn.

2. Of Wood and Blood

By the light of the waning moon three sisters fly with the crow
upon wings born from esoteric spellcraft which few are to know
converging from different directions to weave a fate of woe
as cloud banks obscure all light from the world,
a witch's seed begins to soe

Of names unspeakable and strange
beguiling dreams with fear unknown
a whisper creeping like mist through the heart
of mortal dreams, her name you'll never know

This world of man's unrest, false gods they enthrone
as the forests, moon and earth gasp a vengeful moan

At the summit the cauldron stirred
Effigies of their leaders burned
a dark trinity turned to the sky
cursing all who walk the path of selfish human pride

As the dawn breaks through the clouds, a woman child i born
with a will of fire she walks the earth
a curse for a mortal's scorn

A destiny written of wood and blood

Now a young girl walks in the woods, and speaks to the ravens above
'I shall be the undoing of men'
She screamed aloud, and a clap of thunder unrolled
from that moment on was a destiny written of wood and blood

Her will was to know the land, and from its growth to master the magick
and pass into the nether forever!
mysteries held safe by the trees
as she passed into the nether forever!

Now she haunts the dreams of mortal men
her presence stabbing like a dagger of the blackest arts

Nevermore will the see her again
yet feel her caress as their last dying breath

A destiny written of wood and blood


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