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"Gylfaginning Demo" (2007 Demo)

1. Ginnungagap
2. Valhalla
3. Utgarda-Loki
4. The Death of Baldr
5. Home of Once Brave (Bathory)

1. Ginnungagap

Early of ages
When nothing was
There was neither sand nor sea
Nor cold waves

The earth was not found
Nor the sky above
Ginnungagap was there,
But grass, nowhere

Bright burning land
Realm of fire
Impassable flames

Dark World, home of Hvergelmir
Source of eleven rivers strong
Frozen ice reaching the south
To meet the warming winds
From the deep comes the likeness of man
Father of fell deeds

Ymir his name to be, first of the Jotun
Nourished by four great rivers from the Primeval Cow.

Fell fate awaits
He who soon will shape the earth

2. Valhalla

Hall of ancient warriors
Who fell with sword in hand
Strong and brave Einherjar
All-Father will greet there
Feast on the finest meat
Drink the mead of Heidrun
Glorious are all who dwell
Within those mighty walls


Sol, rise and give a new day
So that He may learn
All that happens in the world
Whether good or ill
Victorious feasts and tales of the past
Waiting for the day when
All are called and none shall remain
Within those mighty walls


Five hundred doors
and still forty more,
I believe, are at Valhalla.
Eight hundred Einherjar
will go together out each door
when they go to fight the wolf.

All prepare for the final day
When all fates are met
Such is their sport

All the Einherjar
in Odin’s home fields
fight among themselves each day.
The fallen they choose
then ride from the battlefield;
reconciled, they sit again

3. Utgarda-Loki

…and thus they were come to a great fortress standing on an open plain. A fell yet mighty air was about this place. They had at least reached Utgard, a stronghold of giants. Entering, they beheld a great hall. Inside, many large men sat in feast.

“News travels slowly from distant parts, but am I wrong in thinking that this little fellow is Thor the Charioteer? Surely there is more to you than meets the eye. Tell me, companions, in what skills do you think you are capable of competing? No one can stay here with us who does not have some skill or knowledge greater than other men.”

“I, Loki, will challenge thee
I am the swiftest eater here
Bring forth a trough of meat
Now, who will face me?
Now in the middle I see
That I am defeated
Though bones remain after me
Nothing I see in front of me.”

“Come, now, Thjalfi,
Let us race
Out on the plain
Of Utgard.
Three times I won
Now turn back
And accept defeat
At Utgard.”

“Bring forth the feasting horn
From which the Charioteer will drink.
I know you can drain this horn in
Three drinks and no more.
Should you fail, I shall not doubt that
You will fare well in other feats.”

“I cannot lift your cat,
Though I try with all my might
I cannot wrestle your old nurse
So steadfast is her stance.”

In truth, I am the forest giant
You struck mountains with your blows
Wildfire burned and mind did run
Thus came defeat to your friends
Though you drank you did not see
The ocean unending
The Serpent you lifted high
And old age you did fight well

4. The Death of Baldr

“In my dreams I see my fate
Life is taken from me…”
Thus there was an oath from all
Never to harm Baldr
But one was too young to take this oath…

“Take this bow as I guide your aim,
Even the blind may honour their kin…”
Thus was the bane of the beautiful God
There was much despair
That deed began the end of things…

“With such a fell time we are faced
One is to blame for what has become
Soon he will face a terrible vengeance
For all that he has done…
Grief overwhelms, the end of all things
Is now at hand as envy subsides
One must ride the road to Hel
If we are to see the fallen son again…”

Odin’s son, Hermod the Bold
Will ride as the wind
To the second son
Now prepared is a funeral pyre
To send forth all that was

Nine dark nights, the ride to Hel
Comes he to the hall at last

“O! Hel, I beg of thee,
By the tears of the Aesir
That you may let my brother ride
With me back to his home,
By guile was he taken from there…”

“This I say, if all will weep
Then I shall let your brother leave.”
Thus it was spoken that all things
Shed their tears in his name
But there was one that would not weep…

“Thokk will weep
dry tears at Baldr’s funeral pyre.
Alive or dead the old man’s
son gave me no joy,
Let Hel hold what she has.”

“Deceiver, no shape or hide
Can spare you from revenge,
You tread your fatal and final path
No mercy will you be shown.”

In this cave your
Evil is bound

“Bound by your own son’s
Guts you shall remain
Underneath the poison
Forever you will lie…”
But come will the day when bonds will break…

5. Home of Once Brave (Bathory)

Out of the water
The cold, black Nordic Sea..
Glistens towards eternal sky
The land lays open and free...
Up high, the mountains
Where the wind catches speed and chill
Snow storms are born
And rage loud through the valleys and hills...

Above, two ravens, messengers
Of the wise one eyed God
Who rules this land
Of the strong and the brave
And tall, beautiful
Behold this, thy land
Open and free
This, thy home of once brave...

Dark endless forests
Where a day has the shadows of night..
Snow covered wastelands
As grey as the eternal sky...
Now in the midst
Of this wild, this open and free
He placed my kind
To possess this, their land to be...

Above, two ravens, messengers
Of the wise one eyed God
Who rules this land
Of the strong and the brave
But now forgetting
To behold this, thy land
Once ours, once free
This, thy home of once brave....


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