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Thorns on the Black Rose

"Thorns on the Black Rose" (1995)

1. The Heretic Kingdom
2. As Hermits Return
3. Purity Of The Tyrants
4. December Thoughts
5. Ages Of The Reign
6. Thorns On The Black Rose
7. In The Circle Of The Kings

1. The Heretic Kingdom

Here is my kingdom
Eternal evil united, Ancient Powers enthroned
The clouds of ravens, wolves run
The loudest horns break the night
Eternity, the Queen of Mine...
The black horizon far away
Monuments die in the rain
The solitude captured in Fight
Thememories lost in present day
The castle, no human eye in the mirror
The trees standing in the rain
They are my guards, my warriors
And still remember
The lord has gone, someone captured the throne
The kingdom died, liars in misery cry
And in the sky
The eyes

The winged silhouettes

2. As Hermits Return

Tears of snow paint the landscape
Grey sands of desert in the sky
Rivers of lightings die in the mountains
Forgotten Hermits return from the hills

Winds of centuries announce the war
The Dark Land appears on the sea
The waves of tragedy come to the coast
Silent Hermits speak again

Silver of steel awaits the dawn
The sigh of the gallows follows the flog
Vultures feast on remains of holy poison
Almighty Hermits wage the war

In ashes of temples witches dance
I raise my spear in praise
The silhouettes climbing northwards
Fathers Hermits return to the hills

3. Purity Of The Tyrants

"And words of a thousand songs
Will not embrace days of glory
When we rise"

Forests of banners march

We will give spaces to winds
Gardens to deserts
Estates to the wolves

This river
Accursed is flowing from hills
In its mission - unbroken
In its purity - eternal
Like tyrants returns
Like old kings tragedies

But rulers die at a twilight

Among the stars
The gates of pupils are open

In purity we will serve
To start our reign
One dark day

4. December Thoughts

"We are the rolling stones crushing holy temples
Stones of your youth
we' are the dimension of searching
Dimension of your adulthood
We are the flowers on the grave
Flowers of your life"

I faced the hidden truth.
Yesterday is forgotten.

I am a warrior,
The Fight is in my veins.

"We are the flames in the heart
Flames of your desire
We are the red of eyes in darkness
The red of your Blood"

Oh, voices
Enter veins
Oh, thoughts
In Darkness Hidden Wine

"We are Power and Passion
We are Always"

5. Ages Of The Reign

Nameless as shadows they rule
unseen in Darkness
Shining in my eyes

Through Ages of the Reign
They seek the one who shall continue
The glory must be eternal own
In Darkness and in blindness

Enchanted in Gold they adore me
Hidden in steel they glorify me
Flowing in Blood they lead me

Nameless as shadows they rule...
Faceless conquerors...
One day on the horizon

United and strong
Thnough ages of the Reign they feast
Never fell down the swamp
In the shadow of an oak they teach
"...The echo of the time returns..."
"...The patient shall wait..."

My rose is black forever.

6. Thorns On The Black Rose

There, at the seas
Where I found the hidden gates
Where a breath of The Ancients was calling me silently
I felt the power of mine
"Release your madness" -I heard
My hate in chanis awaited

There, on the hills
Where I carved the first spear
Where The Ancients were looking in drowse
They rose the heads when I hit a heart first time
Eternal lust awoke to lead

There, in the woods
Where I've met the truth
Where the trees were chanting the songs of fathers
Suddenly the Might came
The chains were broken

Where I rose the sword first time
Bury me...

7. In The Circle Of The Kings

Oh, night, mother of stars
Where is your endless land
Travelling in time you vanish
And return from the Abyss
When I open my eyes

Oh, winter, mother of pride
The white blackness, the frozen fear
Black warriors, masters of white kingdom
The hidden power, the sword on the snow

Oh, dreams, creators of kingdom
The battle masters, the victory days
The night is life, day dwells in dreams
Day is a plan, night is the swordtime

Oh, heart of warrior, the zenith of evil
The gloom of dreams, axe of reality
The way of truth, the way where you're naked
Follow the serpent
It's the sign.


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