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From The Dark Past

"From The Dark Past" (1998)

1. The Kingdom
2. My Pagan Love
3. Whispering The Return
4. Hymn To Winter
5. Throught My Blood
6. Just Another Battle
7. In The Circle Of The Kings

1. The Kingdom

Following the ancient track
To the forest in fog
I hear the silent whispers on my way
Secret voice of my soul

Darkness is a beautiful woman
The mirror of my dreams
The colour of my towers
Gotmother of my sin

The crying trees I mee't on my way
Remind me the times of unholy wins
Silhouettes hidden in the blackness of a coat
The hair swinging in the wind

The lands of frozen seas
Those people are his might
Forgotten truths taught by Him
Forever to be proud

The cold drops of rain I feel on my face
Are like tears of abased one
Each one of them is like a thorn on my heart
Each thorn strong like power of my hate

The forests without return way
Their silence feeds the ears
The ancient king sorrounded by trees
Is rising in cries of false

I... put my feet on the unholy ground
Each step leads me to eternity
I feel the darkest gates are near
The horns are heard - the sound of darkness Wings...

2. My Pagan Love

Lost is the blood of mine
Dry streams of tears revive in faintness
'cause I
Have fallen first time

But broken heart of mine still beats
And soul awaken by lust returns
And I
Arise again to long...

And thoughts of mine arouse dreams again
And dreams blind by freedom run...
I know this route
Yes, I
Have returned
Returned to stay

And hands of mine so alive when I touch you
Sometimes lust is a power
And death escapes
Where I
Will be tomorrow

And then your cry arouses hate
And sword of mine looks for long hungry
Tired falls asleep again
And they
Will disturb no more

3. Whispering The Return

Only me and my sword
In the night
My infinite kingdom is rising again

I hail the ravens
Guard of my neverending spaces
And wolves - my horned orchestra

Long was my journey
Looking for the black queen on Temptation Thron
Now I'm here
In the kingdom where the Night never ends

I am the return
Of the Moon, Wisdom and Truth

4. Hymn To Winter

The silent cry of innocent woman
Sad whispers in the fullmoon night
Dark candles burning in the eye of the wind
Slow summoning still on the throne

Mournful chanting of alone in the night
The words of doom hidden in bonfire flames
The warriors of truth like the sands of desert
Cold wind like hammer for inquisitors...

The ancient snow with a track of naked foot
Remembers the times of victory days
Those ages passed but aren't forgotten
Dark winds are blowing again

The streams are flowing to rivers
The rivers are flowing to seas
Dark legions grow, deeply in soul
Like waters...
Like fright...
Like trees...

5. Throught My Blood

The moon is rising
Lord twilight won again
Through the forest I ride
Ancient warriors hail me in eternal pride
Mountains - omnipotent fortresses of Winter
Sleep in glory
I return to my empire
With victory, with darkness, in cries

My blood made the sunrise forgotten
My hate made it fallen to its knees

Now only the night will bring you silence
Only the sword will give you serenity
Blood is the most expansive

6. Just Another Battle

Where the cold wind brings the song of fate
And the evil powers wake up every night to rule
I stand on the hill
Mountains are trembling
Grey skies, moon is taking my hand

Proud warriors below
Cold steel of swords, awating
I rise my horn, the sign to fight is given

In the glory of Night we run
The clang of swords caresses the hungry soul
I feel the blood
The goblet of death is filling in
I rise my horn, the sign of victory is given

The madness sorrounded by gloom of tiredness vanish
Closed eyes, the Golden Gate is open
The same wind, memories, mountains
Two kingdoms become the one

7. In The Circle Of The Kings

Oh, night, mother of stars
Where is your endless land
Travelling in time you vanish
And return from the Abyss
When I open my eyes

Oh, winter, mother of pride
The white blackness, the frozen fear
Black warriors, masters of white kingdom
The hidden power, the sword on the snow

Oh, dreams, creators of kingdom
The battle masters, the victory days
The night is life, day dwells in dreams
Day is a plan, night is the swordtime

Oh, heart of warrior, the zenith of evil
The gloom of dreams, axe of reality
The way of truth, the way where you're naked
Follow the serpent
It's the sign.


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