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Sterilize and Exterminate

"Sterilize and Exterminate" (2002)

1. Holocaust the Heretic
2. Temple of the Crucified
3. Sterilize and Exterminate
4. Unholy Throne of Blasphemy
5. Hellbangers
6. Pagan Rites
7. Burning in the Void
8. Can't Undo the Damage Done
9. Outbreak of Evil (Sodom Cover)
10. Warmachine

1. Holocaust the Heretic

Valley of the kings-Overrun with gore
The world is witness-To holocaust once more
Bloodthirsty backstabbing whore race
Cursed to wander the deserts wastes
Descended of Satan, bloodline of Cain
All nations united against this plague

Holocaust the heretic
The Nile turns to blood
Holocaust the heretic
The desert starts to flood

Nuclear armageddon, megatons of radiation
Winds of death, blowing clouds of nerve gas
Ashes of sub-humans, deserts turn to glass

Embers burning once more, eternal as time
Fueled by hatred, annihilation of mankind
This bloodbath will never fuckin end
Satan's curse is now unleashed, Hell on Earth

Valley of the kings-Overrun with gore
The world is witness-To holocaust once more

Insatiable parasite unquenched by our blood
Heresy and blasphemy, master of slavery
The iceman will rise again
With fire and famine to slaughter their kind


2. Temple of the Crucified

Temple of the crucified, where the dead hang putrified
Come inside and witness the end of Christianity
Enter this unholy place of darkness and death
Strapped and nailed to a cross
Your deity is left to rot

Their souls are condemned to the abyss
For all the rest of eternity

The church has fallen into disgrace
All hope for your salvation has been stripped away
Sins of the father fallen on his sons
Now they have to pay for their blind loyalty
Your suffering will never stop even after you die
Your soul will rot

Jesus is no help to you pray to your god
You'll be tormented in the fires of Hell

(Repeat 1st verse)
(Repeat 2nd verse)

3. Sterilize and Exterminate

Survival is our only need
Must purify the vile plague
Sterilize the enemy
Exterminate the chosen race

The last dawn arises across the crimson sky
Graveyard of the living awaiting their demise
Prisoners of war marched through the frigid cold
Life flows from bullet holes into the blood red snow

Eugenically bred legions horde
March in death formation
Refugees forced on trains
Bound for deportation

Obscure sect malignant disease
Arrogence bred into their genes
Compelled by madness into paranoia
Polluted in blood parasitic disorder

Sterilize the enemies
Exterminate the chosen race
Sterilize and exterminate x4

Artillery and snipers a rifle butt to the head
Mass grave of twisted corpses caught in a hall of lead
Panzers advance the front lines cities burn in flames
Survivors get no quarter they'll all die in pain

4. Unholy Throne of Blasphemy

Sitting death decayed upon unholy throne of blasphemy

The staff he holds brings certain death a waste land where nothing is left

Legions of nobility-procreation of the obscene
Cast beyond the seven gates-forbidden realms of the obscene

Unholy throne of blasphemy crowned with scorn
Walls of deciet where corruption was born

Redeemer of blasphemy purifier of the human race
Unleashed vengeance mankind is layed to waste

A mask of "humanity" won't guard your life
These parasites will see the hatred in your eyes
Smoldering corpses blacken the sky

5. Hellbangers

Shredding guitars like a chainsaw attack
And thundering drums

Hellbangers Thrash on
Hellbangers Will rage
Hellbangers Thrash on
Hellbangers Can't be stopped

Black leather and spikes time for metal tonight
A wall of fuckin sound will amke your ears bleed
Bullet belt thrash at neck breaking speed
With ripping vocals and a pounding bass line


Like a freight train we'll plow through our songs
Gig after gig the show will go on
Bullet belt thrash at neck breaking speed
Down on the floor the Hellbangers thrash
Blood and sweat its metal mayhem

Have a beer and bring your friends
We're all thrashaholics its time for a shot


We'll play for you all night long
We're Nocturnal Fear Hellbangers thrash on
Our music is raw and fuckin pissed
Bullet belt thrash at neck breaking speed


6. Pagan Rites

Shadows rise in the graveyard mist
Names are written on the ancient list
The hooded one is cloaked in red

Pagan Rites-in the dead of night
Pagan Rites-grant eternal life

Can the fallen hear our voices in their graves?
We'll give them honor, we'll give them praise
They lived in valor in battle they died
Sacrifice the beast and strip off its hide

Spells cast in the midnight air
The witching hour is drawing near
The stone circle is where they stand
Demons rise at their command

Pagan heathen ancient superstition
Frightened by shadows and tormented in the fire
Rituals and ways all will be lost
All of them slaughtered in the sign of the cross

Pagan Rites Shrouded in mystery
Pagan Rites Hidden in obscurity

7. Burning in the Void

Beyond the gates hell awaits
Scene of bloody gore you're at death's door
Shadows in the deep the end is now complete
Baptized by fire beg for forgiveness but there is none

Kneel befire the master its time to be judged
Trapped in the abyss you must pay for your life
white hot embers burn away your flesh
Leaving you in torment that will never end

Legions of darkness will rape your soul
Minions of evil hell and brimstone
From out of the fire demons will rise
To torture your soul servants of the dark lord
Behold the misery burning in the void
Spirits of the undead burning with hate
This is your destiny, this is your fate

Evil incarnate born of hell
Spawn of Satan sworn to the black
Abominations ready for attack
For the souls of the fallen there's no turning back
Trinity denied in the realm of the dead
Bloody blasphemy sadistic intent dawn of decay
Your Armageddon has now begun
Legions of darkness will rape your soul
Minions of evil, hell and brimstone

8. Can't Undo the Damage Done

Verity burns like cinders in your hand
Submit to horror like nothing you thought or can understand
Once it starts how you thought it never could
Scars upon scars, searing pain never felt so good

Anger and rage, consuming your life
Descending further into your own hell
Is deception your only perception?
Is it deciet that fuels your beliefs?

Unstable personality on the verge of insanity
Unable to communicate thoughts to the world around you
In a fog the pain never leaves you
A constant struggle just to go on
It's like a pit you can't escape, depression sets in
And hold you in its iron grip, never let you go
Madness slowly taking over, and leaves you hollow

You You

You can't undo(x3), You can't undo the damage
You can't undo the damage done, emotional scars run too deep
You can't undo the damage done, until I forever sleep

If you look in my eyes you'll see I can't be healed
I feed on hate that grows inside me
In a fucked up state of mind, spiralling out of control
No remorse for the harm I cause

9. Outbreak of Evil (Sodom Cover)

It's time to die
Death stands behind the door
Satan sends his warriors
Demons break out of Hell

Shrill cries
Angel dies
Shrill cries
Outbreak of evil

With swords and axes
The fight hard
In a massacre
they feel the hot smart

None can survive
People will destroy
Souls like hell
Where demons make a toy

10. Warmachine

Violence will rain down on you death comes from the sky
Air strike overhead dropping bombs bring death
The ground troops move in atrocity of war begins
Murder and rape of the innocent victims of the warmachine

A blitzkreig attack with the fury of Hell
All guns a blazing slaughter them all
The ground troops move in atrocity of war begins
A bloody pile of human remains
Disfigured carcasses skin turns black
Murder and rape of the innocent victims of the warmachine

Our army marches across the land
You can't escape your destiny
When death comes a calling there's nowhere for you to hide
The screams of dying linger in the air
Blood and guts are everywhere bodies are on fire
Who said war is fair!?

Warmachine, keeps rolling on, warmachine, death to all
Warmachine, can't be stopped, warmachine, there's no remorse
There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide
When the warmachine comes for you!

(Repeat 2nd verse)
(Repeat 3rd verse)


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