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Imepending Hell

"Imepending Hell" (2006 EP)

1. Ignited Dreams
2. Ecclesiastic Termination
3. Merchant Of Blood
4. Thralled Servants
5. New Flesh
6. The Grimmest Emotion of All

1. Ignited Dreams

Abandoned by my own self
Lef alone in this inscrutable quagmire
When all the peons eminent
I must acknowledge decease

And when the time comes
Attempt once more
And withdraw
Forever in lastingness

Perpetually breathless to our kind
Gaspning decolorized vapid air
All throughout me
A mound of ignited dreams

Dreams that once seemed impending
Dreams that frenzied into sadness
Nightmares all they are nightmares
A nigrescent caliginous barren wonder land

And when the time comes, for my dreams
Attempt once more, ingnited dreams
And withdraw, the ignited dreams
Forever in lastigness, my dreams

Conspicuously I must be vanishing
But how? And why?
I'm my own exclusive downfall
All I am reflects you

2. Ecclesiastic Termination

I was standing matchless
All I felt, all I left
Was the agonized youth
Of your defiled dreams
And when the silence insists
My mouth dries out
I convey the myth
Of your first enemy

Pretending I was saved
Taking me into this world
Dead I was, in my head
My trust, was dead

Bring the misericord
Monastic fervor adverse
Bring the misericord
Monastic fervor adverse

Slavery for one prayer
Slavery for one god
Lucifer I must be saved
Bring oblivion to their race

Annihilation, destruction, darkness, extermination
Obliteration, ruination, dissolution, termination
For all of you god escorts, lower you demands
For this has come to be the end

3. Merchant Of Blood

Walking alone in this dark road, no fear
With waves of your distraction, my doom
Bringing alone the deception of ourselves
And together nothing more will dilapidate

No more of their glory
No more of ther eternity
I have seen I have bled
Impoverished my skin

Merchant of the blood, which I bled
Consumer of the strength, which I sold

The black boat at the coast
While the shining moon induces
The dark clouds targeting destination
A night full of own cynosure

A wait the son
A wait your death
Spirit of life
Fuck your self... And reborn!!

4. Thralled Servants

Your sweet eyes
Crying blood
Your sweet lies
Bearing doom
No more
No more
Jesus vassal
Jesus vassal

I am the only savior
Join me and be thralled

Behold, lord, your eternity
Has always been for you
Behold, lord, your eternity
You will never answer my prayers

Finding definitions to disgorge my hate
Mankind has reached a state of ignorance
They always have been carping
Shame of them and shame on you

Your state of decomposing
Makes me feel stronger
The millions of your servants
Make me feel sick

5. New Flesh

Vital Existence is what I represent
Expanding each word I learnt
Sometimes the blood misses the priest
The one that betrayed me for a cross
Souls appeared like nothing
Spinning around my aura

The momentum was created
The gates started to open
There he was Abaddon
Waiting for me
Creatures of night crawl to their tombs
We all go down first
There's no angel in earth
They shall be dead
Someone screamed from inside me
Back to earth or back to hell?

Humankind must Die

Past dreams, past fears
The demon, the angel

He Ambushes you everyday, eating your trapped soul
Abysmal pain for the ones that stole god words for gold
God himself had this pain, his words burned our witches in ancient times

New flesh
Humankind must die

Behind the wall that you created
There's something more than what you mean
Your kingdom dying is what I see
Your world is infested and you're no more

6. The Grimmest Emotion of All

How misdirected can I be?
Have I failed you in any way?
Don't want you anymore
My love is greater, I'm greater, I shall not need you

Thegrimmest emotion of all, I'll always fail since I'm mortal
Betrayed by whom I thought also faced god lies with wrath
I'll never learn, and will commit this same mistake over again
Since the hope never dies but never becomes true

Rejection and exact contrary over and over again
Will I find someone in the exact median?
The hope will never die but I will someday
May the hope, my writings and memory enamor thy witch

Come visit me on my grave, fear yourself on my mud
Immortalized my love will stay, God where were you?
Anticipate me witch, appear before my time comes to an end
Accompany my way ain't distant but pleasurable intense

Bringing a new homologous way of life
Connoting sunless skin, injecting adeptness to a soleness life
Already ded but born with coruscation
Visiting myself on the grave
I feel overwhelmed by your presence laying there


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