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The Last Rebellion

"The Last Rebellion" (2007 Demo)

1. Prelude - The Last Rebellion
2. Unholy Destiny
3. Legado Negro
4. Beyond the Earth and Universe
5. Carnal Massacre
6. Under a Funeral Moon (Darkthrone cover)

1. Prelude - The Last Rebellion

2. Unholy Destiny

I am declaration of war to your beliefs
I am the one who vomits on your god’s tits

I am the unholy black soul of death
I am the true anti-divine on earth

Your celestial kingdom shall fall
The new empire of shadows will born

Infernal legions will destroy your lands and temples
Only sacrifice and sacrilege will rule this new age

The blood of the thousand bastards shall be spilled
The unholy destiny of this world is about to begin

3. Legado Negro

Odio y desprecio a los cultores de la divinidad
Sacrilegio en actos de pura y blasfema maldad

Profanación y oscuridad es lo que voy a dejar
A las futuras generaciones que este mundo un día pisarán

Legado Negro (x2)

A través de mis malditos pensamientos
Se forjará un nuevo destino de caos

Este es mi testamento de tinieblas...
Para ser usado en honor a la destrucción
Del puto reino de los bastardos.

4. Beyond the Earth and Universe

“Outside of this globe
The cosmos shows the powerful force of darkness…”

In the darkest places of my mind
Visions of a darkened place appear again

A place of eternal majesty and loneliness
Where fallen angels scream
Looking for their home…

Beyond the Earth and Universe I remain!

All your gods and idols are nothing to this great infinite kingdom
Where stars never stop shining
With the true light of nature

Beyond the Earth and Universe I remain
With all my glory captured
In this astral empire

5. Carnal Massacre

Prepare for a carnal devastation…
My dick destroying your flesh…

You will feel the blasphemy
Growing inside your body
When my pagan force
Penetrates you!

Carnal Massacre!!! (x2)

Fucking in company of darkness and shadows…
Only lust and alcohol will be the law!!!

Feel my unholy fluids going through your veins
Fell the anti-divine values going inside your ass!!!

Carnal Massacre!!! (x2)

6. Under a Funeral Moon (Darkthrone cover)

On the day of my final sacrifice
The chilling steel open my veins
Blood staines my skin
Silver chalice must be filled

Drinking the poisoned blood
I enter my shadowed coffin
Two goathorns in my hands
I raise my arms and close my eyes
To receive the infernal hails
From my brother in the land of the damned

The howling wind blows in the naked trees
Moonlit fields are glowing in the dark
Below me, the path to the cemetary
Where my spiritual brothers take me

They halt at the shadows of an oak
My nocturnal funeral commence
Lying in my blasphemous sleep
I am lowered down to the pit

A raven sings my last song
As the wolves howl their goodbyes
The funeral moon glows strongly now
For I am nearly there

This night of late october
The darkside open it's gate
Morbid souls wait for me
- For satanic conspiracy

Flowers of doom
Rising in bloom
You will see
Our immortality!


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