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Last Day

"Last Day" (2001 Demo)

1. Black silent of night
2. Sand and desert
3. Nurse
4. Hollow of death
5. He died
6. Fear of the death part I.
7. Fear of the death part II.
8. Harmony of nature

1. Black silent of night

Silent of night float in empty world.

No light, only calm and the void.

This strange phenomenon doesn’t tell me nothing.

You only destroy me your nothingness.

You tratcherous silent.

Open your eyes and show me your face.

You don’t know whose you are and can’t smile.

Only you again black silent.

You hide only in nihgt and day destroy you.

You don’t know light, smile to your self,

You are happy and dark.

You’ll stay as you are,

Don’t change,

cause everybody know yours name,

black silent of night

2. Sand and desert

Above havently vault carried stellar

Dust like a thunder from the clean sky

The dust had a color like golden sand

From desert

The glittering, corns, of sand

The limpid drops of tears

The glittering corns of sand

Oh no, so quickly death

Under flowing stream of time

I find answear

The questions of tomorow doesn’t

Give me sleep

Perhaps I’ll discover what the other won’t!

Perhaps I’ll be the one

Time flies like deliver of sences

And I fly with him

My second ego is still young however

The flowing, corns, of sand

The flowing time

The flowing, corns, of sand

Oh no!!!

Everyone will die in a short time well

I would like to search for my past to find my future.

It isn’t possible are we all so young,

We are finishing our live

3. Nurse

Try to fall a sleep

They‘ll waken up anyway

They are here.

Why, why, why

Well you know what you suffere from schizofreny.

Try to sleep now.

Another sleeples nights

You grope in your sick

You see them again, you hear them again

Your world is in a puppets case

Each of them is smiling at you

Claun has big crazy eyes

Will you destroy your horrible nook?

Many voices in your head bowl you

Kill us wind won‘t blow us away

Kill us water won‘t how us away

Kill us fire won‘t burns up

Kill us belief won‘t save spon.

At the fatal nights

You grope in your sick.

You see them for last time,

your hear them for last time

Her world is in a puppets case

One oh them is smiling at you

Look at that horrible nook

Bloody look has your crazy norse

4. Hollow of death

I hard rear up my hands to sky,

My soul is rot, in it‘s resolution

My eyes can see fearfull phenomenon

Why i die in ones own image.

Dead is haunting me, every my step, WHY?

Hollow of death opens my hands

I‘m loosing my light, i see only darkness.

I face down, die alone and for you

My grave.

Darkness only darkness, no soul

I am alone and squeezing ones way in bush of horror.

Hollow of death can see to everyone.

Your body finish in the hollow.

Be afraid, you will suffer and roar.

Hollow of death opens.

Nobody hear your scream, vain struggle for your mounth.

Hold your faith and you‘re be the man,

Whitch you want to be.

You are that, what you are, the diffren you’re be only

When you fall to hollow of death.

5. He died

He died because he don‘t be able to carry

the feeling of murder


The operation of phantasm shaded his brain.

Time is working and ancontrolable situations

are grewing.

Illusions and ideas come back and group to mad


Flowes of blood, whith lakes between his fingers

and panic screm .

Of tolls, whith closed in memory they didn‘t

make him sleep.

He strust from last power to save.

One, two, DEATH FOR DEATH!!!!!

6. Fear of the death part I.

7. Fear of the death part II.

Wrath and rage, whitch eat away your entrails.

Their conteins is poison you.

You think about dead!!!

It don‘t do NO, NO!!

You have to be alive!!

Iddeas, rembrance, tears and falling of annety.

Disappoint is carry on, on every you step.

You are fall a steep full o grief.

Why, why, didn‘t you do more?

Question, whitch is rotate in your head like a season

Infirmity deprive of it is stranger then all elements of world.

Your intuition tell you: it isn‘t your blame.

Its only a bad dream?

NO, NO It‘s fact but WHY?

WHY you were think that live is only slight and easy game.

But this game is difficult, difficult and finish by dead.


8. Harmony of nature

Sun is opening eyes over horizon

It‘s abording cobwebs by glitter of pearls.

In tops of trees is sonnding messengers

melody of romantic tones.

Powerfull man servant of nights, cool is

turning into misty haze.

Behind his pall is opening world of

beauty and silence

There‘s sounding just wind and quite

step of animals.

Futality of things and the void of world

Is overshadowed by harmony of nature.

Between monotonous verdure of confiterous

And grey of rocks.

Rapid and falls are springling white foam

And conjuring limpid pools

Under booming hootsof wind, wood gets thing

Low twisted trees are standing here

As a witnesses of harsh fight with elements

Fatality of thing and void of world

Is overshadoved by harmony of nature.

Hurry up over frontiers of neverending jungle

Grey and gigantic ruins.

Break dark cover above rest of nature

There harmony is slowly fadding out.


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