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Black Blood Vomitorium

"Black Blood Vomitorium" (2000 EP)

1. And You Will Live In Terror
2. They Dwell Beneath
3. It Lives In The Woods
4. Black Blood Vomitorium

1. And You Will Live In Terror

Blasphemer, crucified like a
Religious icon from the past
Buried secrets of Eibon, Unholy
Plague Room 36
Fatal reaction upon mortal


Seven gates to Hell, sealed in
Seven cursed places, eternal
Madness conveys the sins of humanity
Drowning in a sea of darkness
Schwiek lives


Only blinded eyes, can see
A future of nothingness, a
Gateway to the end and all that
Man has known, and you will live
In terror

And you will live in terror...

2. They Dwell Beneath

Existing through damnation
Dark angels sing their praise
Souls of endless hate
Crowning their god of pain

Spawned at the dawn of time
Condemned at birth living far below
Travel as the worm

Nocturnal eyes to guide
Long buried and forgotten
Necromantical beasts
Consume the dead and rotting

Crucified human damnation as the
Soilent demons breathe dawn
Of the ancient ones apocalyptic


Desolate angel born of hate
Free to roam, Impending fate
Rise above funeral Nation
Enter the kingdom
-children of abomination

3. It Lives In The Woods

Impaled by a shroud of light
Sacred words, slowly spoken
New moon reaps demonic awakenings

Obscure rite of passage
Unify the circle of Black
Ghouls of Uncreation
Evoked from sins of the past

Entering your body to control
and possess
It Lives in the woods

Transformation human to beast
Candiru forces consume what
The forest has unleashed
Withered remains, summon
Extinction, suffer their burning
Touch, the woods are alive
We now become one
Join us

Nocturno Demondos

4. Black Blood Vomitorium

A Black shadow guides my way
Sulfur burns my eyes
Macabre visions dull my senses
I walk through the gate
Consuming my soul, cleansing the
Pain of life
Orgies of deprivation, mutation
With the beast, born under the
Morning star, hymns of the locust
Swarm turn to deafening screams
Of unnatural lust, the smoke of
Burning angels provide an incense
Of grandiour, animated corpse like
Creatures vomit forth a black elixir
of unlife, I drink from the skull
Goblet of Christ denied enter
the paradise of pain. I am home!


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