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Seven Ways to Die

"Seven Ways to Die" (1998)

1. Pride
2. Wrath
3. Envy
4. Greed
5. Lust
6. Gluttony
7. Sloth

1. Pride

I'm walking through the darkness, I see
A light is coming briskly, and to see
It again is my desire,
but it passed away

No hope, no even death,
Corrupted souls-I'll pray for you!
The fortunate took my throne away
My friends, my dreams, my hope,
so I'm alone

I'm sad 'cause I know, I shall never
bring it back
The forest is so dark and deep
So I lost the way

Inside my world of pride
I looked down at the others, but now
Their destiny is mine
The fear killed my heart,
it almost stopped

I've reached a door, I had to open it
I left my fear. A hesitation?
It's not the time
I've entered. What I see?
I see the mournful souls
no sense of sin

I hear different languages
A scream-terrible and wild
words of sorrow
Anger, wheeze and splash of hands
Mixed together with the dark

Say farewell to sun and sky
You should be ready for the
Darkness, heat or awful trost
So I've rembered for my
one-time life?
I gave no hand, no hope, no help
to anyone

2. Wrath

Staying in the dark room
Surrounded by visions
Agonizing your sick mind
Unhappy thoughts swimming free
Destroying the last ray

The sorrow and the pain
Can't delete the past
So wonderful and full of dreams
Thoughts of mind to last

The hope which could save
You from the anger you hold
An earthquake inside your soul
Break down the mercy and give up
To your feelings.Become wrath?

Strength will sweep you away
Like a hurricane I see in your eyes
tears of pain
The time will not turn back
The memories stay in your wrath
So strong in the anger you hold
Nobody's like you in the world

This power will lead you forever
Covering your skin in leather
It suffocates your smelling breath
And throw you in the trash of the death

3. Envy

Another life, another death
another dream
A family that Iíll never have

We see the sin in every corner
In every home that we create
A sin against the sin

The lonelines fill up thr emptiness
In my soul never fading away

Sorrow and pain
But maybe thatís better

Let the heart suffer today
Taking away your happiness
I want to have it forever
Your envy corrode all

Affected I feel involved in myself
And donít trust in anybody whoís
going to hell
Itís better my life never to be born
A soul convicted to suffer
Ainít save no world

Burning of desire to be another man
So nice like a Princess in the tales

A hateful rain never stops in me
Push me deep inside my sore
that hurts me

4. Greed

Youíve got user to have
Everything you wanted to save
But the iron curtains of you
Wishes will drop someday

Is the bread kissel for you?
Or the honey is not enough to you?
You have an eager glance
To the other sweetly cask

Keep your desire for food and money
Never give it to the other honey
You gotta clear up your debt?
To the workd and out of spase

Itís for sure that youíll never
Bring it to your death forever
The devil faslls toward on your knee
Just to change yopur destiny
You trust him like a man
Without a sin
Showing him a face with a big grin
Whatís the meaning of your life?

To feel your soul of passionate love
Or to believe that youíre God?

Lay the axe to the root of the greed
And youíll never hear its killing beat
The soilís gonna fret this iron
And the greed in your soul will
rot silent

Intoxicate mind stir up trouble of you
Think better of the nonsense you do
Rescue from the clutches of the sin
Forget what you have ever been

5. Lust

Thoughts sweeping away,
the common sense
Continence-unmeaning word,
striked out
And buried deeper somewhere
The waves of passion
dominated the body
Making it shaking and
tearing in pieces
The common sense
Passion, madness, desire,
out of control
At any time you need them all
Everything that you need at any time
Is this a craziness?
Don't lead astray your self
Come and taste me deep inside
Like the nail pierce the coffin
of the continence
The pleasures are to each other
Trust me it I want something I have it
No matter with fetch, no matter
with power
Neither grumbling every night
and every day
It he only reaches out his hand
to touch me
I run away like burned from fire
And I don't liy down till you pay
Then you can have fun with me
Laying down wounded and terrified
Destroyed of your own carnal desire
Thousands of sores and blood
on the wall
I see your face spreaded on stains
Your body's around cut info pieces
The seventh gate now is your home

6. Gluttony

Holding the knife the choice is yours
Which part to start to cut
One pound of flesh, no more, no less
But only food
A heart like bar, of ham and pap and
sluggish flesh - only flesh
Lone is the way and hard that out of
hell leads up to light

Piece by piece of your own flesh,
maturate destruction
Satisfying your own self, the end is
coming soon

One pound of flesh, no more, no less
No bone, no cartilage, but only flesh
You are in command of the parade
But youíre under my order
What I say is what become
Will you try to change it,
detective Mills?

Divine comedy or end
of your life-tragedy?
Here is coming leading to the outside
of another life
pain and suffering with no borders?
Fear creeping through every fible
of your body

The evil that is a point of view
God doesnít choose when he is killing
Iíll give you right for choise
that I donít have
Take the enter in an unknown world
A mysterius place, a filth beyond
the real
A pain verging on the pleasure-fetch
your roots to me

Live to eat the sense of life, thereís
no any other kicks
Devour till blow, 12 hours gluttony
When itís full and your life is done
Do you feel better with the death
Deep inside you

7. Sloth

Above me clouds squeezing thr rain
Iím layng down feeling no pain
The indolence conquered my weakness
And I devoted my life to laziness

The powers above are talking to me
How I can set my rusted mind free
Shall I listen to what theyíre saying
Sickly defying my reviving

The groung is drinking
my body warmth
And the wind blowing its biter cold
I find myself in carnal pleasures
Opposed to the human consciousness

Making ni movement in time
Itís great pleasure of mine
Iím the long hand of the clock
Stopped at the hour of the sloth

Iím wrapped in a follicle
Casted of iron stitches
That in the past have made my witches


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