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"Memories" (1995)

1. Eternal Delay (Intro)
2. Embrace
3. The Lowest Heights
4. From Within
5. Messenger
6. Crossroads
7. Marked for Delete
8. Confession
9. Memories

1. Eternal Delay (Intro)

2. Embrace

Take my life and show me a place
with a red sky above it
take my eyes and make me see
life is misery
take my hand and i will
come with you-the dreams
comes true
take my dream and i'll be free
ride against the wind
if i die, as i fly in the sky
ocean of lies
take my lips and kiss your cross-
the false crucifix is lost
take my heart and let it bleed-
full of agony
take my soul and talk to me-
words of majesty
take my face and put in your mask-
no matter it hurts
can you see in the crystal ball
my future
can you see behind the mirror
my image
can you see in your eyes
my destiny
can you feel the flames that
burn in me
arms of madness
embrace me eternally
safe mi from emptiness
and open my door(to eternity)
so brutaly you take my mind
so easily gave my life
embrace my soul tnside
and kiss me for goodbye

3. The Lowest Heights

Repulsive face of human race
wrapped in pain and bloody lace
here everyone gives you and hand
the other wants to break your neck
so many smiles i have been given
so many lies i have forgiven
but i have sropped to give a damn
and search on junk-yard for a clear land
what's live?i need an answer
what's me? in this reckless fight
i know , i'm an advancer
who tries to climb the lowest heights
the death knocked on my door
ahe ask me can i sold my soul
i said what you offer mi im trade
i offer you to marry me
i'm not a poet or a teacher
i'm not a god-damn lying preacher
i'm black cloud right before the sum
a joker sick of having fun
a story told a thousand times
is like a poem out of rhymes
so close your eyes and you will see
that words can't tell you what you feel
and then i stand i have no choise
i knew my soul is lost forever
my body is empty my eyes are blind
i can't see now my lowes heights

4. From Within

behind the gates of mind
begins the lies, the truth is art
i fell the pain inside
my soul cries, i want to die
life and death the end
of the begining
from within soul and
heart are bleeding
my face you will not see
hipocrisy for you and me
i'm master of my life
which is the best to life or to die
i'm the death, i'm the life
where do you come from
here you die!
show me the way, show me the sign
when day is a night and
sun never rises
when darkness fall for me
before the life the death
will comes
into the pits of mine dreams
i see the hope that was
never born

5. Messenger

last night i got a nightmare
and it was nothing new
i feel a little earth quake
on stable ground i stood
my mind was like an abyss
where all i knew was lost
i couldn't overcome this
next coming of the ghost
in this life i felt damned
and pain burning in my heart
when i woke next morning
armageddon has began
i'm out of mind, it isn't me
person that i've never been
i'm out of mind, it isn't me
but only then, i'm free
i'd been a scapegoat
when pain obess my soul
looking for a man like me
to hold his dying hands
one nights, i hate all jewish
the other i'm a monk
and i have seen how perish
atlantis continent
i told you bout what happens
deep there in my mind
i say i'm new messiah
they say: i'm a fallen angel

6. Crossroads

So many questions i have in my head
i have and answers, but they're incorrect
i've god a torch i have to find
and shed some light in my own mind
who will come and move me
from the middle of the crossroad where i stand
who will come and show me
which's the right way of the crossroad of my mind
bread or stone is what i eat?
hell or eden i defeat?
someone made me stop to think
blood or wine is what i drink?
don't even try to make me smile
when tears are falling from my eyes
don't even try to make my fly
i lost my wings up in the skies
what so beautiful in life?
dark or light, blue is the sky?
motley flowers and buteerflies
i compare to shit and flies
if life and death are all the same
ahy we're to do it all again?
why i was boen if i would die?
when i stop to ask you "why"?

7. Marked for Delete

Your consciousness's broken inyo pieces
and dying, turning, over into dust
a painful mode to die unnoticeable
i'm killing you-to be able to exist
the life's door stays in front of you
and evil's shadow is behind it
you want to die lying on my kness
i want you dying in my hands
pain drawing its sign on the deadcorpse face
fear lives in his sleep
his thoughts are unknown against you though
your corpse won't be drop by me never
my way is long, endless and endless long
my life inside is shoking
look at and your thoughts release
i want you dying, in my hands
don,t crush your body into pieces
take in reality and feel up life
death is slowly sepolting you
be ready for another life
you want to catch away the devil
you want to break yourself in pieces
look at me and remember this image
i'll be with you, don't be afraid of death

8. Confession

Every night i feel i live again
only then my life is full of strength
darkened sky is like a skreen
where i see something that i've seen
obtrusive memories from other live
obtrusive memories of black and white
my dreams are turning in reality
they are obtrusive memories to me
and them the evil beasts is free
because the devil lives in me
no witches, wizards, magik sticks
the devil shows his bloody tricks
the holy office, vietnam
where people dying hand in hand
cause there is no worse disease
than man who makes a man to bleed
soon life will be an everlasting night
the demons hunt the smallest light
then i will lay and rest in peace
and see something that i have seen
i'll be the master of the night
on angels wings my slaves i'll ride
i chose my life to be a dreams
where laughing dies in bloody screams
white angels versus ouls of black
vices the virtules will attack
the life is like a game of chess
where only losers are to rest

9. Memories


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