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Creation of Darkness

"Creation of Darkness" (1994)

1. Under Rule
2. Forces of Evil
3. Are You Ready For?
4. Eternity
5. Insanity is What I am?
6. Creation of Darkness (Instrumental)
7. Immortality
8. Mortify
9. Die in Your Dream
10. Necromancer
11. Another Life

1. Under Rule

Look at me-i'm The face rules
your life
Follow me-i'm The dark, where
all is night
Comme to me-Don't be afraid,
i will show you night
A place from which no return
Beyond life, beyond death
Penetrate in your bran
I rule this game
Believe in me-what do you wont
will give you sing
Trust in me-don't be fool,
i, never hold lies
Give in me-your heart and soul-
and i'll make you fine
Bleed For me-Let your blood
go agony it's time to die
Words of Evil, Temble fear
I dety Against your nausea
Pray if you want, martyr
of doom
I am your Load and you are

2. Forces of Evil

In one dark night, black soul
come flying from hell
Represetative of eternal evil
The rack extending to destroy
your self
Thunder and lighting created
his birth
The sadist extending
on the wold
Chop up the body piece by piece
Pull out the guts lenead them
The head ugly chopping
With blunt rusty cleaver
You see your end is near
Sadist is the danger in your eyes
Tonight the evil start to rise
Now you are covered with blood
When he hitting your face against
the wall
You are dead in name of hell
Your soul is out of the corpse
The death is your saviour
You bloody gore is dripping
in hell
he can't do nothing to you
Only will crash your brain
Your gut's slowly dripping
Your flesh is from
Your soul is his

3. Are You Ready For?

Morbid, evil visions
Filled your insane dream
Torment, four razor's
hand hold with hate
Bed, altar of sacrifice
Pain, frozen scream
Trapped in your troath
Are you ready now?
Mask covered with blood
Soul obssessed by wrath
Faces of children-shadows
of death
Sleepless night-reality
One, Two-close your eyes
Three, Four-come to me
One, Two-close your eyes
Three, Four fuck with me

4. Eternity

Dark thoughts cover your mind
Separate realy enters your brain
Thrown pieces of body
Mask, shadow, damnation
You feel the pain tears
your body
Your blood spill out for me
I rule your mind
Our tombs-ways to eternity
Eternity-alone or real
And see the eternity
Harmony, chaos, agony
Die and don't exist and more
Life ended long ago
Here my way separates
of yours
Your dream continue
under the dark
Dead, sepultured forever
Open your eyes
Dispersing-gong out of you
Death hides in the silence

5. Insanity is What I am?

Panic, Dementia, Schizophrenia
Thoughts obssessed by hate
Sickness, Surgery, Necro-Athropy
madness pumping in veins
Twisted face under mask
Twisted flesh sathan's lust
Haunting the ends of my brain
Insanity is what i am
Eternal Damnation
Eternal hate
Endless torment
Infernal hate
I'm dead inside, I fuck my mind
Lost soul-deadly Convulsions
Lost Dream-Frozen Iliusions

6. Creation of Darkness (Instrumental)

7. Immortality

Enter my realm of madness
Beyond the gates of your mind
Dancing with pain and evil
Days turn into nights
Idecide my destiny
But evil rules my life
Scared brain in agony
soon i will die
Immortality-his breath lives in me
Immortality-Unfolds my destiny
See you in next life
See you in hell
The curse of life
Win take my soul in hell
Behind the crucifix
You will find
Master satan rise
Immortality-his breath lives in me
Immortality-Unfolds my destiny
I survive eternaty
Life means nothing (for me)

8. Mortify

You lie drugged with closed eyes
With cold touch of death pet your body
Thoughts for the others side
Burning in your mind
Fucked soul, forever buried
I take you, you give to me
Your destiny is in my hands
Fall to your knees
You are cought in deadly trap
Hell is your last home
Searchine safe, you runnine
through the endless maze
Eternal terror, no exit-i'm here
Frozen, protrudine eyes
Looking with horror the death
Prayers for mercy
Fuck your words
I live, your die

9. Die in Your Dream

Open white eyes
Anger broke everything
I'm agaunst you
dead but dreaming
Die (as you sleep with me)
in your dream
Hate for life
Vision in the shining
love will never be to see
hate will never die
deadly scream in unknown eyes
Reality-the truth of life
And breathe her breath
The book or life
Epitaph of death
I'll be endless
I'll be in you
I'll drink your blood
As you bleed for me

10. Necromancer

Covered with dark
Dressed in black
Rising from grave
He know unknown
Vision from past
Image from future
Voice ot hate
Killing thoughts
Soulless deceased
Searchine for salvation
Mindless human beings
Screaming for help
His home is necrokom
Filled with spells
Blood dripping from the walls
Freezing breath of death
Toward the eternal life
To life immortal
Trust me, truth, deceive
Death is now complete
Playing souls from past
All hope is lost

11. Another Life


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