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Encircling The Mysterious Necrorevelation

"Encircling The Mysterious Necrorevelation" (2005)

1. Necroccultus
2. Descent To Requiem
3. The Necrosphere Within
4. Mirage Of Death
5. Into The Veils Of Damnation
6. In The Darkest Region Of Dead
7. Enter The Ominous Mausoleum
8. Unleashed Doom Conjurations

1. Necroccultus

Caressing the silent whispers from the underground
where the deadened bodies dwell

Revenge for those who died, no mercy for those who is evil
Utter dark journey, ride the dark side
the last soul's wrath preparing to rise...


Nocturnal flight, where shadows grow longer
and inthe reign of fulmoon creatures fall
A distant symbol of death, dark is the path
With a pungent stench in the fuckin' macabre end



Open the macrocosm infinitus and angels appear
This old secret got lost to universe lords
They said the man stand tall on ancient dark thrones
I shall only stand awaiting the final occultus call

2. Descent To Requiem

The gloomy sky eclipsed by a mist of dark funeral
Onto the rotten ground necroccultus arises through the epitaph
Floats and bring us death the chapel in the hate forest
the time still runs and the coffin's waiting...

He want to mummify your corpse for the future to find
into the grave, blood, wrath and decay...

Descent To Requiem - clouds of darkness that decay
A lullaby breaking the dead candles
Bringing the truth - death resurrection!
Bringing your fear - death manifestation!
From the winds of a cenotaph winds

Descent To Requiem - peace in your soul will never be found
Doom predictions - surrounding us to requiem of death...

And the shadows at the gate to the secrets in the sarcophagus
Peace shall be no more, now wake up death!
Cold mausoleum is pure of the evil... that there thrives!

3. The Necrosphere Within

(Chorus I)

Open the doors beyond the darkest sky
dreamly dead. I behold the divine spirits world
the temple of final ascending liberation
won't answer our tall...I call upon thee
I'm standing alone through migthy death...

Let the moon bewitch us in the embrace of the blackened sky
entre the nauseating stenche, before our sparking eyes
beyond the grave returns pour soul, masshomicide of mankind

To your gods now pray, at the top of the city of the damned deads
inside your mind and soul now scream, in this place of unreality
tonight your face your death, all hope of life and joy

NECROSPHERE WITHIN, behind the sepulcral spheres
a voyage in purple visions, morbid visions of gore
undead messiah is here, sorrounded by my real dreams
remember yourself in fear, leftovers humans entombed in...

(Repeat chorus I)

United with my darkness
I open the doors to the reality
on desolated land the glory of death
the elder reign of pain...THE NECROSPHERE WITHIN!

4. Mirage Of Death

Into domain of those night storms
in a maze of desolation darkened torment-holocaust
angels are whispering and seeing our ceremony of doom
I'll travel down again into the mirage of death

Hellish noises follow us
through the moon's reflex
the dark veil of almighty lord
dreary death speaks to me
the images of terror now you see
and divine is your soul on fire

(Chorus I)
Festering plague-on desolated land
at this vision-of repugnant gore
severed body-left for dead
disembowelment-brutal carnage of human remains
mirage of death-reaching the lord of decay
mirage of death-floating the visions of hate

Betrayed by life bloody mankind dies in pain
and finally meets the lord of eternity
through gloomy mist I behold the mirage
a rotten smell in the plagued necrosphere
dark where the thorns of the world's end
at last rule my cold desires for the very last time...

(Repeat Chorus I)

5. Into The Veils Of Damnation

The nocturnal veils of damnation
awaiting in our reign of death
evil dreams of mortals enclosed in living fire
the ravens as they fly through my doom
into the veils of damnation...

Conjured by torturous life times
the curse of the cold winds-old winds
only whispers floating over the eternal darkened sky
the summoning of hatred shadows-they sought return!
for this night shall the mortals die
through the veils of damnation...

Spilled the blood-on ancient symbols
under warriors moon-visions never seen
protesting their fate-and reaching the brutal voice
unleashed hate and anger-by highest realms of chaos

Landscapes of rotten earth-flesh descomposed!
cremate the souls of blind believers
past fields of blackest dust before my eyes
our mind united...the dark and cold...onto the other side

(Repeat Chorus I)

An evil race is unboked for ancient times
so dark, so true and forzen my cold desires
under necrostars arise the horror creatures
upon fire for this night shall the mortals die!!

6. In The Darkest Region Of Dead

...We shall across the red blood rainbow, it floats!
...and in the ancient necromancy, we float!

Grotesque abyss, the next reign of pain
I confess all my horrid prime abhorrence
weeping upon gloomy earth, fallen in cryptic sorrow
the darkened angel's legion, show us the morbid way to die!

(Chorus I)
Beneath the bleak fullmoon, human souls have taken away
the supreme sideral force of occult elohim
will walk in the dying earth
unholy evil pestilence plagues the life
become the darkest region of dead!
and the dense night is running into the very last twilight
behold the darkest region of dead!

They're whispering into the shades of necrofog
a terrible incantation beyond the mortal spheres
the last upcoming devastation in a land of nocturnal spells
dwelling the inframundis presence, living hell within!

...and the angel of death comes to take our way
...and in the ascention of eternal darkness...

(Repeat Chorus I)

7. Enter The Ominous Mausoleum

...feel the cadaveric mystery...
corpses bloodstained-shattered mortal remains
pus, gore splattered-absorved from the graves...
...enter the ominous cold gates of terrible dimensions...


Ghostly voices of torment will resound
sepulchral growls reclaim their throne
through martiyrizer supreme fear
gloominess silent is the night fall


Underworld from the ancient dead's city
spectres dancing on the putrid flesh
the horror of the whole world in decay
losing control, liberation of old chaos-old death

Beyond madness in depths of obscurity
so below inside the labyrinth of astral light
dimensional gates allude the creation to eternity
doomsday will appear eat the carrion of faith

It's the time of worms-maggots and the lost of souls
this opened musty coffin, deep inside the prime holy death
impious horrible punishment from the eternal disgrace
empty empire's condemnation just hear the chant of old spirit...

(Repeat Chorus I)

8. Unleashed Doom Conjurations

At the darkside of lunatic astral forms
they spawn a bloodred sea through seven occult stars
they're surronding by agonies-power untold
beyond the endless ancient circles of these aeons
...Unleashed doom!., unleashed darkest holocaust!.

(Chorus I)
Divine revelation-in nomine elohim chiim
influence of macrocosm-per firmamentum vitae spiritum
key of occultism-dominus tetragammaton templum

Arch-angels, seraphic let me immortal like you
as I open the gates to your fourth dimension
blood, flesh, bones and intestines in repugnant decay
arise the nocturnal presence to conquer the man's fear...

(Chorus II)

Unleashed astral night-omnipotence secrets
faithful our future-conjurations in the crescent moon
and engenders a new realms-domination of the ancient race
are becoming the doom to beginning
when shadows grow longer

(Chorus III)
Old damnation is near in the heart of eternal duality
crawling immortal spirits from the united four elements
I still hear the wisphers of the wind
the elder reign of dead, lead us into the gates of rapture
and other dimensions

(Repeat Chorus I)

(Repeat Chorus II)

(Repeat Chorus III)


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