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Noise For Music

"Noise For Music's Sake" (2003 Best of/Compilation)

1. The Kill
2. Scum
3. You Suffer
4. Deceiver
5. Hung
6. Antibody
7. Unchallenged Hate
8. Siege Of Power
9. Greed Killing
10. Suffer The Children
11. Mass Appeal Madness
12. Next Of Kin To Chaos
13. Judicial Slime
14. Lucid Fairytale
15. If The Truth Be Known
16. Plague Rages
17. Social Sterility
18. From Enslavement To Obliteration
19. Low Point
20. Contemptuous
21. Diatribes
22. Chains That Bind Us
23. Armageddon x 7
24. Breed To Breathe
25. The World Keeps Turning (EP Version)
26. The Infiltraitor
27. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
28. The Traitor (live at The Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 1/11/86)
29. Abattoir (live at the Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 30/3/86)

1. The Kill

There's nothing to gain
You have just been led

The kill, after death, the kill

The shit you were promised
Means nothing now you're dead

The kill, after death, the kill

2. Scum

In your mind
Nothing but fear
You can't face life
Or believe death's near

A vision of life
On television screens
An existence created
From empty dreams

Hide behind T.V.
Hide behind life
You should be living
But you only survive

Life holds nothing
But pain and death
Don't look for love
There is none left

3. You Suffer

You suffer...
But why?

4. Deceiver

Becoming weary of your lies
You disguise the truth belies

Only fooling yourself

Pretend to bite the hand that feeds
But you won't discard your security

The transparency of your fantasy

5. Hung

Downwards, downwards-
Life's spiraling descent.
All love is lost.
Premature and unreasoning.
Perversely chained without any values.
Wretched, degraded.
Take it all on the chin.
To forever hold my piece.....
The reins turned noose pull taunt as I fall.
The figment is more painful than the fact,
And I'm the one to hang, just for being me!
The murky clouds wash, solace comforts me not,
And I'm the one to hang, just for being me!
Black numbing blanket smothers attrition once and for all.

6. Antibody

Showering with your respect
Luring all with trinkets
Benifits are in effect

Take time to reflect
on all true commitments
Now the big-noise reject

Communication breakdown
You shrug off the resolve
Riddle with the cancer
How does your life revolve ?

Loser of integrity
Antibody gives new release
Relieves the pain of being sincere
Important to maintain the ties
Mentor in the public's eye
Scandal could expose the lie

A shadow of your former self
reaping the rewards
no scam too outrageous
when there's more
to be fought for

Poisonous snake with a persuasive gaze
Predatory guru with promises of gain
His antibody is a painless extraction
of all the principles he once stood

Fast On

7. Unchallenged Hate

A chronic complaint of dimness
Prevails your profound ideology
A romantic vision of a "master race"
Attained through coercive forms of authority

Your observance is negligence
If you see the threat from different cultures
We're all in this sinking ship
All of us together

Where does the white man stand?
Where does the black man stand?
Where do we all fucking stand?


Look into yourself
And you'll find the real oppressor
To a life of unchallenged hate
It's you who's the nigger!

8. Siege Of Power

Siege of power
In your land
Too many problems
For you to understand
Siege of power
Inside your mind
Outward restrictions
To keep you in line

Siege of power - in your land
Too many problems - for you to understand
A slave of their power - you never question why
Your going to suffer - you're going to die

Siege of power - inside your mind
Outward restrictions - to keep you in line
You're a slave of their power - you never questioned why
You were made to suffer - you were born to die

Siege of power
They made you a tool
While others were ruling
You were being ruled

9. Greed Killing

The wrong time, the wrong place
Our smiling face of distrust
Buried, the sand deep in all our hands
Prepared ourselves for the fall

The greed killing!

Instinct to mistrust
Instinct - the lust
Their butchery of feelings
Geared for the greed killing

The greed killing!

Not now, then when?
Not now, then when?
When? [x4]

The lust denies the need [x5]

Existence is the steady flow,
The moulded image grows
No care, no faith in what you are
The pressure builds right from the start

Could it be just sour grapes?
Or have we failed to fit their shape?
It's always give, and never take
How much more can we give?
How much more can we take?

10. Suffer The Children

Your unflappable conception moralistic views
Never open to criticism your overpowering ruse
Promises of sanctuary in eternal bliss
With starry eyes and cash in hand
Pledge all to the masters plan
Just face the truth or fund the farce
At one with your god your sole intent
Your treasured place assured
For a substantial rent
Global lucancy death threats for supposed blasphemy
No room for free thought
All non believers pushed to the floor
Agressive tyrans supposed saints for the cause
Judgement through force faith a fuel for pointless war
When all is done who shall benefit? Who is the one?
Not those dictators divine waving their deceintful wands

11. Mass Appeal Madness

Tell me, assure me, I really can't believe your dishonesty.
Dissention, seeking attention, yet segregation from the ones' that
really cared.

Tell me, assure me, I really can't believe your dishonesty.
Cash styled deadhead, no conscience or opinions.
Material gain bar happiness means shit.

It means shit.

Mass appeal madness eats your brain. False influence like a leach.
Sucking dry your veins.

Public eyes see fit your second face.
Freakshow - fooling those who imitate.

Clever marketing to dominate. Screwing those who gave you your big

And when the bubble bursts, exposing your selfish crap.
You'll cry for sympathy, we'll just sit back and laugh.

12. Next Of Kin To Chaos

Stuck in the learning hole,
there is no teaching
that I can subscribe to -
Just the hatred of being afraid.

Trapped in a nightmare,
nothing can alter this.
Just another daydream,
calendar sadness.

Lucid, inducing swarm
becoming closer but getting colder.
The caustic grip insane.

Lucid induced

Pre-shaping destiny - hiding inside of me.
Primate illusions of
how all this should be.

Next of kin to chaos.

13. Judicial Slime

Taste me,
You made me what I am,
Mind polluting worthless fuck.

Am I the mental feast,
Bruised and scarred,
The underdog.

A pawn within a losers game,
My strength will grow upon your fear.

In time you'll face your end line.
Judge me not before yourself.
Take my pride - that's all you can.
Hatred surges burning me.

For what atonement do you seek,
Your dying grasp of loyalty breaks like brittle bones.

Forgotten past,
I stand condemned,
For I am more powerful than you'd imagine.

14. Lucid Fairytale

Delude yourself with the notion
That life's viewed defiantly through your eye
Subconsciously following the flock
From which appearance is the only exemption

The stagnant illusion of change
Concealed behind your disguise

What's perspicious on the surface
Is artificial inside
When views are merely symbolic
Of an image you hide behind

The stagnant illusion of change
Concealed behind your disguise

15. If The Truth Be Known

Your self-determined place of value
Think before you act!
Can you justifiably criticise
A situations development

Sometimes there's only a single path
Which we have to walk
You realise before you even speak
That we're standing in a one-way street

Why should we retreat? - To satisfy your gain?

Think hard - tell me
What's your actual thoughts?
Could you even give your brain the time of day?

I'm not defending things I've said or done
But let he without sin
Cast the first begrudging stone

If the truth be known
you desire to judge unchallenged
and revel in the according attention

16. Plague Rages

Scale the inferno, take it all in
Am I right or wrong, or just confused?
Glamorized, dare I say it?
Fantasized, but through who's eyes?
Not theirs, that's for sure!
Rebuff beliefs that we've lost.
A plague rages in all our hearts.
Am I the last in line?
To stop and turn, and pretend that we're really changing.
I'd sooner DIE!...........

17. Social Sterility

Time for my omittance
From a sterile existance
Where the weekend pays homage
To stereotypical perpetuation

Must inebriate my senses
Into a state of delirium
Before I turn to the meat-rack
For my penial selection

Apathy spreads
In unison with social disease
A scourge that infests
The cattle markets of youth

Unconscious, just promiscuous
Deprived of self-respect
In the selling of their bodies
All emotions dead!

Thoughts absorbed
Lost in sense of direction
It's time to sit down
And reassess my course of action

18. From Enslavement To Obliteration

Commited to a life of slavery
In the factories our own hands have built
Where we must work twice the graft
Before gaining the goods we've already slogged to create

To consume all things material
Stands above human compassion
As we compete with our fellow man
In the bid for a stronger position

In our ruthless search for prosperity
We become the tools of our own oppression
Forming the backbone of a society
That thrives on mass division

From enslavement...
To obliteration...

19. Low Point

Banish the emotion
Severing the ties
Mutual agressions
Multiply inwind

Reason lost is reason gained
Reluctance seeping through the rage
Accetance changing on all fronts
Phase me out... i've reached my lowpoint

Tarnished with the motion
Voids in which we hide
Excuse pales from pressure
Desperate thoughts collide

Confessions, protection - the facts distort
Frenetic eccentric acts are caught

Phase me out

Relentless, contagion - a single choice
Dissecting, mutating - the single voice

20. Contemptuous

Sadness, despair.
Sometimes the things I cherish, sometimes that all I've got.
And that's enough.
Bitterness, anger.
Man made torture, not to be shared.

21. Diatribes

Bite the bit, scream till you're blue the face. [x4]

Nice pipe dreams or passive revolution? [x4]

Foot soldiers
With weapons of placarde and banners.
How will they stop the rot?

No standing to reason,
'cause reason is treason -
It doesn't feasible.

No standing to reason,
'cause reason is treason -
It doesn't feasible.

Lie down.
And cry all you can.
The machine rolls over you.

No standing to reason,
'cause reason is treason -
It doesn't feasible.

No standing to reason,
'cause reason is treason -
It doesn't feasible.

It just don't seem feasible - no!

Black to the NAzi - try pleading affinity
Hands up, boot in, shattering the passive dream.
But is it right to tolerate this fucked democratic process? - no!

Shattering the passive dream

Is it 'cause we like to hear the sound of our voice?
Big-hearted diatribes, just like my dilemma.
Time to return compliments, shattering the passive dream?

22. Chains That Bind Us

Forced exposure to create what is expected
(To face) neglection is the price no-one wants to pay

Line in line, stereotypes perpetrated
Similarity of negativity

The chains that bind us grow stronger

Break away from the pack of mindless dogs
Taste the scent, realise ambition

Life - a stagnant lair in which to lie
Taste the scent, realise ambition

A label to some, habits preset
Faction alienation, bias hold the key

23. Armageddon x 7

Lest we forget scorched earth policies, of megaton and hydrogen, and
taut muscle of an armory that flexes, to show the world we mean

It's all smiles and handshakes, but who moves to disarm.

We've cheapened time and evolution.
To be violently erased is non - fiction.
Those summits and peace treaties are just worthless words.

It's all smiles and handshakes, but who moves to disarm.

Radium, Uranium - one more isotope to add the collection.
The age of outrage has been reasoned into submission.
And cries for peace are no longer in fashion.
I wonder if we'll see the point through cataracted eyes.
Or draw breath from irradiated lungs, and sigh as we exit times

24. Breed To Breathe

Divorced humanity
Science strays
Walk the path of servitude
Grown unknown malignant code
Misconceived the passion whole

Misconceived the passion whole

Born against the innocent
Amongst us issues preset
Determined goals which are set
Love: a crime of serverance

Are we free to feel!?
Do we hurt to heel!?

Whose life to steal!?
Whose life to steal!?

Awareness fails the public eye
Primate morals sell the lie
2,2 - symbolic bait
A process - bound genetic fate

The selfish feed - breed to breed

25. The World Keeps Turning (EP Version)

No way forward or back, in stalemate, we stagnate,
life cycle is an automation, instinctively, we race to get ahead?
And now our virgin minds are raped.

Another insignificance to join the rat race.
Self indulgence within our grasp.

We're taught but torn.

The sanctity of life, so vulnerable,
the world keeps turning - we spin out of control.
Guided, or could this mean misguided, no time for questions,
preoccupied with pressing on, the world keeps turning -
we overdose on overdrive.
Superior species with inferior ideas.

We overload our bodies and minds,
respect this world while committing suicide.
Poison trait.

We're the cause not the cure,
our methods will surly drag us down.
Guided, or could this mean misguided,
our virgin minds are raped -
the world keeps turning -
we overdose on overdrive,
we spin out of control.

in stalemate, we stagnate!

26. The Infiltraitor

Shaped thus, shipped'em out
a new deal to flog and flout.
Buried up to the neck in socio-aggregate;
Twist an arm and drag it back.

Infiltraitor reclaims the rhetoric.
Infiltraitor turns the kindness milk.

A now and later policy
suits privileged contingency.
A now and later policy
crowns privileged contingency.

Firmly entrenched, flip the cards.
Buy it up and starve it under
cultivating on the middle thatch
all withers through the barren patch.

Market the proles - the ornemental and quaint.
disbanding in union.
Spine snaps on the make.

Throwing stances,
juggling a standpoint so it won't offend.
Tailored muses;
sharp, econo-friendly.
Spine snaps on the make.

27. Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Punk ain't no religious cult,
punk means thinking for yourself.
You ain't hardcore 'cause you spike your hair,
when a jock still lives inside your head.

Nazi punks,
Nazi punks,
Nazi punks,
Fuck off !

If you've come to fight, get outta here.
You ain't no better than the bouncers.
We ain't trying to be the police.
When you ape the cops, it ain't anarchy.

Nazi punks,
Nazi punks,
Nazi punks,
Fuck off !

Ten guys jump one, what a man !
You fight each other, the police state wins.
Stab your backs when you trash our halls.
Trash a bank if you've got real balls.

You still think swastikas look cool.
The real nazis run your schools.
They're coaches, businessmen and cops.
In the real fourth reich, you'll be the first to go.

Nazi punks,
Nazi punks,
Nazi punks,
Fuck off !

You'll be the first to go.
You'll be the first to go.
You'll be the first to go.
Unless you think.

28. The Traitor (live at The Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 1/11/86)

29. Abattoir (live at the Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 30/3/86)

Feel my hate for you and your kind,
for the shit you believe in your minds.
You feel nothing - you just lied to me.
You have no emotions - just satisfied smiles.


Your mind is like an abattoir
You used me like a lamb for slaughter.
I never believed a word you said.
I'll piss on your grave - laught when you're dead.


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