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Goat of Sin

"Goat of Sin" (2004)

1. Patuoinas / Scapegoat
2. You Filthy Pig
3. Kõnge Tuhaks
4. Varjuta
5. Pure Hate
6. Heavy Metal Bastard

1. Patuoinas / Scapegoat

I am the sin, the ugly one
I spray the semen of hate and destruction
I don't honour, I don't pray
I am the dirt eating bastard
#Alright, fuck off, let's go, arise!#

You look so lovely - so dead
Don't resist, there's no escape
Satisfie your lust with jesus
Goat of lust with WET tongue of sin

#Now you will get it - bitch!!!#

Alcoholic fuel stright to the veins
I start my destruction tool
Do you smell the burning ruber?
Now you wish you hadn't meet me

2. You Filthy Pig

Rope around the legs and up you go
Just another life-candle to blow
Blood splattering from you I swig
Ever thought you end like a filthy pig?

Discusting smell of your rotting flesh
Fulfilling your duties as a human trash
In world wide haters nest
And you though you were the best

Crap eating worms enjoying you as their last meal
What a pleasure to hear you scream
Don't dear to die, hah, don't even try
No fast death, I won't let you die...

Gently cuting open your eyes
So you can see how your family cries
Look how I take your woman from behind
This is the humiliation you can not hide!

3. Kõnge Tuhaks

Värdjana elasid, värdjana sured
Me ei hooli su närusest elust
Sinu õnnetus on minu õnn
Ma lihtsalt irvitan su üle

Viha, tühjus, meeleheide
Silmist helgib surmasoov
Inimpeldik, eluebard
Kõnge tuhaks, faking

4. Varjuta

Leegiga kõrveta
Kirvega raiu
Väega hävita
Meeletuks muuda

Tule surm ja tapa ära
Tapa ära see närune
Tapa ära, tapa ära, varjuta!

Tulega puruks põruta
Kätega kägista
Vaimuga lämmata
Naeruga paiska põrmu
Hingerahuga lõpeta
Hingusega kustuta
Vihaga pimesta
Külma painega kaisuta

Tule surm ja tapa ära
Vii ära see roojane loom
Tule surm ja tapa ära
Kisu ära mu silme alt

Kaota ära ta mürgine ihu
Võta ära hing sellelt värdjalt


Burn with the flame
Cut with an axe
Destroy with the power
Change into distraught

Come death and kill
Kill this rotten one
Kill, kill, eclipse!

Burn with the fire
Strangle with your hands
suffocate with the will
Send to hell with a smile in your face
End in the cold blood
Erase with your breath
Blind with the anger
Embrace with the cold hands

Come death and kill
Take away this filthy animal
Come death and kill
Take away from my sight

Erase his poisoned body
Take soul from the freak

5. Pure Hate

Darkness is ripping your eyes out
Venom is in your veins
Chainsaw is ripping your guts out
You will die by our reich 'n roll!!!

#Hate Hate Hate#
#Just pure fucking Hate#

You - the target of our terror
Suicide - the answer to all
Decapitate your own fucking head
So take the blade and cut your veins!!!

6. Heavy Metal Bastard

I am thy ruler,
I am your godI am this pain you’ve never heard
I rape the dead,
I’m ready to fuck
I eat their brains and cut them half

I am the poser superstar
I like these feelings - love and war
I piss and shit on grandba’s grave
Because it makes me feeling hate

#Sest me oleme nii pahad#
(Because we are sooo bad)

I am the rapist
I like your mom
Bring me your daughter
I am the family man, alright!


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