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Morbid Dreams in Toxic Steam

"Morbid Dreams in Toxic Steam" (2003 Demo)

1. Morbid Dreams in Toxic Steam
2. Suffocated by Semen
3. Rope Around Throat
4. Head Hangar

1. Morbid Dreams in Toxic Steam

Morbid Dreams in Toxic Steam
(music&lyrics by Con)

The smell of sweet Gasoline, Awakes my minds
And ressurects Masters, In my head
Gives new life for me, Death to others
More Gasoline, more life, more Death
I take my Axe from my bedside cupboard
I want to kill somebody, anybody
I want to see what's that killing
All I know, to kill, it's easy

Seeking victims from the weaker - coward member of human kind
Hacking to pieces with axe and stone - Brutal Butcher, Human Grinder
Stabbing with a knife, strangling with a string
I like to see the wire squeeze so blood can't flow in veins

Father of mine,was not able to, finish his murder
Asked me to end his work
I  took the victims life away
He looked so weak, that's why I killed him
Good reason for a k i  l  l i n g
Pulled him up the stairs
I took the thickest rope
Tense stitch, squeezes
Life out from his b o d y

After that I inhaled the odour of Gasoline
Next to Dead Body
Then pushed his slack corpse out of the window
njoying how it lands to hard ground

Killings continue, Nobody will discover
Murders I have left behind

One more victim, pulled him to the rails
I wanted to leave, but something in my head...
Need to kill him...
My Axe hacking his Neck, Pulverising this human Wreck(2)
Screaming, shouting, but nobody hears
Blood spilling, as life disappears
He is totally Dead,On the white snow jointed Torso and Headů(2x)

Living in my own life,
watching gasolinecartoons
Only now I 'm the movie star
I've always wanted to be
I like to see Blood, but not my own
I'm afraid of Darkness, that's why I take my Knife with me
It's how I show my weakness - Self - defence is Killing
If they hadn't caught me We would have continue


2. Suffocated by Semen

uffocated by Semen
(music&lyrics by Con)

Beauty, young Whore, again will spend this night with me
Her Cavities my Spurt will fill
Morbid Games tonight I play with her Holes
Her delicate Body I disfigure beyond recognition
Every time I cum, she gets only weaker
I never have enough, my cock gets only stronger
Harder and bigger after each spray
Of my, hot and, bleeding, Semen

Petrified face, stiffened muscles
Her eyes scream to me:Don´t fuck me anymore (2x)

Stick in and pull out, all holes so many times stuffed
My dick now leads my thoughts, brain switched off
Her tight and bleeding cunt devouring my pulsating cock

Violently I push my tool to her mouth
She is weak to resist to my acts
Her oesophagus locked, she cannot breathe
She tries to cought, but is unable
Teeth are desperately gnawing my genital
I push my tool of pleasure deeper and deeper
Until I spurt last time my load

Her lungs stop breathing
Heart stops beating
Again one raped young sex slave
Suffocated By S e m e n

She died by swallowing my cum
More victims are yet to c o m e.

3. Rope Around Throat

4. Head Hangar


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