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Dust Thou Art, And To Dust Thou Has Returned

"Dust Thou Art, And To Dust Thou Has Returned" (1998 Demo)

1. Moonlit Conquest
2. Twilight of Misery
3. Gotterdammerung
4. ... of Golden Dust
5. Under a Canopy of Stars
6. Spectral Vortex
7. Diabolique (Revelation in Red)
8. Storming the Gates of the Cosmos

1. Moonlit Conquest

Black mist surrounds me
as I raise my sword to the skies.
This battleground of ice
shall soon hold my lust.
As a pale moon fades into
And the last light of sun
sinks into the earth.

I ride into conquest
eternal with the thoughts
of my forest queen.
Mysteries of ancient times
lost deep in cold dark shadows.

Seething, writhe in witchery
under black veils of
Black hearts take the soul
as the black night now engulfs

Terminal, severed
in my hands, the heart of an
Once hallowed, now a ghost
roam the skies in repentence.

2. Twilight of Misery

Sorrow is mine
for I shall never feel again.
For my love sleeps in the soil
and my tears now cleanse her faded

Spread your wings...

She was mine
and once our hearts did beat as
But now, now my love is shackled
by the chains of mortality.

3. Gotterdammerung

Fimbulvetr gusts it's icy winds,
wolves devour Moon and Sun.
Evil breaks it's bonds of sin,
attack on the Gods has begun.
Nidhug severs the roots of life,
the dead resurrect to fight.
Jormungand, arise from thy depths,
to bring forth the absence of light.

Sailing onward to final conflict...

Thor oerished by a venemous mouth,
as Ygdrassilis set ablaze.

Jahweh shall never come to be,
as long as Angurvadel is at my side.

4. ... of Golden Dust

If the trees blew
in the breeze.
The sound could carry
on and on, forever.
Never failing, never free.

Slowly her eyes closed,
the heavy lashes slapped shut.
Pushing out the world,
surrounded in darkness.
Her lights glory
shining shimmering
magical dreams
of golden dust...

Blown away in the wind
scattered and glittering,
like the diamonds we found
in her eyes.

If this night would never end,
we could eternally live
in this magic.
Never saying goodbye
to our high...

5. Under a Canopy of Stars

And all through the cold night mist,
I trudge the twisting wooded path.
Among the dark majestic mountains,
my mind prepares for ceremony.
The last hints of sunlight sink into the earth,
a pale moon fades into twilight skies.
Alas come the brooding clouds,
and the pouring rains soon follow...
The loss I felt, that fateful night,
this evening shall wash away.
Stones arranged into constellations,
tears chilling my face.
Midnight oil permeates the mist,
and fires defy the cursing rain.
Cries echoes off timber pillars of old,
Suddenly, time stands still....
....And then a celestial miracle,
by some unearthly guise.
Clouds fade away, and starlight falls
from infinite midnight skies.
Then, her spirit, the love I lost,
appeared from shadows of night.
Under a canopy of stars,

6. Spectral Vortex

A vast dimension so obscure,
infinite, timeless...
Down the throat of a black hole,
spiral, vortex...
Magic beyond human knowledge,
medieval future...
Brooding sorcery in years of darkness,
the darkest eons...

Kingdom lost,
conjuring the ancient oracles.
Starless sky,
amidst the spectral gates of majesty.

Beheld from the mind's eye.
Seducing celestial spells.

Born of frigid alchemy,
and mystic tears.
Between the storming arches
of twin suns.

7. Diabolique (Revelation in Red)

An incessant desire is burning,
and slowly engulfing the night.
Driving my heart to divinity,
baned to the presence of light.
Lust soars like ravens within me,
dreams unfold like storming clouds.
To ever seduce your starlit heart,
to feel the solace of night's ancient shroud...

"Stalking thy sweet virgin blood"

I am the prince of the shadows
and tonight, my kiss awaits you.
A kiss spellcasting and unhallowed
embracing, and consuming you.
Finding your secret desire
through the veil, I see your eyes.
Burning the night in ebony fire,
calling me down from the skies...

8. Storming the Gates of the Cosmos


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