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Among The Black Of Night

"Among The Black Of Night" (1997 Demo)

1. Shimmering Emerald Towers
2. Moonthrone
3. Destiny (Beyond The Black Horizon)
4. She Faded With The Shadows
5. This Sunset Eternal
6. Shadow Funeral
7. Ravens Of Twilight
8. The Last Dawn Turned Black
9. Arkanum

1. Shimmering Emerald Towers

Midnight calls, as the spell is cast.
To lift this iron shroud of fog.
A conquest long forgotten,
Buried deep in ancient dust...

Deep in the mist lies the key.
The answers to broken dreams.
Cast the runes to the ground,
And watch the cauldron burn...

A name is whispered in the night,
Transcend from countless centuries.
In shimmering emerald towers,
Heaven is laid at my feet.

"The silvery moon and ancient stars,
Weep with envy of thine beauty."

A glorious monolith of days long since past.
Untouched by time...

Run with me to the cemetery,
To eternal gates the forests edge.
To salvation everlasting

2. Moonthrone

Alone I stand,
In a land plagued with heresy and liars.
Those so "righteous,"
Would drown in hells' hottest fires.
If ever judged,
By a "holy divine messiah."
A filthy earth,
A race that has sadly lost its way.

My faith ascends with the twilight skies.
Every night I scream her praise.
Bring unto me, her silvery eye.
To keep me going through these bitter days.

Oh, sweet moon,
Your sheep have been blinded by pride.
Your forest burn,
For foolish and useless needs.
Soon I will ascend,
On wings of the blackest raven.
To be with thee,
On your astral throne in the sky.

3. Destiny (Beyond The Black Horizon)

4. She Faded With The Shadows

The bittersweet taste of misery,
Overwhelmed my empty soul
As her porcelain complexion faded,
Into a thousand subtle shades of pain.

Her spirit ascended
In black, ghostly majesty.
My cascaded tears,
Bid her farewell...

"Into the silvery skyline, I take flight.
With burning heart, my tears rain to earth''.

"Destiny lies beyond hidden gates,
Masked to mortal eyes.
But crystal clear, they stand before me,
Soaring into vast, black destiny".

5. This Sunset Eternal

My mind's gleaming eye
Manifest your sorrow.
Your tears cascade eternal.
Black spectre haunts me,
Never shall I be set free.
Memories fade into the night...

"As I fly away, never to feel your touch again."

Now the shallows cast,
This is the end.
The curse of time
Drained the life within.
Now I rest forever.
In this carnal tomb.
Feel the rain on my bloodstained flesh...
Running with the wolves,
This hill is now my home.
Please let the pain subside,
And end this sunset eternal.

6. Shadow Funeral

The graves are hollow once again.
The soil has stolen souls.
A shadow cast eternal,
To fade horizons of gold...

The shadows gather for funeral,
Black with scorn for the dead.
Earthly bound, but astrally free,
Free to wander the midnight hills...

Through mausoleum gates,
My destiny revealed.

7. Ravens Of Twilight

The wind is calm,
Under blanket of night.
It whispers the tale,
Of vanquished day light.
The blackest infinity,
The chasm so deep.
Exile the sun,
To eternal sleep...

Soaring high on monstrous wings,
The place of scorn so far below.
To where the horizon ends,
Where the ocean meets the evening sun.

Awaiting the night sky,
To carry me away.
Take flight to my conquest,
Among the black of night.
Eternity over earth and sea,
To drift amidst the forest winds.
(Weary are the ravens of twilight)

8. The Last Dawn Turned Black

I sojourn to the cliffs,
To feast on the sights if my vast landscape.
Trees are kissed by the rising dawn,
My kingdom shimmers as gold.
But soaring on the highest wind,
Comes raven, black as night.
He tells of coming winds of change,
Made not by nature's hands.

...And then the dawn was swallowed,
By a suffocating sky.
A teeming black storm of lust,
To turn my kingdom to dust.

My forests have no light to live,
My world is withered and dying.
The wind no longer gust,
And the moon has strayed away...
Dagger in hand, I curse this tempest
And end my misery.
The last dawn turned inky black,
As I reach eternity.

9. Arkanum


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