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Moonblood / Inferno

"Moonblood / Inferno" (1999 Split)

1. Ve znameni ohne
2. Geniove (Master's Hammer cover)
3. Kingdom Under Funeral Skies

1. Ve znameni ohne

2. Geniove (Master's Hammer cover)

Tak jako v smrtelné agonii
prožíváš život uplynulý,
poslední západ slunce
promítá krvavé stíny -
obrazy z druhého bøehu
na stìnì pohyblivé,
úzkost podøizují hnìvu,

„Otèe, proè jsi mì opustil?“
„Protože víra tvá je silnìjší než já!“
„Já vím, už tì nepotøebuji,
geniové bez pohøbu vcházejí.“

Do øíše strašlivých tajemství,
kam mají pøístup jen zemøelí
vedeni zákonem vítìzství,
neèekat, co „osud“ nadìlí.
Na nás už neplatí terror
andìla sebeklamu,
otvírá svoji tlamu!

3. Kingdom Under Funeral Skies

Conquer the storm
On Zephyrous Wings
Ride into the sunset
Follow the shadow grey and dark
Stride through the veil
Of black fenrir's howl
Marks your path
When the light is dying slow
You'll enter a realm
Beyond mortality
To the stormlord you'll blow
You'll know when you reached
Your journey's end
When you cross the
Threshold of malediction
Don't be afraid
To give up to your fears
You don't need
A saviour's benediction
Gravestones rule that grim land's sight
And mist is dwelling here eternal
Rain is whipping under funeral skies
The athmosphere nearly infernal
Born out of dead man's ashes
Are the creatures who rule
With swinging axe
In the mists of wrath and anger
They're breaking the weak heretics neck
Air is filled with dark necromancy
And the water is only a witches brew
Sorcerers decide of your entry
You must be cruel, like the chosen few
Walk the path until the glad
Where the ivory towers thrones
The witchcraft of a thousand wizards
Is buried here with their rotten bones
Open the gate to that cursed tower
Where the evil of this universe sleep
Set free the hatred, the anger and wrath
Until it again in all human hearts creep


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