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Dusk Woerot

"Dusk Woerot" (2003 Demo)

1. Dusk Woerot: Chapter I
2. Dusk Woerot: Chapter II
3. Dusk Woerot: Chapter III
4. Born to Live in the Shadows of Damnation

1. Dusk Woerot: Chapter I

On the socrilegious and tortuous
Dungeon of rustiness
From these forgotten fields
The withering and ailing essence
Called woerot
Vawls a shrink of pain
With a shuder of disgust

"Alas, i have crawled my hate suffering
under the hellish shadows of thorny paths
where my gloomy tears of blood
fall being veckoned towards the abysm"

The vilapivation and mourning of woerot
Shall engender upon your souls
A black yell of torment
We must listen to him writhe
And bewail of sorrowwrage

"My dismal chant to disavov the lightness
is groaming a perpetual requiem
while my illumed falldown in this world
turns infuriating and unverable
without my ancient dwelling, my coffin"

And forever woerot cries:

"If my distress and ruthlessness
are a real sore and eternal blasphemy done
hail Death!
Ave Dusk Woerot!!!"

2. Dusk Woerot: Chapter II

And the darklord found a place
Ont he fields where none have returned
Where all the twisted gods lie...
There, where it's obeisance feel in the oblivion
Like our tears of painwrath striken on this path
There, burning bleed my unholy wardeath
Screaming ancient incantations...

And when the ovloguy defiles
Thy ovnoxious souls
It's evil omen will be
Dungeon and sore
Perhaps very soon
The gloominess shall draggle itself death
Throughout those endless weepings
Into the shades
To wield the deepest scepter
Prone upon woerot...
Thy dark doom, black evil and death
For woerot only
Hail Death!
Ave Dusk Woerot!!

As I snear my darkblood
Upon the wirdsword
Throughout the gates
Into the immortality tortured moon
Thus the faithnized victims
Of the lair of suffering
Those who have imprisoned
Their infernal torment
By their own demise

They will must inflict this doomed shrine
Entangled in my sores
And when all my screams
Turn unheard to the death
Maybe your blasphmey falls slowly
On woerot's scepter
Buried inside the most dismal coffin
Where the existence crawls it's throe
Under thorns, to lament this condemn
Warriors of pain and darkness
Hail Death
Ave Dusk Woerot!!!

3. Dusk Woerot: Chapter III

Torture the flesh with spines
Upon the rack
Then vehemently vanguish the existence
Under a dark coffin
And from the miasmatical impurity
The curst-burnt offering
Shall suppurate a flithy stench of pain

Thou art woerot, what dwells within
Wrath forever, defaced and flaming
Ghastly foetus entangled on me
Doomed and evilers on the
Insanity's domain
Hail Death
Ave Dusk Woerot!!

Grovel into the entrails
Of the regrettable havor
Woerot the unholy woe has been prone
Under the coldest, vilapidated coffin
To celebrate the gloomiest funeral wooing
Ancient ceremony darkened
By the stinl of exhumation
And beyond the epitaph an obsequies
Turn chant and rite
Below death and vereavement of flesh
Where the emaciated souls
Eternally dwell in dreariness
Because that woe shall always
Be mourning and shade
When thy falling comes:
Ave Dusk Woerot!

And when those devious paths
May ensanguine thy flagitious existence
Thou shall exhume the egegious funeral
As the ingrowing pain would be
Inflicted upon us
Where the inquity has crowled
It's almost ghoul
And where we suffer, perpetually
Ourselves scars...
Thus the mournful soul tears the furtive sob
When lightness locerates it's kibosh
And your rabies and your chaos want torture
The tragedian warpoem
The shadow fields of vitterly unheard
Hail Death
Ave Dusk Woerot!

4. Born to Live in the Shadows of Damnation

A veil of everlasting darkness
Is ruling this unholy night
The moon stand in full clothes on the
Dark colored Sky
And the stars are shining bright
Flames on horizon light up the blackness
Flames of the christcrushing war
I see the tears in the eyes of the moon
I see the coldeyed stars
I see ths silhouettes of forgotten ages
Passing slowly beside me on
I see the pain of the innocent
Which was done by fanatic jesus sons
I feel the power inside of me
Power from a higher side
I see the frozen blood on the soil
I feel the forgotten pride
And loneliness is my destiny
And to rule the dark colored sky


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