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Out Here

"Out Here" (1987)

1. Television
2. Pity
3. Out Here
4. The Other With The Other / The Letter
5. Sunn
6. No Antidote
7. The Alley
8. Hold On
9. Sex With An Apparition
10. She Beams The Light
11. God
12. Martin´s Song

1. Television

2. Pity

I shout out to the morning
The sun it warms my face
My eyes fall to the ground
My brother is gone now
They come home every night
And pray to visions creams
Even in their small talk
They cannot shield their pity

Misunderstanding shows
The palms of helping hands
They scream and grind their teeth
Come back to them

Beyond the sympathies of man
Beyond the sympathies

3. Out Here

Out here
It's cold out here
And I'm alone
My naked skin
Droplets form
Then slide off
I clentch my fists
Holding my teeth vice shut
Scream to the wind
Closing my eyes
Wet with rain and
What shall I do
Where shall I go
Its cold out here
And I'm alone

4. The Other With The Other / The Letter

Couple of people
Outside loves
No involvement
Meet in theatres

Cought on freeway
Rescue helpicopter
Ropes come loose
Girl dies
Man in grief
Railroad sacrifice
Burning weeds in crude
Lie down

Question out loud

New brown mask
Goes back to school
Sees the other with the other

No friends
Sees old friend of original couple
Meet on planters, I need a friend right now
"I saw her monday night, all night movies"
She died monday
She was in a mesionic state, imprisoned
In the theatre all night
Brought audio box, two of them
Listened to bowie, he gave me a new
Anatomy, new life

Got a phone call down a nerve
To a memory
In light airy scenery
Your face came to mind
Only your traits
No definition

Met on a rock for a week long stay
Laughed enough to last forever
You went away
And I couldn't hang
I can't remember your face

5. Sunn

Sunn can teach
Sunn can burn
Sunn can learn

Money is important when you really don't have none
Life is important when you're looking at a loaded gun
Cars are important when you have to drive somewhere
People are important when there's no one really there

Sex is important when its on the television screen
Health is an issue when you realize you can't breathe
Life is important when you may not have one
Crime is important when you're looking at a loaded gun

Passion and tempers flair at the wrong times
I can't say nothing that connects with my mind
This presence inside of me
I want it to break free

Sol puede enseñar
Sol puede quemar
Sol puede ayudar
Sol puede aprender

6. No Antidote

We heard the news all about you
I guess what they said has rung true
The face I'm looking at now
Is not that one I'm used to

Have you heard or do you listen
There is no cure for her addiction

The tracks of life
Existing all on lies
Are the words written
On your soul
Yearns for the
Freedom to

Shed light
On reality
White light
Killed her

7. The Alley

She's coming again
Bring me to my knees
Pleading to stay again
Ripping me at the seams

The smell of cum on the
Streets drives the weak away
Beverly hills
Seems so far away

8. Hold On

Oh state of Israel
Time to dry your eyes
Got to take up arms
Got to fight your fight
Got to take what is yours

Then you wake up and
Someone you love died
You look to god
And you question why
Life's too short to remain
Hooked on these things
Got to move on its
Time to dry your eyes

9. Sex With An Apparition

I reach out to touch your face
But its moving away from me
I hold to your embrace
Its just a memory
I long to talk with you
And tell you about my love
But you're on the other side
Where I can only dream of

I dream of the nights with you
And the joys that you could bring
Times we spent in shadows
Whispering I love you

My body is ready now
As I lie beyond the hill
But I tell you this
Bury me laughing while I lie still

10. She Beams The Light

Shadows of winter
Caress the sea
The voice that knows her
She beams the light
I love her
She loves me

Jesus loves me
But he hates you
Thats what they told me
They missed the truth
He is the light
I love him
He loves me

11. God

Hush my darling
Don't you cry
Your time is neverending now
Life springs forth from wells beyond your eyes
My god, this is not a dressed rehersal

He is closer than your breath
He is closer than your breath

Touch your spirit baby
Feel your life
Your road is neverending now
Hope and vision are before your eyes
This is not a dressed rehersal

12. Martin´s Song


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