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Complete and Total Fucking Midnight

"Complete and Total Fucking Midnight" (2005 Best of/Compilation)

1. Funeral Bell
2. All Hail Hell
3. Servant Of No One
4. Unholy And Rotten
5. I Am Violator
6. Hot Graves
7. Long Live Death
8. White Hot Fire
9. Endless Slut
10. Lord In Chains
11. Strike Of Midnight
12. Take You To Hell
13. ... On The Wings Of Satan
14. Turn Up The Hell
15. Death Sentence

1. Funeral Bell

2. All Hail Hell

There must be more to this
This place is for the weak
Somewhere down below
Is the land that I seek
The fires are always hot
The women are so cold
Doesn't matter if you're
Guilty or not and you'll never get old
All hail Hell your soul will sell
The flesh is burning now
The blood starts to boil
Don't want no God or Devil
To no one I am loyal
The pain is what I need
It feels oh so nice
I'd rather fry down here
Than freeze in Heaven's ice
Your life is meaningless
Why can't you see
Kill now while you can
Just not me
Do what and all you want
The time is yours
I'll meet you down here
I'll greet you at Hell's doors

3. Servant Of No One

Bloody razor in the palm of my hand
Deep in the night
There is no one in my world
To tell me what is right
I am Satan I am God that is the truth
Never seen another way there is no proof
Servant of no one
It's so useless to go on now
What is it worth
Be the master of your own destiny
And leave this earth
Torn flesh gives me delight
The blood I must see
I am my only master
Who can set me free

4. Unholy And Rotten

Rotten my blood is rotten and it's black
Wasted my mind is never coming back
You think you wanna live
Well you better think again
This hole is for the shit
That's all it's ever been
Unholy and rotten
Torture that's all I have in sight
Disease I hope you get it right
Unholy and rotten that's what I am
Unholy and rotten drink the blood of the lamb
Vile the sick stench of decay
Evil there is no other way

5. I Am Violator

Gathered together for all that is wrong
The flesh we soon shall feast
Slaughter and violence is all around
I show the mark of the beast
Corpses on corpses piled so high
The stench as it starts to burn
I am Violator none will be greater
I will return... I am Violator
The Blood's on my lips the death on my breath
I savor every bite
No one on earth can stop me now
As I perform this rite... I am Violator
The bones I will break the veins I will tear
All this makes you sick
The skin I will rip the flesh I will slice
And the blood I will lick... I am Violator

6. Hot Graves

I have the beast beast on my side
I've got to go out tonite
Time to take take a dark ride
The tombs are in my sight
Blood is movin' movin' faster
To the place that I need
I am the Devil's Devil's master
As I spill the seed in the hot graves
Total lust lust for cold skin
Is what I have got
Keep on keep on sinnin'
As I smell them rot

7. Long Live Death

As I wander through this Hell
All is dead that I can tell
Long live death
When I fall out from my crypt
Your last drop of blood I have sipped
Your flesh is mine I need it one more time
Moon is full the sky is darkened
Death is here til the end
Long live death

8. White Hot Fire

Break down all the walls
It's time for violence tonight
I've seen your Lord fall
Now the rest of you are in my sight
Killing and looting and hatred
Burning and bleeding and rape
This is all that's coming
This will soon be here tonight!
Your kind is through with the power of Satan
We'll take on the world and bring back true evil
White hot fire is all that I see
White hot fire for all eternity
As midnight strikes the city's in flames
The dead they will rise to stake their claim
It's a total disaster no one will get out alive
Serve to me as your master it's the night of long knives
To serve your Heavens it gives me disgust
To burn on this earth it gives me such lust
There's no tomorrow just wait and see
Your Dog has failed you now he's ruled by me

9. Endless Slut

I've got filthy habits
I've got to have my lust
Reach down and grab it
It's something you can trust
She's born to please don't care about disease
She's born to please and brings me to my knees
Endless slut she's got what I want
Endless slut she knows how to use it
Time's getting nearer
Devil's daughter takes control
There's nothing to fear
As she sucks my soul
The deed is done
And she's had her way
I'm Satan's son
And she's one hell of a lay

10. Lord In Chains

The God abouve you think is held high
Time to give up now it's all just a lie - just a lie
No one to help in your time of need
I'll rip your throat and watch you bleed - watch you bleed
We'll take your Lord in chains
The Violators are coming on strong
They do no right all we do is wrong - so wrong
We show no mercy to any of your kind
Mutilate them all you're so blind - so blind
We'll take your Lord in Chains
Your Lord is weak now soon he's dead
Now's the chance take this path I have led
The armies of the dead march through mud
Conquering the throne now stained in blood
The life you knew is all in the past
The only way now it to live it fast - live it fast
Sin at will kill with desire
We'll fan the flames still growing higher - growing higher
Not to serve in Heaven!

11. Strike Of Midnight

The graves been opened for all to see
You'd like to take that trip huh? Well you just might be
Your days of waste are through
I've come to see that
Blood, pain all for you that's where it's at
The bones are burning the smell is sweet
Ashes are piled so high it's nothing discreet
The ram's sliced open and ripe the time is now to strike
Strike of Midnight - don't try to fight
Strike of Midnight - feel the bite
The horns are in your side death starts its course
Your weakness is now over with no remorse
Your life means nothing to me and with that I'll take it
It's not insanity I'll just disgrace it
I've seen the dead you're just like them
I'll take your soul and have it condemned

12. Take You To Hell

The night is cold the sky is black
Once I start there's no turning back
Blackened candles are in flame
Give me ligh to recite His name
Hear the tolling of death's bell
When I take you to hell!
The hour strikes we all must rise
The look of fear is deep in your eyes
High priest chants the dagger in his hands
To slice your wrists blood falls in the sand
I have earned my place in Hell
I gave my soul to sell
When I reach the final gate
The fire of Hades will await
I gave my soul to sell so I'm gonna... take you to Hell
Your flesh now burns high on the stake
There's no regrets for this life I must take

13. ... On The Wings Of Satan

The mass is over the night is done
Time to reap our rewards
The stench is sweet the burning lust
Brought forth by our Lord
Heat is rising souls are dying
By Lucifer's sword
Ride to hell your Lord has fell
Ride to Hell... on the wings of Satan
Now I am free from mortal chains
Forever living in sin
Taking chances with destiny
The only way you'll win
Mayhem, torture, darkness and pain
Let the Holocaust begin

14. Turn Up The Hell

You want some Hell
We go the Hell
We'll give you Hell tonight
We got the violence we got the force
It's all we know to do
Break out the chains rise up in flames
This time we'll come to you, cuz -
Burning until you can't burn no more
The wait is now all through
You've met your maker, soul taker
This time he's come to you, cuz -

15. Death Sentence


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