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Songs For The Apocalypse Vol. IV

"Songs For The Apocalypse Vol. IV" (1997)

1. The Things You See (And the Things You Don't)
2. Under My Blackened Sky
3. One Sign Too Many
4. Burned By Light
5. Memento Mori
6. I Prayed
7. Animal Magnetism (Scorpions cover)
8. Out of Darkness

1. The Things You See (And the Things You Don't)

I bid my last wits a sad goodbye
sundown's closing in
there are secrets the dreamland keep
more than meets the eye.
Eyes deceiving, false conceiving
thoughts misleading fear's exceeding.
It's the things you see
and the things you don't
it's the things you hear
and the things you won't.
Dancing shadows upon my wall
nightmares are closing in
they have won if I fall asleep
then I'm surely lost.
The walls are bleeding
painful breathing
the night's impending, a fright unending.

2. Under My Blackened Sky

Come rain, come shine, no lie of mine.
Eternal dark is my shrine
the sun might shine outside but in my heart death hides
I'll take your hand, end your stride
I'll lead you through to the other side.
Into a world so old
into a world so cold under a blackened sky
this is a world foretold I belong here
under my blackened sky there is no sun in sight
under my blackened sky you belong here.
Come shine, come rain, true words of mine.
Let's go my friend, please follow
when you're out of this world you're way beyond sorrow
your time in life has past and gone
the race you fed it is all but won.

3. One Sign Too Many

Silent storm clouds
slow they came, in god's name
bold and blinded
we're the same, still no shame.
Is this our fall from grace
is this our final trace
is this the end of time
in this eleventh chime.
The crown of nature
pagan fools, pagan rules
a lost creation
seals the womb, seals the tomb.
Are we the last in line to read the clearest sign?

4. Burned By Light

The fallen and graceless, the twisted and odd
like outcasts from heaven, abandoned by god
they're wakeless in daylight, evoked by the night
when sneaking in shadows, they're well out of sight.
Wayward angels
burned by light, blessed by night
nocturnal seed, unholy breed.
Creeping and crawling,
the shapeless and vague
what's unseen by mankind still feared like the plague
their spirits are strong and your flesh is so weak
who dares to get close when their find is there keep.
Keep all of your lights lit when huddled in fear
the ancient and timeless, abstracted still near
if silence at twilight might lead you astray
when fooled by its stiffness you won't get away.

5. Memento Mori

Living your life in such a rush
you have so much to do, time is not enough
never a thought about that day
when you'll be dead and gone and passed away.
Memento mori, remember death
memento mori, your final breath
life is not forever, never forget
memento mori, eternal rest.
You feel afraid to face the end
it's much easier to just pretend
that you will live forever more
but no one does and that's for sure.
Working so hard to reach your dreams
feeling invincible of so it seems
you deep on buying things you need
no need for anything to rest in peace.
The day you die it's all too late
no second chance to change your fate
enjoy the time while your alive
or you will find life passed you by.

6. I Prayed

My father was undergoing surgery
his heart had failed him so terribly
the operation was very dangerous
I felt so helpless I thought of God.
I prayed my father would not die
I prayed that he would be just fine
I prayed to god to see him through
I prayed and I believed in you.
When I was struck by harsh reality
it opened up my eyes so I could see
while I was sitting there in the waiting room
there was only one thing I could do.
Please God forgive my sins, please let my father live
please God hear my prayers.
I prayed and he did not die
I prayed and now he is just fine
I prayed and God saw him through
I prayed and I believe in you.

7. Animal Magnetism (Scorpions cover)

8. Out of Darkness

From my black tongue words of scorn
out of darkness my ways were born.
I can still fear their presence
the thoughts within my mind
frail dreams of wayward essence
a deal that's you unsigned
so mean, unclean and godless
the roots I'm scared to find
their needs are often heartless
like truth that's long declined.
Strange and vain are the feelings
as my mind can flow free
these unpleasant revealing
can they really be me?
My thoughts will pull me under
life spinning round and round
where will it stop I wonder?
No trace of solid ground like seconds into hours
my days are passing by
I'll climb an endless tower
as life's an endless lie.


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