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"The Geniirising" (1999 Demo)

1. A Walk Into Unfriendly Summits
2. Pod Sencami Vejevja
3. Starring Through The Window Of Mysteries
4. Calls From The Natural Dungeon

1. A Walk Into Unfriendly Summits

I went astray... I leave
in the atmospheres of frost
up high... where the human seldom steps
and brings a hidden grief inside.

I leave... for this cold wind
clears my mind
to delightful purity of thoughts
so hard to find.

Withdrawing in a bleak cold
I have a perfect view
of grey, cold nature
surrounding my mountain
with Flyns protecting her unfriendly

You can't find the friends here
they are all in frozen ashes
only the ghostlike form
is able to survive.

The light which freezes the land
nothing restores to life...

2. Pod Sencami Vejevja

Trese se vejevje Jesena
v mene se vtira, kar v njem izvira
globoke sence drevja me zakrijejo
izginjam v gozd.

Stopam po davno grobnih tleh
trnjevo vejevje dreza vame
polno demona Lesija,
ki vstal bo ob zdruzitvi
globokih senc vejevja.

Moj prehod spremljajo
oci neprijazne do zivljenja
tam z vrhov visokih Brez.

Ob zatonu Sonca,
ob vzidu Lune
spektralne zelene pojave
zastavljajo mi divjo pot.

Speljano skozi gole goscave
kjer trnje prebada mi kozo
in izvablja mojo kri,
ki tekla bo v dar
davno cascenemu drevesu.

vas sepet
v vetru in sumu ovenelega listja

3. Starring Through The Window Of Mysteries

in dimensions
known to everyone
but also no one else.

The eyes of inner self slowls open
starring through
the window of mysteries.

The worlds of other minds achieved
glance through it.

In the cave of unconsciousness
I wonder about the form in front of me
clearly I can see it
looking old like it has been building
itself for milleniums
yet being mighty
and being grim
keeping me in silent Devil's work.

There, where the wasteland covers shores
and the sea cuts the silence
incantation to Cthulhu let be heard
ritual may burn you in the sleep...


Drowning in the bottomless depths
you see the Spirit floating towards you
offering the key...

Listen to the speech of the Devil's work!

4. Calls From The Natural Dungeon

Years and years boughs of that forest
waver with the messages
the tree speaks, repeats
longing calls from the natural dungeon
which grope about and touch spiritually
deaf ones.

Deeply martyred soul
screamed inside of him
who rinsed the anguish and oppression
filling with the true, dark faith
and the dark wilderness put forth in him.

The eyes sparkled
in pain and ecstasy
when he cut the last runes in walls
and shed the last blood of him
and felt to sleep... forever.

His spirit soon released from
the cage of flesh
flies through the Earthly domains of
Woods and Nox
and pour in higher existence
in empire of Darknesses Lord.

His ashes now lay
as the sacrament of a new temple of Pan
somewhere in these woods...


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