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Dark Inscription

"Dark Inscription" (2002 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Breath Of Death
3. Dark Inscription
4. Empire Of Anger
5. Wings Of Eternity
6. Outro

1. Intro

2. Breath Of Death

(Oh) Magic of Night
My Sarrastic Love, Let fell death her cold arms

Wrap Suffering Body, her cold breath

This last time

Kill me!
Kill me!

Let fell, let understand
Force and meaning of eternity
Dark Crown of Black Suns

Oh! Death!! Death!!!

Betrayal lover open my eyes

Open my eyes...On boundless of universe
On boundless of universe

And you - black passion
Become my only way
My mother hurting birth

Carry up in you arms, by desires
In force of dark all
In course of my first birth

Where darkest fog - lep
To become of daemon - in chasm of night
One and only master in universe battlefield

Emperor of my Eternal!
Emperor of Satanic Imperial!!!

3. Dark Inscription

Behind the second side of dreams night
For land, clear death
Our lives, our strength
One flame...scream!
in order to fight, seek, persist last
Every soul other outworld
Desire of eternal? to unforgot
Every night, every day
Under life's theatre, so much words, so much lies...

Nothing orginator through god,
the dirty sea of the truth

In lonless fire...dreams
Clear blood, the ocean of the could truth, without end

Born to burn in world's pile
In order to dance, dance, dance...
In flames in the fire of own kingdom
In order for fight, seek, persist!

In darkness I hear the scream
Singing of sun's demons

I see horizons of searching lands
Behind the seas of thoughts
Behind the horizons of dreams
Among Satan's hymns

Crystal see glare, summons!
Born in suffering
Queen of the ground jewel of clear blood
my rapacious will
Strong from fangs free from nails
And the cold tear, of my horizons
No doubt, my heart shines demons

4. Empire Of Anger

Oper sores birth of pain

Blood flowing through the soul
Victim in the claws of revenge

Holocaust of the Nazarene children...

The black cloak covered the sky
I am the Emperor - your pain is my crown

I sowing the hate!
I am Lord of Evil - sceptre means death

Ave Satan!
Created Empire!
Ave Satan!
The black cloak covered the sky
Ave Satan!
Anger's Empire...Empire of Anger

5. Wings Of Eternity

In the abyss of the cangles stars
I'am a part of universe
I'm following in clandestine of my pain

Burn !!! ... my desire of eternal

To understand
To boundless comprehend

Sceptre winds and storms...take
There,where was born eternity

Lords of my Earth's counsciousnes
Cary me up in your shoulders
In the moment of earth
To the my empire behind other side

Let me open the gates of exist

Deep of chaos...

Dark wisdom of black art.. Take me !

In my promise i become master
of my damned
Round fog of hate
I become a trinity of my glory
Flamless flower of my heart,burn !!
My desire ! For eternal !

On wings of eternity, and you !
...step behind me !!

6. Outro


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