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Get Heavy

"Get Heavy" (2002)

1. Scarctic Circle Gathering
2. Get Heavy
3. Devil Is A Loser
4. Rock The Hell Outta You
5. Would You Love a Monsterman?
6. Icon Of Dominance
7. Not The Nicest Guy
8. Hellbender Turbulance
9. Biomechanic Man
10. Last Kiss Goodbye
11. Dynamite Tonite
12. Monster Monster
13. 13

1. Scarctic Circle Gathering

iron abdou c moi le frer de emperor mehdi et c le melleur vocal
iron abdou haddi

2. Get Heavy

Spasmodic '84
Electric Dinosaur
Desperado Vampire

This heavy-weight mystique
Way out of your league
I trust my vision in fire

Warp into monsterdiscohell
Go grazy in the haze
Enter the freaky race
Dave the way for the grande cliche
Now the monsters break their chains

It's time to get heavy
Yeah it's time to get heavy again
The powerbeat is back
The monster-squad attack

I'm the king of the night
An iron parasite
I'm walking wonder

No, I don't need no sense
'cause it's a weak defense
I'm the rider of thunder

3. Devil Is A Loser

You wanted power and you begged for fame
You wanted everything the easy way
You wanted gain without pain
Now your bills is in the mail
You got stronger but your mind got weak
You made a promise you couldn't keep
You had it all - You lost more
It's all there in the fee

Via hell incorporated (regeneration)
1st you love it then you hate it (you're such a saint)
And now you're never gonna make it (bad situation)
Get on get on down
there's hell to pay 'cause

The devil is a loser and he's my bitch
For better or for worse and you don't care which
The devil is a loser and he's my bitch
Runnin' into trouble you skitch
He's my bitch

You wanted riches and license to kill
Yuo got poverty and then you got ill
You got poor and you lost your will
All your dreams unfulfilled
I get my kicks when you blow your fuse
No-one got killed but that's no excuse
Hands up, I let you know when it's done
I've got the only gun

And there were no refunds
Just failing guarantees
"Confess your sins, son"
Said the preacher on TV

You got yourself some greasepaint
Set of white and black
All you got was laughter and
Gene Simmons on your back

4. Rock The Hell Outta You

Come shove it in
Good ol'disorder
Some accidental homicides
I've been dead in the water

[pre chorus]
Girlic poser
Slam you naked on the floor
What do we have on store for you

We rock the hell outta you
Rock the hell outta you
Let the angels be gone
Casting in the demons
Rock the hell outta you
Rock the hell outta you
Burnin' bright as the sun
Glowing hot like neon, yeah

Come let us make your
Sister twisted
Dresscode is leather with buzz-saws
Breath becomes as I kiss her



Rock the-
Rock hte hell out!

Entrancing lungle evil
Rammin' in hte voodoo
We exorcise your angels
Cast the hellbeast into you

5. Would You Love a Monsterman?

Fire at will - yeah I would kill
Yeah I would freeze all hell over just to get a chill
Yeah I would slay - Yeah I would maim
Yeah I would in thin air and reappear again
Be right in the squares, yeah I would be sincere
Yeah I would lie, Yeah I would lie
yeah I would be there waking up the dead to get a thrill
I say yeah - I say yeah

Would you love a monsterman
Could you understand beauty of beast
i would do it all for you, would you do it all
Do it all for me

Take your time - yuo'll be fine
Yeah there is nothing wrong with this
you ain't committing crime
You don't know why it passed you by
You search for something never found
along these lines
Someday you may turn aruond and terrify
You can't deny - You crucify
Would you get down in the gutter
Swallowing your pride
I say yeah - I say yeah


All that you get is less than
you deserve
Leaving for now
Someday I may return

6. Icon Of Dominance

Would you be so satisfied
if I told you lies
Would it make it right
No, I won't justify
Your masquerade - like cries
I know it will go by

There is no soul
No soul could chain mine
and call it it's own

I'll be your
Reason to loathe-shoot you futile bolt
Don't push it, I know you know you're
Held by the cold - Do what you are told
The icon of dominance

Distort it all you can
This full-blown masterplan
Will get you in a jam
When cheers form into jeers
Despair is drawin' near
Glances grow to become
the weapons of fear

Can't you see me
Can't you see me stalking
Day - dream escape - Surreal haze
Distort it all you can
There is no soul
No soul could ever make me it's own

7. Not The Nicest Guy

Just for spite
Every day, every night
You still wonder, you wonder
From the ashes I rise
by the roll of the dice
You'll go under, go under

You never realized
I'm back here to stay
like a fungus that grows on your side
You never realized I won't go away
Not tonight

I'll never leave lonely
I'll be there tryin' to grab a hold, yeah
I'm not the nicest guy you know

You'll never leave me darling
Now hear my tender warning
I'm not the nicest guy you know

You'll see me again
In the thunder and rain
I come crawlin' , I come crawlin'
I've got eyes everywhere
From the shadows I stare
At you darling, my darling

8. Hellbender Turbulance

So she got up in the morning
May, this day be the day of confidence
Consider it a fair warning
Gonna turn it on 10, the turbulence

Oh lord, they tried to wear her down
Blinding is the sound

Now tell me where have you seen her
Have you seen hellbender turbulence

Now who's whhelin' and dealin'
May this day be the day of reckoning
Unconventional meanings
Give the devil his due for dirty things

9. Biomechanic Man

You need some lovin' o' monstermaniac
style and fashion
and I'm a device of horny steel
You need to believe in the dirty lovin'
o' lusty passion
You need a spin in the torture wheel

I say yeah, now who could put it there
Now who could really care
I hear the call yeah
I can
Biomechanic man

You need to be on a roll and make
a show of money
You need to get the healer here
You gotta know when it's bad
It's gonna be funny
you gotta get in the cyber-feel

I say yeah, need to know when and were
Now who could make you fear
I hear the call yeah
I am Biomechanic man

I'm all man and all machine
a little sicko, little mean
I rock your brains out
And you're sure to be damned
I lick your little finger
then I chew up your hand
for that's who I am:
The Biomechanic man

10. Last Kiss Goodbye

Lying by the trees
All wrapped up in leaves
I lay down to sleep
You're so lovely

Little hands so white and pale
Blue under your nails
I wanna show how much I care
Sleeping beauty

We'l let this be our hide-away
Our secret
I'll set you free though I must stay
'cause our love can't be shared

This will be your (1st)
Last kiss goodbye
And I wish you - and I wish you
This will be your (1st)
Last kiss goodbye
And I wish you well in hell

It's been years since we last met
Now it's fall and leaves are wet
I think you must have lost some weight
But you're still lovely

I know you will be waiting
Sleeping in your pelt
If I couldn't have your baby
No one ever will
'cause our love can't be shared

11. Dynamite Tonite

She's so cold
Keeps her distance
Icy queen

I've been told
She's so sense
has always been

[pre chorus]
She'll need some warmin' up
And I'll bring in the heat

My glances burnin' hot
Melt her
Melt her meat

Gimme gimme fuel for my fire
Just a little spark of desire
For her delight
I'll serve dynamite tonite

Who comes out as the winner
When she starts to play the game

After the 2nd half
She will never be the same

[pre chorus]


Gimme gimme fuel for my fire
Just a little spark of desire
For her delight
I'll serve dynamite tonite

12. Monster Monster

It took me down ( by surprise )
i'm on hte groung ( paralyzed )
Tryin' not the breathe
'cause I know I'll be found

Dray the Lord ( my soul to keep )
'Till I'm sore ( like a hammer )
It's pounding me until I'm driven in

I would be damned if I
Ever fell but could I tell
I would be damned if I do
I'm damned if I do
This time I'll go for the kill

Monster, monster
I can't take this hell no more
Beast be gone
Something's gotta give
Monster, monster
Gonna throw you out of the door
I will die and the other shall live

You taught me ( everything that I )
Shouldn't say ( everything that I )
Shouldn't do and now I'm defyin' you

13. 13


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