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De Vampyrica Philosophia

"De Vampyrica Philosophia" (2005)

1. De Vampyrica Philosophia
2. Carmilla Whispers From The Grave
3. A Sad Litany Of Vampires
4. Nocturnal Vampire's Orgy
5. Blood Lovers
6. Morgana
7. The Ophelia's Ghost
8. Die Herrshaft Des Bluts -Dracula's Guest -Dracula Prince Of Wallachia
9. ..Now..Sleep..

1. De Vampyrica Philosophia

Every life is a riddle
The answer to mine is a knowledge born of darkness
It wasn't always so.
In the beginning I still had questions.
In the beginning my mystery still remained..

2. Carmilla Whispers From The Grave

I still feel her scent, the wind that caress her hats,
The winter renders me sad, task to her pale skin
In the nights of storm
The rain designs her face on the glasses of the window of my room!

I walk between the trees, I feel your presence
Yours tomb is covered from the leaves
I remember your sweet smile, your deep looks
As in a dream. I hear. whispers from the grave!!!

Carmilla. whispers from the grave!!!

Wide awake me in my bed.
But my hands are dirty of earth
I feel its scent on my skin
Two bleeding holes on my neck

She has carried to me in the reign of darkness
I feel myself to suffocate.
I can see also in the dark of my room
Now I'm a vampire

I walk between the trees, I am coming from you
Now. your tomb is open
I'm awaiting for you, your sweet lips
It's not a dream. I hear. whispers from the grave

Carmilla. is being raised from the tomb
Come to me. my dark love

3. A Sad Litany Of Vampires

She sleeps on a bed of roses and thorns
Her pale face, candid like the snow
The taste of the blood
Is a sweet memory
The forest wraps to you
In its icy embrace

The girl walks in the forest
Tightens the hands on the breast
Sad litany

Every night she crossed the village
Every door is sluice
It is the cursed one

Saves your family, saves your sons,
Other blood will be scattered!!

It was one sweet child
She loved the sun and the flowers
A night it came and sank its teeth in the hers warm meat
Her heart has become black like the dark
She becomes a wild animal
She wants the blood. the blood

4. Nocturnal Vampire's Orgy

A dream. a nightmare. I have seen strange figure
I have felt a strange sensation of fear and lust
Her dark veil. her bleeding mouth.
I want this unholy passion.
Now I have needed of you blood

Under the Carpathian sky
I fell the presence of ancient spirits. of vampires
The wolves sing dismal symphonies
Shadows around me.

The Countess. breaths on my neck.
Let the unholy ceremonial begins
This is the sin, of the hidden secrets,
Your body will be immolate to you
In honor of the black master

Nocturnal vampire's orgy!!!

Bloody communion of bodies
Unholy bleeding host
Tonight we deny Jesus Christ
Blasphemies in the evil bed

5. Blood Lovers

I hear the leaves to fall on my coffin
The seasons are ollowed, my skin remain young.
I have seen reigns to fall, destroyed from the wars,
I am still here, the blood make me to remain alive

This night. I will take to you with me
You will become my lady of darkness
This night the wolves will sing hymns in your honor
My teeth sink on your neck, hot blood slide
Portes moi avec toi, portes moi dans les tÌnÌbres.

I will carry to you far from the death
I will love you in the centuries,
We will drink from the same goblet,
The blood of the virgin

I have tried to you through the time,
The woman who will dominate with me, on these poor men
Not there will be more diseases
No will be the suffering for the loss of one beloved person

6. Morgana

Dear heart, I think the young impassioned priest
When first he takes from out the hidden shrine
His god imprisoned in the Eucharist,
And eats the bread, and drinks the dreadful wine,

Feels not such awful wonder as I felt
When first my smitten eyes beat full on thee,
And all night long before thy feet I knelt
Till thou wert wearied of Idolatry..

You are my lady. my dark desire
Follow the call. of your beloved
Like a dance. dance in the fire
Follow the call. of your prince
Through the forest. I'm awaiting for you
Oh your white neck. your veins
I'm awaiting. my thirst is great
Oh your hot blood. on my mouth

Tonight we'll become one
Lost souls in black
A dark embrace of lust
A dark enchantment
A dark sensation of eternity

Tomorrow you'll see a new world
With your eyes of vampire
You will taste the blood of your victim

Oh Morgana. my dark lady
My dark desire
Tonight will become immortal

7. The Ophelia's Ghost

She walks along the river, between the trees
The Ophelia's ghost
She lived in the castle, on the hill
Like an enslaved, imprisoned from those walls
From the window she watched people
She wished to love
The heart pierced from thorns, bleeding!!

Pure like water, far from the evil
You have screaied that night, when your father,
With its dirty hands touched to you
It has raped to you
Kill it, kill it, kill it
Sinks the blade in its put ride meats

Ophelia!! Ophelia!!

Like burnt-out torches by a sick man's bed
Gaunt cypress-trees stand round the sun bleached stone;
Here doth the little night-owl make her throne,
And the slitht lizard show his jeweled head.
And, where the chaliced poppies flame to red,
In the still chamber of yon pyramid
Surely some Old-World Sphinx lurks darkly hid
Grim warder of this pleasance of the dead.

The suffering for what was too much it was happened,
She slept in its bed of pain
She let to fall in the river
Dipped in cold waters She walks along the river,
Between the trees. the Ophelia's ghost

8. Die Herrshaft Des Bluts -Dracula's Guest -Dracula Prince Of Wallachia

[Part I. Dracula's Guest]

Pale faces hidden in the dark
Waiting for a new guest
This House have seen love. death. passion. war
For years. Cold rooms. Spider's webs
Strange shadows!! All around seems dead
Just a wind's breath

Here. the vampire hever ruled for centuries
But now he sleep in his bier
He don't taste blood by many years
But now. the meal has arrived

When the guest enter the house. look around
Strange picture on the wall
A dynasty of obscure rulers
Feel their eyes follow your steps

A majestic hall. ancient smell of life
You are tired. and you find a dusty bed
Darkness loull your sleep
Destiny has arrived on you

Rise from your sleep. this is a new life
You will be my creature and servant
Together we will conquest the world.

[Part II. Draculea, Prince Of Walacchia]

At midnight he rises from the grave
In search of victims
In search of blood
Through the forest. howling wolves
The fog follows your steps

He bring terror in this land
Prince of darkness. prince of death
Eternal life. eternal pain
Eternal taste of blood

Draculea!!! Prince of Walacchia
Draculea!!! Prince of death
Draculea!!! You are the impaler
Draculea!!! You are the immortal

With your power you take the soul of the virgins
And sucks their blood
Through the trees
In the Carpathian forest

He bring terror in this land
Prince of darkness. prince of death
Eternal life. eternal pain
Eternal taste of blood

You become a wolf
You become a bat
You become like an infernal wind
You become a fog

9. ..Now..Sleep..


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