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Evil Command

"Evil Command" (2003)

1. Infernal Battle
2. Evil Empire
3. Pagan Glory
4. War To The Christians
5. Luciferian Glory
6. Princess Of Seduction
7. Prepare For War
8. Conspiration For The War
9. Hymn To The Warriors
10. March Of Destruction

1. Infernal Battle

Summoning the powers of the occult world
The demon's wisdom
The warrior's forces
We will destroy those that worship
And follow that vulgar god

Powers and glories coming of the wars
That destroy and curse the false ones
Close the weak christians
They will be squeezed and stepped
For the wisdom that does us stronger

With the demon's force
With Lucifer we'll commemorate
Drinking the blood of those dishonored
The new was of the darkness it began
We'll fight for you, noble king Lucifer!

Noble King Lucifer!

2. Evil Empire

Invoking all power and glory hides
For the magic of the staff
We will struggle against the false ones and christians
Burning the crucifix with hate and fury

We glorified the Emperor Lucifer
We'll kill for Him all those that say
To be stronger and they proceed
The vulgar god will be exterminated

The luciferian kingdom prevails in the earth
Only for the warriors that honor your name
Practing the powers of the magic
Invoking demoniac legions
Destroying those that cross our road

The death is part of our road
We kill for Lucifer
Your name give us all power and glory
The magic is in our side and in her we live intensely
Glories to the king of the empire in the Earth

Lucifer!!! Lucifer!!!

3. Pagan Glory

Oh! Mother nature! You, that guide us
For the supreme elevation
That motivates us to destroy
Those taht go by our road

Oh" Mother nature! thar guide us
On behalf of true warlike
That defend your name
And the name of the noble lord of darkness

For you we kill or we die
We glorified your name
We defend your legion
Drinking the blood
Of those weak christians

4. War To The Christians

Oh! Grandiose king of the darkness
Gentleman of the wisdom
That allows the spiritual evolution
Without fearing any fall

Weak and useless christians
Hypocrites for they be arrested
They don't allow the personal evolution
Your race will be extinghished

This to be dirty and fearsome
That arrests you
It is your god


You fear the death
Him the filfhy pig confuses you
What mystery is this?
Does your god promise the eternal life?
This god that promises and destroys you
Is your god

War to the christians!!!

5. Luciferian Glory

6. Princess Of Seduction

Oh! Princess of seduction
Queen of the night!
Your powers beckon us
And drive us crazy

Your seduction and your lust
Are present in our hate
Letting us be taken by emotion
Your hate is present
From the virgins to the whores

Your seduction is part of
The full moon night, cold and hateful
Where your seduction hurts
A virgin pussy more

And wounding this virgin
And drinking this blood
We shall be taken by your hate and pain...
Wanting to invoke you once more
With another virgin

And bleed a virgin cunt once more
Employing lust, hate and pain!

7. Prepare For War

Oh! lucifer , King of Shadows
Lord of evil, wrong doer
Of all being and souls
Creator of all hate
Reigning in our body
Invoke all malign powers
Which destroyes the whole christian plague

Oh! Hecate, princess of the night!
Queen of moonlight, seductress
Of all being and followers
Awakening your hatred in us
We'll manage to defeat this plague
That thrives among the weak

The winners will be those who
Have upon themselves
The luciferian word
And awake all hate
Ruling their unconsciousness
For war is settled forth

Prepare for war!
Prepare for war!

8. Conspiration For The War

When the apocalypse trumpets sound
And all the candles kindle by themselves
Our king and lord Belial come
Take us to gather to Lucifer
To make a great war

Strengthning us with sin, the hate
The rage, selfishness, hate and pain...
We prepare a great war
beheading and killing all
Christian angels and marking them with
Blood and hate...

Invoking Satan's strength
The wisdom of lucifer
Belzebub's hate
We'll manage to destroy our enemies
Through lust and rancor

Offering Asmodeus, Lord of Wars
Our noble victory over those
Who call themselves stronger
But are nothing but frail and
Dishonored who'll inherit the judgement

9. Hymn To The Warriors

Oh" Lucifer christian crusher!
Impaler of the frail dishonored
Imposing power and glory to those
Who deserve according to the evolution
You kill and rape the false ones

Hallucinogenous glories come under moonlight
Wakening impure, overwhelming hate
War is proclaimed
We'll kill for you, noble lord king of darkness

Oh! Lucifer!

Victory is already declaired
For in this world only the strong survive
Strong are those who have archieved on themselves
The luciferian word and honor

Spreading over all earthly dominions
We'll celebrate lucifer
Over the blood of frail christians
Prince of Darkness, King of this Earthly Empire

10. March Of Destruction


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