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Rehearsal 03

"Rehearsal 03'" (2003 Demo)

1. Solemn
2. Demon's Lament
3. Plunder Thy Gods
4. 666
5. Litany

1. Solemn

O heereth my song through the wells of sounds it whisp'reth
O heereth my plea through woes of solemn hearts

O hearken i my soul sikes thy forgiveness
Sense my phos his light shall pave the waye

Solitude shall leave this night
Writtings on the wall

Desperation,leave, this night
Who shall heed thy call

Nam'less ghouls rip the flesh
O'the dead who runnen hir course
Spirits flye,angeles crye
For the men who end His presence

Charon awaits,the men to fall
By the hand of (the) solemn God
Priests and saints spreadeth the oath
They shall leave hir God 'lone

{Brave wights without fear
They kithen courage,valour and mercy
They stand 'side Him 'nd bring light
Spread the words o'the holy one}

2. Demon's Lament

The liege o' love
Descendeth therein
Where cimmerian dwells

The peccables wailen
With bemournful cries
Soon they shou'd know

Demonic sikes
Announce hir dolour
To (the) impassible lords

Lamentous pyres
Engulfen the place
To impurifye

The rebus of lif,the pabulum of soothe
Sempiternal rest,unalloy'd and pure
The liege lord abstergeth, hir lacrim souls
So sinners to wotten,and judges to crawlen

{Ye who unwillingly 'd been ygyv'd,into the netherworld's depth
Tis time for (youre) cicatrization,fr'm the parturient bale
He,who has the stevene of illudness,the abbe with the virulent smile
His bards shall be vanish'd into silence,and his gelid demons will

" The death's porte has been open found,the charon's cries no longer
The holy light pranketh hir doubts,his feedin' phos bestrideth (the)
dreadfule founts
And his graceful beams bedeweth sinners' souls,thus,they knowen sooths
sacred laws
Godlike forgiv'ness hir atrabilariousness bedighteth,open'th withal the
golden portals of paradise
... and demons lament "

3. Plunder Thy Gods

On the day that you died
I blessed all the sinners
I gave them my image
I spoke them my lies

I dispatch evil souls
From the depths of my empire
And I send them to steal
From your people and you

Stay under my son on the day that you�ll praise Satan
Stay under my moon on the day that I�ll come to you

I bring the demise
I live in their eyes
They breathe and they fear
That raw evil comes

They sing on his grave
They follow the brave
They follow me
As I plunder thy sons

On my reckoning night
I�ll take back what is mine
For thy master is dead
On his flowery bed

4. 666

Yond the mountains,'neath the sea
All numbers up,for all the ones to see
Demon creatures sighen his name with screams
And bringen fear from the wickest dreams
Souls of good from the well doen moan
Hir sikes will burn till the break of dawn
No one seems to realise the smert that riseth


Above the waters at the break of day
Disgorgin' nightmares from the fallin' pray
Black winds 'll thunder and nether levels 'll crack
The light 'll be yvanish'd from the newborne dark
Pellucid metals shall reflect the hordes
Cruel ghosts 'll march with hir silver swords
The demon's princes shall shatter Heaven's plans


Upon his grave
I'll raise my child
The mark of beast
'Tis my sign
'Tis the force
of thousand pains
The lord o' doom
On earth shall reign

The sickest poison'd whore
She'll bring the child
With the winds of vengeance
And liege Satan's tide
Hell's bells will chime
Th� eshaton's time
The nightmare's nigh
The devil's prime
Up from the crypt
The force will rise
It'll bring thee pain
Sin and demise
Up from the crypt

Satan's bible,the black writ of old
A book wherein the dark legends told
the beast on earth,he shall reign and doom
Dark-ferocious creatures 'fore him 'll 'oom
And than bale stars shall draw the sign
Wher the souls of men will finally die
The olde prince angel shall win th� eventualle game

5. Litany

Enameled-cum-debonaire tunes enhaunst
Address'd to omni-deities 'nd the Fiers gost
Enablin' the promotione of distaf 'nd soule
Of the soil-borne creatures as a hoole


Ministers of benefice,compeers of light
Granteth wights assoiling,foryiven unright
Hir benedightnesse at fine o' the rogatione
Lift hir psyches up to hir final destinacioun


Apport to the masses
Abbatial apparences
Cor!Hir heigh witting
How mickle's creeping

Thus our sentence,Pardie
Agains hem 'll blow alee
Upon my peril!i to you
Will be alle so goode 'nd true



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