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"Extinction" (1991)

1. Injection
2. Hysteria
3. Dust
4. Experiments
5. Zerfall
6. The Sperm of the New Generation
7. Ovens
8. Rejections

1. Injection

Reality is a lie, an organised
Controlled show on it's way down,
Feed your happy brains, feed your
Fat bodies and laugh!
Like blind maggots boil away in
Their own sewage......

2. Hysteria

On the day when everything breaks
Apart, a cleansing fire will sweep
Across the land to clean the Earth
Screams struck dead in the brightness
Of night, each conscious concertrating
Only on itself, at that moment of
Impact, who you were or what, won't
Help none, I'll step on you my child,
My son, my father, my sister, my
Brother, my mother, the crawling to
Survive wipes out every feeling,
Every memory of what existed but a
moment before you'll try saviour your
Last moments, the last look at life,
With no thoughts of the pain after,
Feet by hundred, by the thousand
Kick your body like a stone in
Their way, till bones are crushed,
Till life's run away, trampling
Underfoot your body in the vortex
Of fear

3. Dust

A cold wind blows across the land
Scattering a grey dust over what was,
The rank stench of death has long
Since faded, all building long since
Covered in a dusty shroud, the time
Was ripe for the final words of the
Chapter to be written, for the
Elements to regain and rejoice in
Their freedom, the last of life has
Retreated before the cold,
Dust, only dust.
A peace so long spoken of has come
At last, and Earth has it's revenge on
Those who believed they were her
Owners, to play their dirty games
With her, their ashes shall provide
A new beginning, a birth of new
Endeavour, it will take years by the
Million till Earth to where she was
Millions of years ago, and what part
Does the time that heals all wounds
Need to play?
Each one of you sure of your
Importance, the unimportant importance
Man, so mortal, so fragile are you and
All your artful creations that
Confort you in your fleeting lives,
You set yourself above all and grab
All, all your borders like bloody
Flashes, in heads and over lands,
Have lost their dull meaning.

4. Experiments

Bacteria and viruses reach all the
People, fascists are experimenting
On human guinea pigs while dividing
The world in part for each other,
The media telling half truths,
Saying: "Natural causes", Mengele's
Sons are preparing a final solution
For a better future world, testing
On some losers. "Just products of
The system". Money from money from
The slave-feeding industry and
Commerce drive the extermination on
Money from wars, money from
Idealists, mankind paid to die,
Uncontrolable testing, madness rules,
Master of the world, pestilence
Exterminating banners still waving
In mind that are secret, of swine
That are stuffed full and languish in
Their mire, the killings has started,
The pestilence is waiting, all is
Turned over, madness rules, master
Of the world, death and destruction
To the imperfect slaves.

5. Zerfall

This lie called Life will be
Exposed, death reveals the foolness
Within, putrefaction takes its
Course, so called civilization is
Nothing more than carrion,
A carcass riddled with cancer
And the slaves to life's illusion,
Paint beatuiful pictures in
Delusion, but the illusion will be
Destroyed, and all will be revealed
Ruin - tumors burst open
Ruin - your sewage flows across the land
Ruin - it fouls life's pretty picture
Ruin - scourging!
Scourging the arrogance of men,
Dethroning the lords of creation,
Bringing pain and destructuon,
Protected by a blindness to reality
No more, there's no avenue or escape
From the truth, power is passing
To the world you oppressed, and the
Oppressed oppresses without any
Ruin - of the master races
Ruin - to end an sterile era
Ruin - of the greedy exploiters
Ruin - the creation was a coffin,

6. The Sperm of the New Generation

An image of Earth is appearing,
Oppressed with lasting sickness and
Death, new plagues spread themselves
Across the land, perfect and
Immaculate they pick off those who
Are all artless and innocent,
Whose disordered thinking never
Could be corrected, who repeatedly
Expose fault in the Earth we are
Fashioning in the shaping of man,
Researching and meddling with the
Natural order; creating new
Directions needling with cells,
Making possible productions,
Duplications and surveillance of
The new, the perfect DNS research.
Politics, and money experimenting
Improving to wipe out what was
Left of the first of creation,
A task directed by ideas of a new
Creation, a new domination of the
Sperm of the new generation.

7. Ovens

Poisoned Earth, poisoned flesh,
Invisible forces killing new cells
Children's hands scratching
Children's bodies, bleeding minds
Bleeding creation. Oppressed by a
Greed that justifies itself.
Avenging Earth peels the flesh from
Bones but you cannot turn the clock
Back, unnatural nature will touch
You all, your mouth full of shit,
Hastening degeneration.
You've sold the life of the races
The future won't be colourful like
Your sufferable plastic world,
The future's slipping from your
Grasp and a Greyness of decay has
Begun, the ovens will burn again
Will burn the poisoned flesh, will
Burn the dead flesh, people's
Resolutely moving into the darkness
Don't cry now that the light of day
Is lost, light the ovens.
Burn those who haven't pleased you,
As you have done throughout time
Justify it for yourselves and all
The ones like you.

8. Rejections


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