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"Greedpeace" (1993)

1. Beyond Darkness
2. Euthanasia
3. Asleep & Burried
4. Opiate For The Masses
5. Struggle For Humanity
6. Experimence In Butchery
7. The Psycho
8. Soul Sacrifice
9. From Gehenna To Here
10. Abominable Bitch
11. Greedpeace
12. Mills Of Justice Slowly Grind
13. Splitting Lanes

1. Beyond Darkness

2. Euthanasia

Unable to move and react
feeling like a bodyless brain
surrounded by computers in a sterile hospital room.
Infestable paralysis
with subconscious still intact
an impendimenting barrier between life and death.
Just let me perish
finish my hell on earth
summon the end
this life is useless!
Unable to act and reflect
begging to come to an end
why had I to be born when I must die like this?
Cannot make the final step
despite I am at death´s threshold
sorting out disorder of my sufferance´s continuity.
I am dependent on drugs and cold technology
no biology within my body
so cut this existence, terminate my fate
my screams of pain simply ignore!
Why don´t you read in my apathic view
why don´t you find out what there´s to be done
plugg all the wires out, tear out the IVs
so is my instant will, don´t hesitate!
Give me that killing injection!
Please let me leave
finish my hell on earth
summon my end!

3. Asleep & Burried

Opening the eyes - blackness around
not knowing yet that you are underground
little by very little you regain consciousness
soon you shall find out the horror of the truth.
Seeming disease
layed to rest
probably ending
long agony.
Fearful idea cought up with you,
won´t leave you down to end
recognizing where you are, where you will surely die.
Slowly losing strength and hope, you feel the blood in your lungs
it is obvious that death is near, laying right close to you.
Absolute darkness
no light
you start to panic
begin to scream...
Buried asleep!

4. Opiate For The Masses

Living in fear of God
admiring sanctuaries
you narrow minded benighted fool.
In holy church´s circus
mean clown attraction for sure you are.
Living in illusions
worshipping symbols
being manipulated in the name of holy faith.
Paying benefaction, awaiting soul salvation
but where do your bucks really go?
with with good will
corruption, meaningless symbols
asking obediance phrases filled with emptiness.
Deceptions of false prohets
self-declared blessed double - dealers
captivating opinions you are a sheep in a herd they lead.
Praying opiate for the masses
promising all the wanna hear
little truth in all their claims
crippled shall walk and blind shall see.

5. Struggle For Humanity

Hostile instincts are instilled in each of us
uncontrolled desires are burning us within
degenerated ideas use to drive us mad
all bloody deeds are effects of human existence.
Contol your desires
don´t destroy yourself
separate the truth from the lie
find the arise!
The present world we live in day by day
finds itself in a state of madness, fear, phobia and lies
destroy it now, tear down the curtains of untruth
light the darkness and never surrender.
Control your desires
do not destroy yourself
separate the truth from the lie
find the arise!
Struggle for humanity!

6. Experimence In Butchery

The nowadays science
experimenting for the industry of war
never respect the right to live
stealing the right to die a dignified death
dealing this simply as a matter of fact!
Laboratories overcrowded by experimental animals
horrible treatment in autopsy clinics
misuses their defenceless situation.
Brutalistic tyranny, sadistic perversity
cold bloody murder
ruthless massacre!
Neverending torment while acid etches the fur
paralysing lasers injected mass corrosion.
Aggressive reactions
after mass imprisonment
pneumonia crashdown
in a dispressed space.
Manic screams while limbs are amputated
no anaesthesia as scalpels penatrate
wires are plugged deep into spinal taps
sadistic surgery, abortions slaughter.
Deep freezing crionics, extreme high temperatures
can they defy the unhuman kind of treatment?
Are there perspectives after virus applications?
Is there still any hope?

7. The Psycho

My mother she had a lover but I have killed them both
anyway, she is still alive inside my head.
All day and night she keeps on watching me and the girls I talk to
every time she calls me home - I never chat for long.
Come to me Norman
I will look after you
remember your mother
she is the only one who really loves you.
Stay away from these filthy whores
I must control you
I will be here always watching you
my eye on you!
Behind the window is where she hides, I see the curtain move
perfectly preserved by my own hand in her chair.
People say that I´m nuts, but I know I´m not
the telephone keeps ringing on and on - it´s my mum calling.

8. Soul Sacrifice

Through corridors of darkness
I walk into dim twilight
inside a dark underground maze.
The distance seems an empty abbyss
the horizon disappears behind poisoned clouds
damnation earthworks and walls of sooth
gigantic buildings of shadows in dispair
angels are suffering humbled in dust
deafened by unholy stormwinds of misery.
Diabolic daughters in suicidal lakes
chanting their gospels on desecrated ground.
Black mass celebrates perversity orgies
upon insulted symbols of heaven
hot sperm streaming on young virgins´ purity
passion of blood writhing in ecstasy.
Altars of lesbian love surrounded by unholy haze
wanton bodies of satanic sluts collide with the goat
infernal echoes penetration
bestial prayers recitation!
The soul is trembling with impure dizziness
like a condamned in a deathrow before dawn
bursting with the power of unleashed energy
into the freezing fire of broken dreams.
Dirt and disgust are rushing through the night
into the stiffle air of expanding hellish noise.

9. From Gehenna To Here

All great plains of this earth
now are drowning in fire
gather under ruined land
from these legions in iron.
This is fear - this means eternal war
sick atmosphere much darker than gore.
Watch the victims thrive
in pools of blood raining from heaven
rape and torture - an obscure scene
called damnation.
To thee is forsaken
ignite this stake
light this flame
burning depths of freezing inferno.
From Gehenna and back
a release of sin
this is hells lair
deep from within.

10. Abominable Bitch

Another night of blow-job passion
wet desires, dirty action
a wanton body withers with lust
your bizarre lifestyle writhes in disgust.
Feeling great in self - illusion
allegiant to perverted fusion
you take your lust, you give your flesh
tonight a backstage-queen, tomorrow trash!

Big tits stupid whore
red hot sick slut
strapped in leather sleazy wench
fist fucked abominable bitch!
Needing them all you howl for more
hitting the sheets, brushing the floor
your favourite band - today you feast
soon growing old - tomorrow you fust!
Oh you fucking whore, eat my cum!!!

11. Greedpeace

Prodigal ways with all life abused
lack of intelligence, ignorance rules
exploitation of all world´s sources
devastated planet Earth.
Institutions meant to prevent
are giving a fuck about global ecocide
they betray while you pay
feed their greed and drown in shit.
Though small in number they are beating the odds
n unfair battle and cynic warfare.
So-called solutions are telling us lies
to save the nature - only a pretext and alibi.
Beiing willess toys in a lobby´s game
green is just the dollar bill, greed is the name.
All they fear is an alternative
they are regardless suit and tie guys
moneymakers´ organizations
longing for cash but dealing with filth.
Pretenders of activity
holy bastards still aiming higher.
Catastrophic deteriorations
progressive mass-destruction.
Mindless corruption, insane bribery
bloodstained animals, men gasp for air
once a blue planet is now swallowed by shades
they cut its´ throat with poisoned blades.

12. Mills Of Justice Slowly Grind

In search of a shelter they escaped like rats
well knowing what was the only rescue.
After hell created on mankind an on earth
only one verdict would await them now.
At their commands young men were dying
mothers were crying, cities were burning
whole world felt into ruins.
Convinced of final victory and their impunity
they boasted with their might, covering their paths with corpses
The end of victories, one day it had to come
their great empires crashed into ruins.
What should survive a thousand years
remained but dust and dreams.
Many survived hidden far from here, avoiding punishment for war crimes
they live in a memory of former glory years, when they stood proudly on the ruins.
But mills of justice slowly grind!

13. Splitting Lanes

A war of sharp edges
senses at maximum capacity
a gladiator in a rampage
of sheet metal and blurred nerves.
Reflecting white lines
tripping wheels from side to side
terror on two wheels of fire
broken glass on a barefoot trail.
Reflection of chrome pipes
against those tinted windows
reverbation of straight pipes
against this thin-walled steel.
Men can pass no law against it
like the sun won´t shine no more
but our bros will never show down
as long as there is a white line.
Racing the jagged steel gauntlet with certain death just inches away
we love every minute of this thrill - born to ride, ride to live.
Rolling the endless highway with cold wind blowing in our hair
gotta keep our engines running, welcome baby to the splitting lanes.


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