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"Posterity" (2005 Demo)

1. A Ghost Among the Living
2. Origin of Evil
3. Posterity
4. The Final Hour
5. Bleed On
6. Into Battle We Ride
7. Beyond the Light
8. Voyage of the Spirit
9. Seraphims Cry

1. A Ghost Among the Living

For so many years I have walked
In amidst the mists and shadows of the world
Hiding from light and the eyes of man
Like a leper, unclean
This forest carries my name
Unknown to those who live
Found in ancient scriptures
In stories eerie and morbid

Unclean, unseen

No longer can I feel any warmth
Nor does disease shame me
I only feel this cold and a pain
From within my soul

Unclean, unseen

Year by year I hide deeper
Into the woods of peril
I am the cursed one
A ghost among the living
A faint memory
Now this world means nothing to me
Forgotten for eternity
I am a ghost among the living

2. Origin of Evil

A sigh from the throat of daemons
Of the elder world
Their agonized existence
Makes them hate us even more

Origin of evil

They eat us away
When we lie in our tombs
They eat us away
When we haunt as ghosts

The origins of evil
Lies deep within
The hatred
So natural in man

They still whisper
Into our minds
The secrets of misanthropy
The secrets of evil

The daemons compose
Our last requiem
A song of hatred
The song of evil

They condemn us into oblivion
They loath all existence
Now they exist only in a distant memory
In the wind youíll hear them sigh words of evil

3. Posterity

Behold this vision to the other side

A land of shadows parallel to the seen
It exists for the reason of dying
No-one lives in this place
It exists solely for the dying

The stink of decaying souls
The smell of rotting spirits
Sometimes the wind carries
That stench with its breath

The souls captive and present here
Leprous entities weakened by pestilence
Are weeping agonized by decay
They carry a tune so sombre
ďPerdition eternalĒ

The gateway to beyond
Is only reached by dying
The key to oblivion
Itís in the hands of the dying

Land of the dead
Where the dead linger on
In endless suffering
Realm of the lost
A land of putrefaction
There the spirits cry on and on
In eternal misery

4. The Final Hour

The horizon blackens
Screams loud as thunder
From the crimson firmament

All animal creatures flee
But thereís nowhere to run
One can only wait in awe

A sudden storm
An electric assault
From a sky alive

And the soil starts to open
Brimstone and fire paint the skies
Daemon spirits are rising
In this final hour

5. Bleed On

Stabbing cutting
Slashing the flesh
Lacerations to the bone
Bloodshed ecstasy

A sick gore fetish
The dripping of blood
Excites me
It thrills me

Blood Sacrifice
Bleed on

Smeared with gore
I want more
Deeper my cuts go
I have to cut more

Open wounds
I lick the flowing gore
It excites me
Thatís why I killed you

6. Into Battle We Ride

Enemy approaching
From the southern lands
Christendom enslaving
The people once free

Under the banner of the cross they will serve
Forced to pray to a god of the feeble
Fearing the wrath of an impotent deity
Praising a son so ignorant and mortal

So gathered we our forces
And joined our pagan armies
War drums and horns resound
For into battle we ride

Eye to eye with enemies
Our swords cut their flesh
Their blood gushes on our faces
Our blades smite their throats

The purity of our spirits and blood
Brings us strength and victory
Tonight we will feast like never before
Drinking Christian blood with wine

My pulse is one with our war drums
I howl as one with the war horns
Fearless I stare at the enemy
For into battle we ride

7. Beyond the Light

Dusk arrives so suddenly
Nocturnal creatures appear
Some dark entities lurking
And watching you

Shadows have eyes
Like the stars they shine
They stare and follow
Always behind your step

Souls of the lost
Souls of the damned
Looking for life
A vessel for the soul

The seek a soulless creature
An empty body
Or someone weak enough
To submit them to their will

Beyond the light they linger
Darkness dwellers
In every lightless space
They gather forever

The shadow of Death is upon us all

8. Voyage of the Spirit

I cross a plain that only souls can cross
I see withered lands in a veil of grey
I have dreamed of this place so cold
Where ghouls await their harvest

9. Seraphims Cry

Angelic beings descend
Down from the heavens
They donít fly but fall
Shot down by the armies
Of Darkness

Wounded angels
Lie bleeding
Feeble holiness
Dies bleeding

Worthless attempts
Of trying to escape to heavens
Their divine flesh is mutilated
Wings broken and weak

Their cries of pain
Hurt human ears
For it is divine
For it is holy

The wrath of daemons
The lust of beasts
Angels are raped
Their corpses lacerated

Wounded angels lie bleeding
Feeble holiness dies bleeding
Worthless attempts of trying to escape to heavens
Their divine flesh is mutilated
Wings broken and weak
Their cries hurt human ears
For it is divine and holy


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