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A Thousand Voices

"A Thousand Voices" (2004 EP)

1. Unto Wormfeast Flesh
2. A Thousand Voices
3. Apostle Of Plague
4. B.T.S.

1. Unto Wormfeast Flesh

Cursed is he that heareth the words of the gospel of wrath
For he hath a new sun within him that shineth so bright
So the smoke of his torment shall ascend forever

There is a word that teacheth our hands to war
To bring forth the day that man dawneth anew
To rejoice upon the death of the known world
To turn the lamb of god unto wormfeast flesh

A thousand voices speak through me
Yet the words are always the same

There is a word that setteth our hearts aflame
To devour the sun [and] to fade the stars
To curse the mind [and] to burn the flesh
To reverse the order of life triumphant

These are the words that need to be spoken aloud

These are the words written in our hearts
Expressed through life infested flesh
Heralding glorious song of Omega
The birth of abomination: an avatar of death

Cursed is who readeth, and cursed is who heareth
For the black seed of pestilence hath already been sown

2. A Thousand Voices

This song starts off with a quote from the movie Fallen, it goes like this:

I never believed this day would come.
I thought God would make it up to me. I'd be good girl...
...and God would show me an angel instead.

3. Apostle Of Plague

Sanctify these scars and bless this flesh
As a gateway for the eighth plague
Gaze through these eyes and speak through this mouth
Wash these hands in blood of the world

All flesh shall sing the psalm of annihilation
All earth shall hear the voice of the praise
All flesh shall bathe in new light of salvation!

I am Omega, I am the flame
I am the balm and I am the bane
Redemption, salvation, dispersion
An apostle of plague... Ascension!

Like the wind which driveth the dust from the face of the earth

There are no speeches nor languages,
where their voices are not heard.
Their sound hath gone forth into all the earth:
and their words unto the ends of the world.

The words are spoken and the earth withereth
Cleansed from the greatest sin: the seed of life
My heart is joyful within me.
Death abideth within me.

The song starts with a quote from the movie The Believer, it goes like this:

It's not about Abraham's faith, it's about God's power.
I can make you do anything I want, even kill your own son.
Because I'm everything and you're nothing.

4. B.T.S.


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