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At the Dawn of Kramthal

"At the Dawn of Kramthal" (2005 Demo)

1. Halmtrak!
2. Song of the Fallen Hero
3. Ode to My Mortal Sword
4. Let My Soul Fly Again
5. Interludium
6. At the Dawn of Kramthal
7. Postludium

1. Halmtrak!

2. Song of the Fallen Hero

Vast lands subjugated
By human savagery

That was the beginning
Of an unhealthy slaughter

Erasing everymemory
Of what once was
For the indomitable souls
The noblest warriorís home

Covered by agony screams
Every self- thought
Tortured with no mercy
By those who never ever had
Reason, logic or feeling
Those who never understood

He rose for the first time
With hatred he looked at his enemies
And in the battle that stroke him
They saw his damp and faint eyes

Blood flows free through his veins
The same he never shed without sense
Boils in search of justice
He knows there will never be oblivion

And in the clamour of the battle
Bloodbaths and horror
His scream was heard once again
Rising without fear

The warrior falls again
Rising another time
Until the end of his time
And he sang continuously so
The Song of the Fallen Hero
The Song of the Fallen Hero...

3. Ode to My Mortal Sword

We have lived so much together
And I donít remember the places we set foot on
The cold and smooth surface of your skin donít suffer wounds

You are pure, since You were born from the fire
Many times You gave to me the life
Reaping otherís life
You scatter desolation and destruction

But the blood covers you completely
Unruffled, You donít suffer the punishment of the time

[Choirs]In the souls that cross your way
And when the death reach me

You will remain among the ours during entire eternity
We melt to only one and You guide my hand

4. Let My Soul Fly Again

Far away in time that memories remained
Of huge grey oceans under a dense veil of fog
Of horizons in flames, suffocated in screams and wails

There is nothing left here for me
I am not fond of I leave behind
Let my Soul...

With the scarred face
Let my Soul...
With the body worn out

Now that the end is near
I know that I will have to leave soon
And in the decline of my life
I come back together with them

Navego en una última travesía,
cruzando las tranquilas aguas,
hacia aquellos que me esperan
en un viaje sin retorno.

I hear the wind noise no longer
I follow the star route no longer
Storms torment me no longer
My path is set
My soul fly again

Dark clouds hover over me
Sheltered between old mastes
That saw me to be born
I close the eyes
And let my soul fly!

5. Interludium

6. At the Dawn of Kramthal

Terrible and dark times
Are those that were in my story
Of how it happened then
The thing that afflicted my heart

I was mortal and transitory like everyone
Thatís why my worldly body was devastated
Strong and cold as an ice floe, my soul
which arised from that terrible fact

Sea, sky and earth come together in my mind
Creating an unknown void
Thatís where the fearsome black beast

Kramthal, arised as terrible menace from
That broke my empty blindness
And gave start to his vengeance

Mortal and transitory
My worldly body was reduced to rubbles
Whip of injustices, my soul
That crushed every rotter

De los terribles días que acontecieron
No tengo más resquicio de recuerdo
De cómo todas mis esperanzas en un último vago intento, murieron.

Perhaps Kramthal be my enemy
or even to a greater certainty
may he be my most loyal friend.

7. Postludium


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