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Twilight Halls Of Sorrow

"Twilight Halls Of Sorrow" (2002)

1. Walking The Path Of The Dead
2. The Sad Desolation
3. Gorthaur
4. The Breese Of Dark Sorrow
5. Rise From The Ashes
6. The Dark Tower
7. The Eyes Of The Nine

1. Walking The Path Of The Dead

2. The Sad Desolation

The Sad Desolation

a black moon rises
in the dark cold sky
the stars vanish
over the sad desolation
under ephel-duîth

the dark landscape
the blazing flames
in the dark
the mountain of condemnation

a sorrowful breeze
blows the dust away
in the dark
in gorgoroth, so sad...

in the shadow...
eyes full of hate
the remambrance
of better days

"they came from after
and they had taken our lifes"
they are now dead
although suffering forever...

3. Gorthaur


fog, clouds, wind of melancholy
memories and hate for those...
visions of the dark glorious past
the power lost, hate for those of the light

once powered by ancient evil
in the dark tower he was crowned
his eye striked all earth was no longer bright

dark was his hand, full of hate
he had the knowledge of all times
but now he is hidden in the end of the world
where the sun cannot enter

the feeling of revenge strike so hard
he awaits for the dark times to come
when the winter winds an blizard
come and take the sun away
when the winter moon rises
and the blood red star shines in the sky
then he will return to the tower
and take what once he had

no longer sun will rise
the cold murderous moon will
forever haunt those of the lirght

forever in his throne of ice and ebon
dark in the night, obscuring the light
now that wolves howl in joy
and the fallen kings rise again
and fly through the winds of eternity

now that wolves howl in joy
and the fallen king rise again...

4. The Breese Of Dark Sorrow

The Breese Of Dark Sorrow

standing high at the dying sun
southern breeze rules the moment
i stare at the plain
the quiet plain...

it stands, ignorant
not knowing about my sadness
my rage...
my lust for revenge

they kill my life
as my heart got dark
i'm proud of being alone
standing in the hill

now i'm ascending
to the throne...
darkness is my home
away from all...

they don't know...
they will suffer...

this plain of sorrow
and his quiet breeze
they will know finally...
my revenge will come...
and it will storm heaven and hell

still i will stand alone
still i will stand in the darkness
still the sadness
still the memories
and emptiness...

as one with the night
the breezein gone
now is the time
i must go...

5. Rise From The Ashes

Rise From The Ashes

lost glory of mine...
come back!
cover me with golden legends
and epic stories

no more will we stare
to the world's despize
we despize more than them
we're greater...

in this time of cowardness
we rise with our flag
we chant our glory
and kill them all

proud of the lusitanian legacy
i'll lead the killing
freeing our land from the cross
destroying their temples

no more they'll praise their lies
no more deceiving...
for each lie you'll suffer
into the fire of my hell

fucking bastards you try to kill my mother...
my land
now you'll pay...
the darkness that comes
is a little sight of what is to come
you'll see how you'll suffer
for unpurify my country...

6. The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower

in a place of darkness
so far away...
a land so blackened
evil is forever...

now that all are gone
that the one had been destroyed
there are still things alive
in the lands of mordor...

beyond all dark gates
across the empty halls
the melancholy of loss
the fall of a myth...

forever standing tall...
thenwalls of blackness
the home of the evil

one day they'll come back...
one day...
to the hall of barad-dûr
to the empty dark tower...

7. The Eyes Of The Nine

The Eyes Of The Nine

they were kings...
once, not now...
forever enslaved
hiding in the dark

once they had flyed
terror for the weak
their black silhouete
the cold screams

the crown they weared
black as night
only dark ones could see
the true gold in them

they hide in the dark
they fly no more...
hate in their hearts
for the ones that took their master

they will forever be alive
but always wishing to die
sadness, death
nothing more
in the eyes of the nazgûl


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