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The Ruins Of Time

"The Ruins Of Time" (2005)

1. Mostly Sorrow
2. The Void Of No Breeding
3. Tower Of Coal
4. Unbearable
5. Covered In Ice On Death

1. Mostly Sorrow

i fade away
like a cold sound
as the memory goes
i walk...

and the night so bright
shines on my shadow
the hole in the sky
it's me...

remember it like a breeze
it just passes...
you'll swear you've heard something
but forget it right away

maybe a whisper...
a sigh, a tear
but swear it was not it...
maybe rage...

it will be dark
and darker it was
and i walked
and the memory burned

as the bottle died
it became clear...
as it dropped
it was done

and the hole in the sky
filled finally...
dropped something
maybe peace or hope
mostly sorrow...

2. The Void Of No Breeding

a sigh of death throughout the land
and all is done...
a fire in the ice of my eyes
a lure to the skyes

hundreds of spears lie broken
i stand above them
i cross the river...
to be alone...

the sun won't be coming back
as i had frozen him
with tales of eternity
i had frozen him

without light all dies
withered and rotten
i'll stay forever...
i'm already rotten for so long...

i walk in corpses
of ages past...
i strumble on limbs
of years alone

can this one night stop
can i embrace my stake...
it will take a sigh
to destroy the world

just one sigh...
but i do not breed anymore
long ago i stopped...
it was unbearable

without nothing but ashes and dust
i'm stucked in eternity
i'll walk till i have no legs
and maybe i'll crawl...

3. Tower Of Coal

crowned by blood
i walk this lands
the mist i provide
is the veil i need

endlessly by the blood
i will never fall
the stars long gone...
they never existed

at spaces i have a sight
a shadow dies ahead
i must drown in it
to see...

revealed by the shades
a tower of coal
i stare at her
like i was home

it finally crumbles and burn
in a blaze from the sky
in a scream i run
in a scream i fail
as always...

dress in ashes i rise
fitting robe for me
so vain though...
i was always ashes...

in fear i look back
nothing to see...
where the towering coal was
is now my grave...
empty as myself...

4. Unbearable

dripping from me is my time
drenching the dirt at my feet
i thought i could pull out of this
i thought i could, but i can't...

this is a though vice
it chases you like wolves
when you think is all done
there comes another howl

i thought i could sleep
i thought i would rest
i thought i could shut the lights
but the switch won't work

the sound of a beating heart
it's unbearable to the unrest
the ones who can't just stay
and wait to the drip to stop

but it goes on in time
dreadful is the light that hides
and the rest?... (my own)
nevermind... maybe another time

maybe i'm used to be
maybe i have given up (i have!)
maybe i need someone
but i just can't relate...

but i really thought i would end
i once had that hope...
now i thing nothing, i never hope...
i don't ever let myself hope...

i thought the world had a meaning
it never had...
i thought it would end...
but untill now...

5. Covered In Ice On Death

the cold bind my arms
i can't move as i want
as the wind howls
i silently walk

sentenced to move here
i'll stay where i stand
frozen in time
ice as home...

the endless night of frost
the endless moonlight...
no howls at the clouds...
the wind takes place

forever to stay here...
forever... alone...
i walk the ice...
i walk... alone!

the darkness i walk in
won't break the ice i stand on
the darkness i stand in
i'm part of it...

from where i'm from i can't go back
the ice has melted...
i never dared to go back
i never would...

wasteland in white...
desert of frost...
forever in pain
buried in ice...

alone i stand...
as the night froze my heart
sentenced to frost
outcast to all...

nowhere to come back
i'll die right here
maybe the ice will cover me
maybe it won't...


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